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    Great work. I hope this information is true

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    holy "relapse" batman ..

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    Azythromicin is the only antibiotic me and my daughter are allergic too. Well shit

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    Our bodies are the temple of God. If it's a man made chemical then stay away. If it's from the government stay away. The cure for the coronavirus is Prayer, stay home, consume daily high amounts of green drinks, fruits, vegetables, ginger root, herbs like myrr, bitter lettuce, RSO high THC, and CBD. And stay away from those 5G towers. There made by fallen angels. Causing illness.

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    Vic's vapor rub on your junk

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    I took chloroquine for lupus…they started out with it alone, it didnt do anything, and had no side effects on me….the other meds made me sick tho

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    Truth James…. & these drugs ARE currently being used for positive pts….領歹

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    This anti Malaria drug has some very dangerous side effects. think twice before you take it.
    Liver damage, blindness, among a few. I was prescribed this for RA and wouldn't take it.

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    Ummmmm….antibiotics do not kill viruses. Research corona..clearly says antibiotics do NOT work..

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    Check out Bicarbonate of soda to level alkaline

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    The man who dont listen to the Lord

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    If big pharma isn't going to make money ( both drugs are generics) will not be approved by FDA for CV treatment but, doesn't mean a Dr can't prescribe both simultaneously. Six years ago a neurologist prescribed two inexpensive generic drugs that when combined have great efficacy for relief from migraines. At that time a drug that combined these two meds was available as a migraine med in Europe. This combo still not on the market here probably because no $$$ to be made by doing so. FDA = F*!#! Damn American's!

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    I wish you went to Jesuit school like your best friend, BC then you would know how to Read!

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    Those 2 drugs can have an interaction that causes heart arrhythmia

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    Had severe reactions to it. Not everyone can take this drug.

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    Right. Z pak! I knew it and begged for it but they will no longer prescribe antibiotics for the flu all of a sudden.

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    Chloroquine is the key. Is an ionophore that aides ionization of zinc. Zinc destroys the virus. Quercetin is also an ionophore and is OTC at health stores. Can be found in red onions. Am just passing along info from last night on videos.

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    This combo is used to treat many, many Respiratory viruses and infections.

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    Amazing how the govt. has time to chemtrail so much today ?

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    I pray it works . get ppl healthy get bk to work and shit normal again

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    埔oly shnikies.. I was sick af back on Feb 13 they gave me the zpack! I said I had the Karachi back then. Wow back up my cowinkie dink

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    I heard this earlier, hope it works

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    Wow, aids test is not fast, to test, it takes 2 weeks.

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    Anything that says its 100% effective has to be crap. Theres no way to know any treatment is 100% effective will its being tested and even the best treatment wont be 100% not everyone responds the same.

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    OK, china, the lesson is buy is to buy USA food, it's all good.stop killing, and eat real food.

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    Amoxillin 500 mg,will also work & Zpak 500 mg.

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    not a cure see dr paul cottrell channel.

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    Yeah but what's hidden in them

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    Now how many politrixters are invested in drug companies that make these?

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    Chloroquine is really nasty, people say they would rather have just dealt with the malaria they had rather than what they went through with that drug. Horrible side effect, you lose your mind and leads to extreme suicidal thinking, and actual suicide.

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    Thank you for the update, James!

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    Killer just meet killer, now about this guns you all have?

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    In case no one noticed our nation is being over THROWN

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    My Karachi is not curable after Joe Biden sniffed it. There is no cure for me

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    Check out the side effects of Chloroquine

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    There's nothing going on in NYC!!! Jason Goodman yt channel has many videos of him walking around asking ambulance drivers, police, even hospitals. A zero! This is what other channels should have done instead of reading MSM news!

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    Cutting the TV off will cure the virus as well.

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    Trump is the fucking king of the world, better believe it baby!!!!!

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    That treats my inflammatory disease I have a lot of it but it is hard on the stomach

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    Today's news with Trump said don't report it being a cure until we know more

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    BE SURE YOU DO NOT INGEST ALCOHOL WITH YOUR Z PAC. If you can't make it 5 days sober…

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    Yes exactly what Trump told the people about the other day which was rushed to get FDA approved for public use and distribution. As I said before. Good that you put up a video

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    If this is true it should treat head cold and any flu they are inflammation even Lungs problems if this is true he just found out how the heal all our sickness n the winter flu cold lungs

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    Also, listen to Gene on CristenW and Blessed to Teach Channels. He cured himself of corona in 24hrs. For extra credit you can go to Patriot Soapbox Archives and listen to Big Tech Playlist….1st row scroll right. Gene was also on two nights ago on patriots soapbox show called "hyperdrive" where heexplained in detailwhat he did to cure corona. Gene was also on Blessed to Teach recently oncures for this. Go to your stupid drugdealing Dr. before trying any of these things.

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    FDA approval of this will up load in one year as Windows 2000 takes to boot up

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    The federal Jew is crying nooooo we almost took over america from the Christian people like Palestine in isreal

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    Not for a virus. No martial law.

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    the meds expose Covid-19 virus and ZInC can then attach itself to it and keep it from mutating. Need to be taking zinc as well.

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    Don't drink the Koolaid the Covid19 has the same statistics as the common flu. imho

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    History Note. Did you guys know that "Karachi", is actually a City in Pakistan? Just wondering lol.


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    its only good for folks with good livers and kidneys

  57. Avatar

    This was a Test to see how stupid we are .Well they now know were fucken Dumb as shit .Without paper.Great Vid .

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    They released this right after signing of the phase 1 trade deal

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    Good reporting, thank you much better James. Appreciate you.

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    This has been known for a couple of months. I read it in the Chinese media articles. The quinine one is rough on some people, though. Other people have issues with the Arithromycin. Some people don't have a problem with either. Cinchona bark tea has quinine, too. But, follow the directions and don't make it strong it is very hard on the stomach and kidneys.

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    maybe we should start calling hospitals to see if there have been any Karachi patients. I am beginning to suspect that we are either fixing to be invaded and this is a mobilization for defense, or we are having a coup.

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    Nothing's happening in Italy!!! All propaganda PSYOP for the hypochondriac nation and they all BUY IT!!!

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    Lmao 不 Munder says Karachi like its a new perfume from Ralph Lauren .. shit lol

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    Vicks vapor rub and a hair dryer I hear is another method to kill the virus, along with 10 to 15 minutes in a steam room. The Bioweapon is stupidly weak against heat hot air. Remember that when they relaunch the new and improved bioweapon, heard same virus was to come back even more severe in a year or two. And that's the rumors

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    Imagine that.

    So months ago I saw something about Nancy Threatin g Trump .
    If Mass arrests go down, a Bio Weapon would b released on the people. I herd they would be a cure .

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    Hahahahahahahahahahaaaahha thZpak izThRedPill!

  67. Avatar

    Ok… I listen to you all the time… but… you are making people think that Marshall law is being implemented… not so… we rely on your accuracy and honesty James… please only tell us verified truth… we believe in you and anything you are saying right now is what we believe is your truth

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    Hahaha yep..thats what they gave me a week and a half ago.. With prednezol too

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    Why wouldan antibiotic and an immunosuppresive treat a VIRUS? especially when those with suppressed immune systems get the most sick? Just doesnt make sense unless its a bacterial deal

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    i would try iv vitamin c first, mega

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    Try Hydrocodone 10/325 and Amoxicillin 500mg 3 times a day for a Week. Do Not take Ibuprofen or Alive or Any type of over the counter Cold and Flu Syrup..

  74. Avatar

    Key words IMMUNE REPRESANT!! Why would anyone wanna repress their immune system at a time like this??? Be careful…… I could be wrong let me know how the treatment goes I'll grab a few

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    Ive taken Z pack several times, works.

  76. Avatar

    This came out 2 days ago on Laura Ingram's show. This is the treatment they talked about today at the press conference and the Doctor said it was anecdotal.

  77. Avatar

    I took a z pack once when my junk was dripping yoke

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    Of course an antibiotic would be effective. Once you have fluid in the lungs, you probably have a secondary infection. Withholding them because they say it's a virus, is negligence at best.

  79. Avatar

    Apparently Reno Nevada just had an earthquake? Thought you might want to look Into it

  80. Avatar

    I think I took something like this when I want to South America . It made my pee a orange brown color. But its was to fight a infection I got.

  81. Avatar

    Danielson! Is she having tonight? I need to adjust the line on your domestic. Right now were at 14 days. The big money has the under.

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    It is Plaquinal (name brand) Hydroxychloro-Quine. Has to be prescribed by a Doctor, I take 2 tablets per day. Not a Z- PAC. This drug has been around for 50 years. I have been on it since 1986.

  83. Avatar

    Miagi say take the under on Munder.

  84. Avatar

    James I thought u were mad at first but I find were just a step ahead x

  85. Avatar

    Damn that music at the beginning made me want to have some chicken tikka masala from my favorite Indian place

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    Look, everyone knows the real cure is Forsythia! Like in the movie Contagion.

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    Chloroquine & Azithromycin combo sounds promising! I read that Bayer Company will donate 7 million doses of chloroquine right away- at no charge.

  88. Avatar

    Bacterial and viral infections are two different things so I don't know what good azithromycin would do

  89. Avatar

    Plaquneil aka Clorquinine has been on market for over 40 years; it was used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis before DMARDS & BIOLOGICS . I know, I have RA, used Plaquenil over 25 years ago & just told my Rheumatologist I want to try it again for RA (Karachi) so I have a plentiful stash. Also got a cyclosporin antibiotic. I told nurse i wanted Azrithromycin but they called in cefdinir. Oh well i literally have every natural anti viral.bacterial, fungal, parasitic plus the pharmaceuticals on hand- just in case.
    I take Laurucidin. Alkaline Structured Silver, 15,000mg C , 50,000 IU of D plus tons of other natural kill it alls!

  90. Avatar

    Meth also works !
    Yep when your in need roll a bowl

  91. Avatar

    Thank Christ Jim Bob, the Bill Gates vaccine was gonna be the actual killer…..well done Australia

  92. Avatar

    Chloroquine came out in 1955, it's 6 years older than me!

  93. Avatar

    Why can't that lady standing in the background stop blinking? I've seen others with uncontrollable blinking online –

  94. Avatar

    I take hydrocloroiquine twice a day for rheumatoid arthritis

  95. Avatar

    Drive through DNA sample donation sites. How convenient. They love us so much.

  96. Avatar

    Good work Munder. Got the info out there. Peace.

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