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  1. This has broken so many relationships due to pranks.

  2. Oh father🙌🏾 come & take me I Surrender; I'm ready 🙏🏾…./ I swear the more craziness that happens in this world the more I feel like I'm not supposed to be here 😫 & it's only gonna get worst wait till agenda 21 & agenda 2030 are in full effect with CERN ontop of that people are really going to be insane then🙄

  3. ugh .. snapchat. I never got that crap. thank goodness. damn pedos😤

  4. Man..o boy.. if you cant admit that adults are pretty dumb.
    Than youre being ignant.
    Look at the world now.
    Are you saying theyre smart??
    Cause i wont accept that.

  5. What the hell is the point! ? Why not just find a picture you like, it's the same thing. It's just a lie! Changing your face like this is just lying. Like a fat ugly dude, using a sexy girls pic. .. so dumb

  6. I dont know if anyone else heard this but they are trying to make pedophilia a form of sexual preferance like being gay or whatever. So they can say no im not a pervert its just my sexual preferance…sick just sick

  7. I watched the new little mix music video, and looked for the signs. I saw the leopard print, the black and white tiles, and a little girl dancing to their song.

  8. Before I begin, I have not read the comments so this is not targeted at anyone. I feel like people need to understand that this is all programming. When A Call says that this normalizes pedophilia, it's not like you'll see a grown man and a little kid together and be like "yeah, that works, remember that Snapchat filter." It's more like your brain stores all of these pictures without context and when you see a Snapchat filter like this and you see a picture of their spouse, your brain downloads that memorable image, but leaves all the things you saw before that. Slowly, more and more context is removed until your brain forgets everything, including what the original person looked like. The final step of the process is when your conscious brain completely forgets the photo, but remembers the message that the photo delivered, in this instance children and adults being together. Photos are manipulated in a way that perfectly preys on this and forces a remembered message because they understand how the brain works.

  9. This video is offensive to pedophiles. It must be removed immediately!

  10. Vile, it's all about the Baphomet. Neither male or female but an abomination and corruption of our Lords creation. The stupid Satanists are proving Jesus Christ is real by their sick actions…….We won over 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvery he defeated the fallen one then, and he will 'crush' him once and for all again, amen.

  11. So they pushed too far…..finally.

  12. Snapchat needs to be regulated. What's next…humans to demons?? REALLY!??

  13. All sodomites should be hanged.

  14. I don’t understand why people don’t get it. These f** n people r sick. If this is what life is becoming then we need to act now. Ready the Militias. It’s time to put an end to the Demtards and the Satan freaks. Let’s just end it now. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    This is God’s country. Not Satans.

  15. 🤦🏾‍♂️ i guess everything is Demonic 🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. ACFAU check out today's study. It's a re-edit of "Do we need a Bug-Out-Bag to survive the Tribulation of Antichrist?"

  17. I try and I try,n I try to tell you folks they're pushing the chimo agenda,probably even before the push the merge with machines agenda,they probably want to make the world so sick,that we want to escape through machines.

  18. Call 4 uprising your show is good,please don't let this world corrupt you we need good people like you to keep bringing us this info until Christ comes back and stomp the devil in his head

  19. I'm glad I don't have Snapchat. Those face filter is weird. And I don't see why any adult need to see themselves as children. Don't your parents have baby pictures of u laying around somewhere.

  20. You are so right to raise this question? The problem is the mobile generation ( comfortably numb) will as you say, will see no issue with this and could never believe it could be use for nefarious means?

  21. Isn't this a perfect example of wolves in sheepie clothing, or the devils in this world transforming into the angel of light when his is actually the prince of darkness

  22. Glad I don’t use that app, just this one and a couple of the uncensored alternatives. World getting exponentially more twisted.

  23. My kids like your intro and they all also ALERT of this santanic Media!! KEEP EXPOSING BROTHER 💪🙏🔥🔥

  24. Could it be that maybe they wanted to remember how they may have looked as a child


    Check this madness.. A trans man whose living as a woman.. Wears nappys all day.. And sleeps in a crib… And wears babygros. I just can't cope with the madness.. Ppl marrying trees.. Having sex with buildings… Thinking they're dogs and going round on leads… Nooooooo

  27. Can we take our freaking country back already?

  28. Perversion is the right word for this garbage. What possesses these people to think this is "cool", where are the apps to give these people brains?!

  29. That app was made for one purpose: promote all of the satanic agendas

  30. Great video Call! We are definitely in the last days! Kids don't even know the name and differences of fruits and vegetables, but know whether they want to change their sex!?! What a DISGUSTING world we live in!!
    Jesus is coming soon!

  31. Hey A Call For An Uprising
    . You quickly mentioned chemtrails and I just thought maybe you could clear this up for me. Where do they keep the stuff for chemtrails in the planes? Is it in the fuel? The chemtrails seem to be coming from the engines. I was telling someone about them and they made me feel stupid when they told me the planes couldn't even carry that much chemicals. Did you ever do a video on this? I can't seem to find any info on it.

  32. Sick sick sick. And 2 ads wow

  33. Yes, GOD help us all

  34. Sad part about it, its not only this generation, but people in their 50's and 60's are on this bad wagon. Its sad.

  35. This world is ran by evil people. I don't know why this stuff surprise people, just don't be one of them.

  36. I definitely think this has something to do with pushing transgenderism as well in the sense that MOST people using this app are young adults and teens and even younger kids around 11-13 years of age. And with this whole ideology of “I think I’m in the wrong body!” mentality that’s being pushed, I can see kids saying “I’ll use the Snapchat filter to see if I like myself better as the opposite sex.” And of course they enhance the beauty of the person and make them appear unrealistically attractive and that only perpetuates this mindset. They’ll think they are far more attractive as the opposite sex and then move forward with the brainwashing…

    My cousin was using this app on my two year old daughter at her two year birthday party and it really made me mad. I asked her to stop.

  37. I was watching a Jewish channel about 2 years ago. The guy was getting interviewed. He was 100% Jewish. He was saying how there are Jewish people in Israel and then there is the Government of Israel. The Government has nothing to do with the Jewish religion. None. Then they played an auto type of the leader of Israel. What he says in it is no different then what they are pushing for everyone to except because they do not want to get punished for those crimes. He said, for over 2 thousands years we fought wars. After the war, we ate the dead, rapped the women and children and then sacrificed the babies. Like you say on your channel, their way beyond sick and out of control. Take an very good example, Joe Biden. Very way to many times loves his kids in a very wrong way. Yet will never be prosecuted. Yet even the news media makes up excuses for him. Well, I look at it this way then, all of the news personnel that make up excuses for him as it is okay must be guilty also.

  38. I was just at Walmart and the employees were wearing PRIDE shirts…with the logo in rainbow colors. Why?

  39. What is next..people that use this technology to frame an innocent person making it look like they have committed a crime.

  40. FYI. Yes I do it and not what's in this video. This is what i do. I pay very good money for them to stay off of my cellphone. Do they? Nope. They keep running my battery down very quickly. So to stop most of it there is tap on my two cameras. Did it work? Yup. They still use the microphone but it does not take much of the battery and also an very easy way to know if they are on it is this. On the back of your cellphone and under the back camera and light is where the info is exchanged between the tower and your cellphone. If it gets worm to hot, they are on it. They burned up one of mine because they would not get off of it plus I saved a video on it that no one was aloud to see. It was organ harvesting of children from the Middle East and they were doing it in Turkey. Very sad. So now I am glad they destroyed it although I can still see it like I just watched it and this was just over 1 year ago. Their well over sick.

  41. Just watching sky news and they was talking about adverts be sexist.. So should this app be classed as sexist aswell encouraging people to changing their sex 🤯

  42. You were born before him, so he wont vanish forever, your a pawn just like I am. The lake of fire is temporary and God loves us all! Even the ones created before us, 223 my birthdate 1988

  43. This is Why you should NEVER JOIN A Dating site!! They are all bullshit not to mention all the ungodliness surrounding most of them. Go to church or a bar and meet someone the old-fashioned way!!

  44. It's an episode of Black Mirror….

  45. I won't be surprised when this generations young children grow up to be all kinds of messed up !!!! Not that they are not messed up now.

  46. I dislike snapshot . I see it all the time on Instagram. I think it's weird.

  47. What a complete messed up sick world this is. All from the pits of hell. My LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST I LOVE YOU ..HAVE MERCY ON ALL WHO BELIEVE ON YOU. AMEN.

  48. Pedophilia made normal. Praise Jesus come soon. We need you.

  49. This is why I’m having no kids, you get hurt more because you’re scared for your kids

  50. This is getting to be to much. The world we live in is satans world. Stay strong and keep your faith in Christ and don’t believe anything there telling us

  51. Thank you so much a are blessed in the name of Jesus amen.

  52. I came across you at 300,000 subs, this time last year. Now you’re at 472,000, in one year. Look at the impact you’re making. Thank you, the way you produced your information, was very well done.

  53. That's a picture of BJ Novak in the beginning of video

  54. Amen!! 🙏🏻🕊 Time for an Awakening!! 💥👀 Love your vids, Call! ❤️💯

  55. pedophiles, fuckin disgusting

  56. Dude 10:53 best part of the video LOL made be laugh.

  57. 10:56 to 10:57 not even Goofy could do that lol.

  58. You were right about the bill hader switching to Arnold. I was wrong

  59. Did they demonetize this video? Because there was three ads in this post.

  60. I like this app. you can see yourself as a child again.I don't see the problem. can you point out?

  61. Wow! Just shaking my head!

  62. I saw this over a mo th ago and asted them it…we know it's all pedophilia sht…its disgusting..though u would have caught this awhile ago ..still glad u did though and made a video..people have been raising has been removed I believe because it's not on there anymore..but they still have one that turns you into the opposite sex ..I did it and made me look like a complete girl literally like marylynn monroe..I saved it to show people what that one was also ..its creepy as hell ..just sick ..i have blocked snap from both my girls phones ..i wasnt aware of it cuz i dont ever use it..i thought i was more like cartoon emoji kid stuff till i started asking people about it and this was brought to my attention..

  63. Alright check this out, I watched that crazy show "Black Mirror"
    Basically 2 dudes were playing an "Advanced V.R." fighting game that actually put you in the characters. All pains and "pleasures" 1 dude was a guy like street fighter and the other dude was a girl fighter like idk pick any mortal combat or tekken game….Needless to say the ended up boning each other in the damn game 😔….Long story short. They tried to test each other's gayness in the real world and they ended up preferring to bone each other in the game. 😒 This is planet hell.

  64. At first I thought you were behind on the news. I stand corrected.

  65. Ethan was the ULTIMATE catfish queer.

  66. Sadly, the insanity continues… 🙄 Nothing entertaining about snapchat. Same as fakebook. FAKE….

  67. Good God! Um so sick of the stupid Bull Shit199%

  68. This is why we all have to be vigilante and awaken as many of our brothers and sisters as we can, because the end is near we are watching the building of the new Babylon.Satan's last and only move- to get us to self destruct and separate ourselves from's done thru Satan's kingdom we live in.The normalization of evil.The temptations and distractions of trying to fit create idols out of money, fame, power or even just fitting into the beast system. Watching your tv, becoming Luke warm Christians blinded to the evil around us.
    thanks a call for an uprising for the work you do pointing out those evil doers and their evil deceptions. keep it up brother.

  69. photo on right, after, looks photo-shoppe, lacks that natural look

  70. I pray more today than I ever have, so much evil out there. I believe the internet and technology has ruined mankind. Don’t kids ever play outside?

  71. God knew this would happen and I bet u he's like wow I knew that was gonna happen

  72. most Christians can't stand to even think about all this truth of evilness that the world find acceptable, oh no please stop talking about depressing stuff , truly had a cousin say that to me a few days ago , she's a Christian, sheeple, they enjoy being stuipd!

  73. keep up the good work , having this channel is a gift from JESUS!💗💖

  74. Technological advances are coming at an accelerated pace because their lord luicfer is pleased with the amount of bloodshed they are creating throughout the world. You know they have admitted to receiving technology from demons.

  75. Love you Dear one! Hope ur birthday u deserve it! 🥳

  76. I have gone off of fb and i am gonna get off a few apps soon..this is all sickening and disgusting..A.I is supposed to benefit people in a positive way but it is being used for much more are we going to witness such things?the future looks real creepy ahead..disgusting

  77. BEWARE…BEWARE…BEWARE! This is VERY disturbing!!!
    Put on and keep the armor of God on… and stay on the straight path!!!

  78. So sick….. -_~ No wonder there are so many volcanoes erupting. Earth is vomiting from its inhabitants.

  79. As KJ from Thescariestmovieever calls it the Baphomet/Beast system…

  80. Total nonsense.. .. this snap chat filter is awesome?????. Really?.. people are sitting inside and doing weird stuff like this on their devices.. instead of going out and enjoying the real world.. kids are going to be so weak and afraid of the real world and end up under total control .. people cannot handle driving a car with out a device to hold their hand… Total dependance is the goal here.. people have become slaves to technology and the kids are going to be the biggest ones… Zero tangible experience in the real world..?

  81. most of society is quite dumb and you are right technology is to one interacts or even reads their bibles.. shame on them!

  82. I still have Snapchat hoping to reach out to funds be of courage let God reach out to them , but I should get rid of it i get distracted by the stupid crap which I never understood why I let myself get caught up it’s I let Satan trick me thinking it’s not so bad which is a bunch of lies But I deleted all my social media Facebook, instagram, I even tried twitter I haven’t taken it down yet since I never use it how do people use it ?? Anyhow .

  83. this is crazy pedo culture by the satanist..

  84. I agree with you on a lot of comments and things but this is the little ridiculous it is just an app get over it.

  85. This world is getting frightening in my opinion.

  86. Crazy things goin on nowadays.

  87. How do I get off this worsening planet before God's judgement comes?

  88. WTF is wrong w these disgusting scumbags. This shit is beyond disturbing. "JESUS WEPT". Soon Our Lord is gonna put an end to this filth. Peace thru Strength!!!

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