>Today we’re taking a look an a pretty remarkable new AI Screenwriting platform that solves a lot of issues ChatGpt and other AI LLMs have with creating longer written pieces, be it screenplays or novels.

I’m taking a deep dive into it, and honestly I think it is a pretty stellar use of AI, and NOT because it auto generates script pages.

This even gives me the change to finally write that Bruce Lee Terminator film we talked about in our Dall-E 3 video earlier this week!

I’ll also be taking a look at some advancements in LLMs, namely one that might (hopefully) make is less forgetful!

And, a new piece of wearable AI tech that will remember everything for you!

Plotdot – https://plotdot.ai/home

StreamingLLM: https://github.com/mit-han-lab/streaming-llm

Rewind.AI: https://www.rewind.ai/pendant

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Plotdot.AI
0:53 – The problem with LLMS and Screenplays
2:42 – Plotdot.AI
4:47 – Generating Characters with Plotdot
6:00 – Generating a Script with PlotDot
7:34 – Generating Pages in Plotdot
9:27 – How Plotdot Works
10:07 – Is it Great?
11:05 – Super LLMs on the way?
12:14 – AI That remembers for you

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