Here’s everything you need to know about the United Nations. What does the United Nations do? How did it get created? Why did it get created? Etc.
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Once upon a time there was a horrible war called World War One. It was devastating. It was horrible. All of the world’s superpowers were at it, and it was supposed to be the “war to end all wars.” After Germany was defeated, the side that won, known as the Allied Powers, got together and came up with an organization called the League of Nations. It was the first international organization to have a main goal of creating world peace.

In order to do achieve world peace, the League agreed to avoid war at all costs, create open and respectable relations between nations, establish international law, and strictly honor treaties. At its peak, 58 countries had joined the League of Nations. However, it ended up epically failing at preventing some of its own members from trying to take over the entire world. You know, countries like Germany, Italy, and Japan. When countries like Britain and France called them out on it, they got all offended, basically saying “well YOU did it, so why can’t we?” Soon after, the three countries and several others left the League. And the League crumbled as it ultimately failed to prevent what became known as World War II. So much for world peace!

And that, ladies and gentleman, was the worst war in history. It’s estimated that between 60 million and 70 million people died because of it. Basically, 12 percent of all human beings to ever die in a war, died in that one. But Germany, Italy, and Japan, more commonly known as the Axis Powers, would go down in World War II, and a big reason why is because a bunch of countries united to stop them, known as the Allies.

Two of the Allies, the United States and the United Kingdom, led the way. In August 1941, the American President Franklin Roosevelt and the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met up in Newfoundland to create the Atlantic Charter. It stated new, idealistic, goals for the world after the war was over, such has an end to countries conquering for new territory, self-determination, or the rights for countries to govern themselves, a reduction of trade restrictions, freedom of the oceans, and taking away weapons from aggressive nations.

On New Year’s Day, 1942, at the Arcadia Conference in Washington, D.C., 26 different countries from around the world agreed to sign the Declaration by United Nations. The document pledged that the 26 countries, led by the “Big Four,” the United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, and China, would join forces to defeat totalitarianism, specifically “Hitlerism.” The document stated that victory over the Axis Powers was necessary to defend human rights everywhere, and it helped turn World War II into a war of ideals.

By the end of the war, 21 other countries had agreed to the declaration. Even countries who were formerly friends of the Axis Powers wished to sign the declaration, but were not allowed to. And while the violence raged on across Europe and the Pacific, heads of states, diplomats, generals, and government officials met several times with the goal of creating another international organization to keep the peace. At the Dumbarton Oaks Conference in 1944, leaders from the Big Four met again to lay out the plans for such an organization. In February of 1945, the Big Three (China was not represented this time), met to solidify plans on how the organization would vote. At the UN Conference on International Organization in San Francisco in April 1945, representatives from 50 countries came together to create the United Nations Charter, which officially created the United Nations. It was signed on June 26, 1945, and went into effect October 24, 1945. Unfortunately, Franklin Roosevelt never lived to see this happen. He had died in April, but the new President, Harry Truman, had pushed forward with making it happen, and he Truman appointed Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin’s wife, as a delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, which I will explain more about in a moment.

I will now read the entirety of the United Nations Charter. Just kidding. That would take awhile.


  1. I don't understand why people think the UN has any power to do anything against the big 4 that have veto power.

  2. Ooh, that's tough. There are a ton of good supreme court cases. I guess the best place to start would be with one that's more well known…Brown v. BOE, Roe v. Wade, Citizens United v. FEC, Bush v. Gore, etc. However, my favorite has to go to Miranda v. Arizona. If you're considering that case, that'd be a great place to start.

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  7. Marbury v Madison
    Brown v Board of Education
    Roe v Wade
    Plessy v Fergusen
    Engel v Vitale

  8. Excited for the new series, dude! I've been deprived since the Presidential elections haitus.

  9. Anyone notice how much this guy sounds like Adam Scott (Ben from Parks and Recreation)?

  10. liberalist theory that tried to create globalist harmony. a mistake that has failed us.

  11. I really appreciate the invaluable information over how the UN was created. But here, I would like to take the attention of the UN on the devastating atrocities in south-western Turkey by the Erdogan's ruling party, The AKP in a Kurdish village originally called XERABE BEVA – Turks call it KORUKÖY- The people of Xerabe Beva have been forced to leave their village to be replaced by Syrian refugees for the sake of the success of the referendum on the 16 April… So, PLEASE HELP the people of XERABE. In case of resistance the villagers are being KILLED and TORTURED. This is the TRUTH!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. Do you think UN was successful to defeat totalitarianism? They succeeded to do so in Europe. Yes. What about in other parts of the world, e.g. Middle Eastern countries, Northern Africa and so on? And nowadays the one in Turkey? Can UN indeed stop Mr Erdogan's totalitarian dreams over DISPLACING KURDISH POPULATION from their native lands by force and replacing them with Syrian and Iraqi SUNNI MUSLIMS to create a new state called SUNISTAN, or SUNNI ISLAM CUMHURIYETI? We will see…

  13. Mr beat I have a unrelated question. How many genders are there?

  14. Mr beat I have a unrelated question. How many genders are there?

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  17. wait, they didn't only kick taiwan from the permenent members of the security council but the whole UN? its seems a bit harsh…

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  20. UN is nowadays much worse than this. It is a fun park for lazy bitches that built carreers based on social relationships. They don't work in there, they just walk around all day long and enslave retarded interns that would suck cock if that would get them a job there. Almost 50% of office workers are faggots. Information is managed and higher ranks decide what is published and not, results form studies, comissions and scientific investigations are not always published, mostly only partialy published, access to information is highly hierarchical and whenever someone is logged in on a terminal everything is monitored, access to documents is dependent on level clearance just like in NSA or CIA. UN is a strategical working place or for some colaborators that like to fuck little children too. Blue helmets are disgusting mercenaries that should be all killed and are responsible for rapes all over the world.
    They see themselves as the arquitects of our world but they will burn in flames soon enough. They want to "clean" but many will be "cleaned" too

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  22. United nations is a luciferian based entity. Agenda 21 youtube

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  29. Hey Mr. Beat I really enjoyed your video would you be able to post references as to where you got your info from, it would be great and i would love to incorporate some of it into my work thanks !!

  30. good, would you please educate the Indians why India is not on the UNCS, and China is on the UNCS is not because India give up their seat. I am so sick to listening those bullshit from Indians

  31. You might have made a mistake by putting Taiwan's flag for China.


  33. America is being Occupied by an Illegal World Government Run By Pedophiles called the UN.
    So what do you think? Should we ban the United Nations, an illegal world government that is occupying the United States of America? Or do you prefer to be a globalist shill who supports over 3,300 pedophiles?

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  35. I don’t know why people think that the UN can just solve all the problems of the world like that, it’s meant to keep dialogue open

  36. "Two of the allies, the United States and the United Kingdom, lead the way."

    Russia would like to have a word with you, sir.

  37. The eu un must be disbanded for Europe to keep it's European cultural identity and have a peaceful future. Stop flooding us with eu un funded sub Saharan African and Muslim economic migrant rape gangs.

  38. World domination is their goal.

    Why did the United States get into WWI when Germany offered an armistice to France, Britain and Spain with no strings attached
    (i.e. everything to go back to before the war) Hint: The Balfour Declaration

  39. So what countries today are part of the United Nations

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  41. Ineffectual waste of time and money

  42. It was to crest world government. See the Albert pike letter. The un has 666 seats.

  43. Mr. Beat, do you use your videos in your own classes?

  44. Good job Mr. Beat!! Love how you explain everything 😉

  45. Interesting. Under Chapter VII the UN is supposed to stop attacks against themselves and others. They rarely do. It is much easier to hand over their weapons and stand by as women and children are killed. In the DRC even though they had tens of thousands of peacekeepers in the country they had to set up a special brigade to keep the local bag guys from murdering the locals as most UN countries would not let their soldiers do anything….. What is the sense of sending peacekeepers to these countries if they will not act like soldiers?? The USA actually has no more power in the UN then the other 4 with veto powers. We do pay more than other countries though usually around 26% of the UN budget (sometimes much more) and poor NYC gets stiffed by UN members every year. It is a unique organization with many flaws and mediocre people running it. More like an armed version of the Olympic Committee at times than a peacekeeping organization. Rant over.

  46. Did you just bring up the "NWO" as a semi-legitimate concern? Nah, don't do that unless you make it abundantly clear that the notion is ridiculous

  47. UN = Ministry of Love + Ministry of Truth (1984)

  48. excellent video. just what i needed

  49. U N is in the zionist camp, preparing the world for anti-christ
    To come.

  50. Humanity should form our own UN of world citizens to address world government cruelty to humanity. Representation to be voted in with no political representation.

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  53. The acceleration of science and knowledge since 1945 was related to world peace and humanity efforts being focused on positive fields like health and education

  54. Outdated, useless organization once colonialism was forcibly ended by the US. UN is a gang of corrupt, third world nations and a posse of well over 50 Islamic nations. Nothing of consequence will EVER get done or be implemented. It's a globalist, neo-liberal joke of an organization.

  55. The sooner the UN and EU die, the better. It's coming.

  56. a worthless organization which has never stopped US aggression

  57. United States' Delian League

  58. 0:29 WWI sucked.
    0:42 League of Nations
    1:10 58 Members. Germany, Italy, Japan leave
    1:31 League crumbles. WW2
    2:03 Allies. Roosevelt, Churchill, (Stalin)
    2:21 The Atlantic Charter.
    2:41 Arcadia Conference
    3:38 Dumbarton Oaks Conference
    3:55 United Nations Charter (signed June 26, 1945)
    4:41 Six Organs or Branches of the United Nations.
    5:42 Structure in a chart
    6:22 First General Assembly Meetings (London, Jan. 1946)
    6:49 The Cold War
    7:01 Peacekeeping in Sues Crisis
    7:36 UN Intervention (successes and failures)
    8:23 New Members, Some unrecognized states and some partially recognized states

    9:12 Critics.
    9:30 Credits

  59. Force for good? Wait until the Unatco

  60. Jewish attempt to take over the world and destroy the nation state

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  65. The US WIELDS power in the UN, not yields it

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  70. The League of Nations! Sounds so much cooler than the United Nations. It’s like the Justice League. League of Nations, unite!

  71. The UN is extremely corrupt and extremely useless. I feel like organisations such as Nato as well as Nukes keep world peace far better than UN ever has. Its better if the UN focused on taking down slavery for example, as an actual peace keeping force its useless, especially when it tries enforcing purely moral laws on nations that just don't give a fuck.

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  78. I dont think you will read this but you helped me so much with my exam tomorrow

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