>The Truth About Consistent Characters In Stable Diffusion…It’s not 100% possible without having to train lora’s and dreambooth models and without having to do a convoluted process. However with controlnet reference, we can get very close to that. Also the roop extension will help us utilize real photos to expand on this method. Today’s video I’ll show you how to get to that point with out any training and then in a part 2 to come we will look at making improvements to hands and faces and some post production techniques to get close to that consistent character goal!

How to install ControlNet https://youtu.be/EPvKNZlR9Dk?si=IW4IZhb51vBllYS8 />How to install Roop https://youtu.be/bjGM_fwg9_c?si=jxVZMtvJ9hyVxbdT />Random name generators

⏲Time Stamps
0:00 The truth about consistent characters in stable diffusion
0:13 Start with a good model and consistent faces
1:13 Create images and develop your look
1:58 Use ControlNet Reference
3:35 Same character different background
4:25 Using real photos and Roop extension
6:17 Experiment and create!

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