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This one ChatGPT prompt does it all for Leonardo AI. It’s awesome!

Use this ChatGPT prompt to generate anything you want using Leonardo AI when creating AI art. All you have to do is literally change one work, your chosen keyword.
And to make it perfect, try a few different Leonardo AI finetuned models and you’ll create the perfect image.

For example, in my video, I used the same exact prompt for every image created. But for one keyword I entered “Lion”, and for another, I entered “futuristic city”. The simplicity of this is so good because the only thing you need to focus on changing is the keyword and your chosen model.

Now, it might not get it perfect on the first try, but after a few adjustments, you’ll usually get exactly what you’re looking for.

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👏 And kudos and credit below to the person who created this prompt.
AI For Success Channel: @AIforSuccess

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