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[LyCORIS] https://github.com/KohakuBlueleaf/LyCORIS/
[SDXL 1.0 Blog] https://stability.ai/blog/stable-diffusion-sdxl-1-announcement
[SDXL 1.0 Base Huggingface] https://huggingface.co/stabilityai/stable-diffusion-xl-base-1.0
[SDXL 1.0 Refiner Huggingface] https://huggingface.co/stabilityai/stable-diffusion-xl-refiner-1.0
[ComfyUI] https://github.com/comfyanonymous/ComfyUI
[Fooocus] https://github.com/lllyasviel/Fooocus

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0:00 Intro
0:42 A Quick Recap
2:09 LyCORIS
4:58 More Sick LoRA Usage
6:29 “Text” to Image?
8:25 SDXL
11:48 The Weeb Segment
12:23 SDXL Bugs & GUIs
13:54 Sponsor

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