>I want to share the ultimate photo manipulation tool and it’s absolutely free. No limitations behind paywalls or daily limit. Just FREE!

This tool has upscaling, Bulk CMYK & DPI Enhancing for the best printing possible, remove background, vectorizing, file type conversion, and a really cool MidJouney Quad Split and upscaler and they are just giving it to you. No catch!

Here is the site! Enjoy: https://dgb.lol/
If you going to play with vector images you might need this tool – https://inkscape.org/release/1.0.2/windows/64-bit/ aternatively you can go to canva.com

Want more a Free photo editor installed directly on stable diffusion?
part 1 – https://youtu.be/U_T5qHSwY8E
Photopea Part 2- https://youtu.be/PQK5nr_TpUQ
Want to upscale 10k or higher via Stable Diffusion? –https://youtu.be/yv4J4orS-SY

Clone Voices for almost completely free with Voice AI –https://youtu.be/vc9u_gOiW_k
Hands down, the best TTS voice cloning software and you can get started for 5 bucks a month with Eleven Labs, check out my video – https://youtu.be/FYn1MLVhoDE

Check out my advanced Midjoruney tutorial –https://youtu.be/e4L69k9-wJY
3 New tools that MidJourney added with version 5 – https://youtu.be/S9Qz60jipYM

Don’t Have Stable Diffusion or Don’t know what A1111 is? Let’s Start from The Beginning
Stable Diffusion Automatic 1111 (A1111) Install Tutorial – https://youtu.be/U_T5qHSwY8E
Embeddings, Custom Models, and Lora Files: How to make beautiful art with ease – https://youtu.be/pmdSxDSsbUs
Control Net v1.1: Stable Diffusions most powerful tool – https://youtu.be/EBOhgglBS38
Want to See my Control V1.0 video? It’s older but I go into a deep dive on what each model is used for – https://youtu.be/JUSJA92QR-g
Got messed up hands? Lets Fix that – https://youtu.be/QyDn3S0RPTU
Did you know there are sites you can use Stable diffusion for Free? Training, OutPainting, Inpainting, upscales you name it – https://youtu.be/QlTjGhRGJtc
Do you need to upscale something to Monstrous resolutions so you can Print them on a massive Waifu billboard? https://youtu.be/yv4J4orS-SY
Some Must Have Extensions for Stable Diffusion – https://youtu.be/CWKVhWHVecg

0:01 – Intro & How Free is it?
0:45 – What tools does it have?
1:56 – CMYK and DPI Enhancer
2:35 – Max Bulk Processing
2:34 – CMYK & DPI Enhancer Bulk Max
3:15 – Home, My files & Quick Tool Access
3:32 – My Files & 24hour Storage limit
4:30 – CMYK Output and Comparison
4:51 – DPI Enhancer
5:05 – Image type Conversion
06:30 – Enhanced DPI output & Why you need it
07:19 – SadTalker, Eleven Labs, Voice AI Preview
08:00 — MidJouney Quad Splitter and Upscaler (it’s amazing)
09:43 — Background Remover (PNG filetypes only)
10:40 — Background Remover Outputs
11:10 — UPSCALING!
11:47 — Upscaling Output
12:59 — Comparisons with Cartoon upscales (more anime and smooth)

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