>With this free temporal net controlnet, Stable Diffusion becomes an amazing generator for consistent photo-realistic videos. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the steps to transform your own video into an ai video in deforum.

If you follow this animation guide you’ll learn how to use prompts to guide the creation process and transform your video into any celebrity you want.

-Base_Deforum_settings file:

-The Video about in depth info about deforum and the settings file:

0:00 intro
0:12 Power of the New Method with Temporal Net Controlnet model in Stable Diffusion
0:46 Overview of the Tutorial
0:56 Install the new controlnet ”temporalnet” model
1:15 Introduction to Ciara Rowles, the creator of the Temporal net model
1:31 Setting up Prompts, settings and the Controlnet settings in the img2img tab
3:53 Download and load the base deforum settings file
4:41 Transfer img2img prompts and settings into deforum
6:20 Important settings in Deforum to increase consistency

-Instagram Digital Magic:
-Twitter Digital Magic:

-Temporal Net
-Margot Robbie lora:

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Music: Youtube Library – Eternal Garden – Dan Henig

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