1. Queen Elisabeth is a VATICAN Dame of Malta ( SMOM ), the Crown Serves the 1500 year old " Mother of Harlots " System in Rome. The CIA was Founded by Vatican Knight of Malta ( SMOM ) Bill Donovan, him being a Knight of Malta is even on Wikipedia. 6 Other CIA Directors were Confirmed SMOM members too, for example ; Mccone, Bush, and Alan Dulles. The European Nobility, Intelligence Directors and the Most Big CEO's are Vatican Knights and / or Freemasons, they Bow to the Papal Roman Empire. And when this System Fails, the Papacy will Act as " Savior " Offering the MARXIST One World System as " Solution " to the Chaos. While Unknown to Most the Jesuits, Freemasonry and Papal Rome Created Much of the Problems in the First Place. All ( NWO ) roads lead to the 1500 year Old ANTICHRIST Papacy, just like the Bible Predicted. Please : Do Your Own Research and Get Born Again, God bless.

  2. so its changed again …. from "warming" to now its "Heating " !!

  3. Well we need an enemy don’t we. If Russia, Iran and Venezuela weren’t enough! Climate “whatever suits this decade” change. Does anyone else want to shake people and make them smell some strong coffee???

  4. Nice podcast… Subscribed.

  5. "resolved, that all sovereign, Legislative, and judicial powers are the rights of the people; and though the people have delegated those their original powers to others, in trust, for the benefits of the community, yet the rights themselves are reserved by the people, and cannot be absolutely parted with by the people to those PERSONS who are employed to conduct the business of the state.
    Resolved, That the constitution of England is held by the King, Lords, and commons, and other officers appointed by the people, in trust, for the benefit of the people; and though these trustees may regulate and improve the constitution, yet they cannot alter or subvert it without committing treason against the nation.
    At a general meeting of the London corresponding society, held at —————- on Monday, 14th Day of April,1794.

  6. Greta Thunberg can't really need to understand the science because her autism gives her some kind of special intuition – or so she says.

  7. It's obvious the alleged co2 induced climate change and catastrophic sea level rise will have no effect on the Chinese billion dollar sea level developments in Fiji (casino resort) Maldives ( dito, including ports and staff housing) all government approved, and what about the billions in spending planned for elitist skyscrapers at sea level in New York and Miami. How dumb do they think we are!

  8. I live in the North of Scotland,can I get the temperature rise now please…Where do I sign up.🤪

  9. You should also look at something called the hunger stones that have just reappeared in the river elbe

  10. Climate change is a real thing, and is happening. But lets have it right, it's part of the Earth's natural cycle, nothing more. Although to be fair it's not unreasonable to think that we might not be particularly helping the situation.

  11. The science of planetary atmospheres is accessible to anybody with a technical background: https://gvigurs.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-emperors-new-climate/. Make up your own mind about the science. If you used the bogus thermodynamics of the 'greenhouse effect' to design an engine – it won't work.

  12. Stopping people eating animal protein is also a depopulation agenda. We are carnivores.

  13. Australia's GrainCorp Implodes – Europe Decimated by Frosts AGAIN – Are you paying attention? https://youtu.be/9nZa2QIOKjg

    Cracks are appearing in the edifice of modern agriculture: Australia's biggest grain producer's revenue collapses after horrific crop losses. Study confirms 90% of people still believe the CO2/global warming hoax — humanity is walking unaware into #GlobalCooling in the #GrandSolarMinimum. Christian breaks it down, encourages you to grow your own food, and–by all means–spread the word.

    Ice Age Farmer YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-Am0t4qQaP_Do9FwMWw3Q/videos

    Ice Age Farmer Wiki: http://wiki.iceagefarmer.com/wiki/Main_Page

    The Green New Deal: https://youtu.be/btU1pJI1F8w

    In this video, I take a look at the Democrats' "Green New Deal" – and show why it is both scientifically baseless and based on very irrational, dangerous thinking.

    The Imaginary Climate Crisis: https://youtu.be/IFlsJ1o3fVc

  14. Extinction Rebellion / Global Warming > The Headless Cab Driver: https://youtu.be/TlLICGgX7TA

    Quantum of Conscience. The Concept of the "Reality Flush"

  15. My local Tesco in dunfermline has closed it's fish and meat counter for 3 days a week because of sustainability and put fishmongers and butchers on the dole, meanwhile the fruit and veg continue to import from around the world flying in bananas and advocados not to mention figs melons and Jack fruit from the four corners of the globe. Ha ha ha lol.

  16. I'm not 'far right', I am 'far-out', man.

  17. Darwins Theory of Evolution is exactly the – A THEORY

  18. Wish it would warm up 4%…lol

  19. I had no idea they've developed a "hateomat" in Sweden. I live there! Guess I'll continue to listen to you guys. You're right on the money!

  20. Apart from the Lie of evolution; talk about by Piers, at the beginning, I liked this video.

  21. They are now creating a climate change emergency measures scientist think tank at Cambridge, as conventional C02 reduction measures are considered too slow to respond to the crisis. Go only know what horrors these owned, myopic "scientists" will come up with. https://inews.co.uk/news/science/cambridge-university-sets-up-technology-centre-to-tackle-climate-change/

    Good point, confusion of adaption with evolution….That Gail Bradbrook quote was chilling, it has echos of the need for a "new Pearl Harbour", that was mooted prior to 9/11.
    Monbiot for all his ecological credentials is ignorant. Not using live stock and game as part of an integrated ecological land management system, reduces potential yield, diversity and ignores the capacity of grazers to gather and concentrate protein from large areas of land unsuitable for growing crops. Industrial farming is an abomination, but to equate meat eating, with this practice is to indulge in obfuscation and mendacity.

  22. Shut down Heathrow now!

  23. the reason there are so many stupid people is: A failed education system designed 300 years ago for people 300 years ago.
    Television and mainstream media running up a close 2nd place!

  24. and the endless promotion of shite that's bad for you such as alcohol, and sugary foods! All designed to 'subdue' the masses!

  25. I love that quote from mark "she needs to come to her senses and stop glueing her self to things"

  26. I see facebook, now run by the failed MP Clegg is banning everybody who supports Brexit

  27. So much education in one video.

  28. The FAR RIGHT are a very real threat but how would a white man ever really understand?! As for that racist shit stirrer Grindall61, constantly moaning about the "illegals" in California, forgetting that California, along with many other US States used to belong to MEXICO!

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