>Stable Diffusion Basic Prompting Tutorial Using PlaygroundAI.com. Today I wanted to go over my personal workflow, now this isn’t the only way and I’m sure I have more to learn on Prompt engineering but I’ve gotten pretty good results following this workflow for stable diffusion prompting. Basically we will take an idea and evolve it into the image you have in your head by adding just a few details. We will utilize the Img2img feature in Playground AI and go over some basic style attributes. I guess you can say it’s a stable diffusion beginner tutorial to find a prompt that you like and can re-use. Stable diffusion prompts don’t have to be complicated!
So far I have not found a better free stable diffusion online text to image ai generator and from your browser.

***Note there have been some updates to playgroundai.com where Dall-E 2 is now a subscription and there are some limitations to the free account. I’ll post the details in the community tab for you to check out.***

PlaygroundAI.com https://playgroundai.com/
Artist Styles (credit to https://www.youtube.com/c/RoyalSkiesLLC) https://tinyurl.com/2yyu8kez
Prompt Guides: https://openart.ai/promptbook

⏲Time Stamps
0:00 Set up your workspace
0:48 Getting started with a basic prompt
1:48 Image to image
2:50 Stylizing your image
4:18 Adding artist styles
5:19 Add details prompts
6:35 Style & Environment prompts
7:10 Increase Prompt guidance and quality
9:00 Summary of workflow

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Audio: Rode Podmic https://amzn.to/35sSnxv

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