>In this tutorial, we explore the latest updates Stable Diffusion to my created animation workflow using AnimateDiff, Control Net and IPAdapter. We’ve introduced the Image Detailer for enhancing our output. You can easily download this custom node from ComfyUI Manager, available in both Comfy UI Impact Pack and Comfy UI Inspired Pack. The tutorial covers settings with Stable Diffusions 1.5 LCM, particularly Lora’s model, emphasizing its checkpoint model.

About This ComfyUI Workflow :

Giveaway: I am sharing this workflow on OpenArt, I believe my Patreon don’t mind this.
Because Stable Diffusion is such an amazing Open Source community, with workflow I hope everyone are able to make a good vid2vid animation without question.
Here is the OpenArt : https://openart.ai/workflows/futurebenji/animatediff-controlnet-lcm-flicker-free-animation-video-workflow/A9ZE35kkDazgWGXhnyXh

Version 6 Patreon Discussion And Support (Latest Update) : https://www.patreon.com/posts/94706842

Detail Tutorial About This Workflow in Ver.1 : https://youtu.be/LDeFP6d-4YA

How To Use This Workflow Tutorial : https://youtu.be/wFahkr-b7HI

The workflow showcases three different video outcomes, each with varying clarity and focus on facial and overall character details. A key improvement is the addition of DW Pose as an alternative to Open Pose in the Control Net sections, addressing issues of hanging and freezing. The DW Pose offers a faster and more responsive process, contributing to quicker loading times. The tutorial also demonstrates the usage of the Detailer for both face and person detection, providing enhanced color, sharpness, and character optimization.

Lastly, the tutorial highlights the usage of IP Adapter with Dream Shaper iconic style images, demonstrating how different sampling methods impact results. The DW Pose’s detailed finger and facial recognition capabilities are showcased, emphasizing its advantages over traditional Open Pose. The workflow update, along with the necessary files, will be made available on our Patreon community and the Open Art Contents page.

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