Joining me today is long-time investigative journalist and independent researcher Spiro Skouras, here today to discuss his excellent work on the recent Coronavirus, and the ongoing suppression and omission of some of the most important and relevant information surrounding this topic.

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    Biological wappens should be highly forbidden. No matter which country use it. The responsibles have to be punished that much of money that it pains.
    Otherwise they won't stop it.

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    On a laboratory level, it's called and handled as SARS-CoV2.

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    Just a little bit out of history Japanese military in the 1930s we're doing some god awful things in China experimenting with bacteria viruses there's nothing new about it.
    The 1% see us as cattle to be manipulated and used for their gain and profit.

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    Thanks again for all the information that we very obvious to and yes we are living in a SICK WORLD thanks to our GOVERNMENTS that we elect to serve us the PUBLIC? So sad that the left ear don't trust the right ear

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    fear manipultion Was their intention……the old energies arent really workin like they once did in past the planet isnt buying the BS they're sellin anylonger though.

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    This is NWO world games 2 minute warning. All roads lead to Jerusalem. Get yourself spiritually together. You can't stop this. FULL ARMOUR OF GOD.

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    I question everything but try not to come up with any conclusions. Once you have conclusions you will close your mind and won’t be open to new information. We may never have all the answers to so many things but as long as we continue to seek them we will be better informed IMO.

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    Spiro and Ryan are. great. Rapid nailing of truths like electronic nail guns! Unlike the nail guns some use to commit suicide with several nails in the back of the skull.

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    I'm sorry, but I find The Health Ranger, with his Taiwanese wife, translating in realtime getting the best intelligence, while he's a trained engineer and laboratory owner and certification experienced entrepreneur among other things.
    SARS, MERS, Pigs fly flew, NEVER HAD A COUNTRY'S GDP affected. Gambling with your life is foolish. There is no way to "prepare" except to have water and food, (I have solar), and wait it out. Get enough sleep and eat meat so you're immune system isn't suppressed like vegans. If you got the flu shot this season, Bbye, your immune system is catastrophically compromised.

    What is this derp's credentials? I trust Boyle showing me the actual studies documenting the weaponization of this version of the virus the Chinese bought from the University of North Carolina. Tyvm UNC!

    Everyone is gonna get it. The CDC has ensured it. I've watched my local gov't here in NYC and the incompetence, is SO extreme, it's not funny. The Trump presser with that dingbat old woman telling people to wash their hands, made me suspect, this IS NOT a false flag. They are acting too incompetent and they don't look like they are lying, looking like fools. They HAVE to notice they look like grammar school kids playing student gov't…including Trump and the CDC at that presser, I didn't take it seriously, UNTIL I saw absolute BULLSHITE I saw them flinging.

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    This germ warfare test spraying was done by the RAF over Dorset after WW2. This seems to have bee done by what we now call FIVE EYES nations.

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    “Murder By Numbers” The Police. “Simple As ABC”. Operation Paperclip was interested in ABC weapons technology – Atomic, Biological, Chemical from what J P Farrell calls the “Boorman Reich”and I call “The Nazi Tecnocravy” of Fascist Corporatism. The Roman Eagle and Fasces, prominent in Nazi and Italian Fascism, is displayed in the American Silver Dollar and Dime, in the steganography of US Law, Police and Military iconography. Will ABC be part of the Samson Option and Bethlehem Doctrine? “Rise Up And Kill First” and “By Way Of Deception” with “Offensive Realism”? After the Nazi Technocracy created Israel in 1933 with the Transfer Agreement and Havaara Agreement?

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    Will Florida, which covered up the Dershowitz-Acosta sweetheart deal for Jeffrey Epstein and his conspirators linked with the Epstein-Ghislaine-Wexner-Barak networks, cover up truth of Coronavirus outbreak statistics, with Florida being a hub of cruise ship industries?

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    If an individual does not have their own cash and currency u r a complete slave of the state it is The Mark of the Beast absolutely no doubt about it.

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    Pneumonia world order? For Financial Stability Board “Tower Of Basel” Currency Reset and “Great Unwind” of liabilities. Central Bank Digital Currencies of Global Systemically Important Banks – GSIBs like opium and fraud bank HSBC?

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    NO Govt should have this technology, unless they plan one day to kill off half of humanity. ALL Govt's that are part of this are evil and without morals.. They will NOT escape God's judgement…

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    Your guest needs to turn up the volume. Thanks

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    If anyone want to get rid of their infected cash just put in close envelope and contact me ill take care for the rest

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    The Global AI Smart Grid digital currency system may be backed by a Carlton Bartels/ Richard Samdor Carbon Tax stealth tax across smart devices of $10-20 Trillion a year, as energy debt valency, for a global Energy Currency digital financial system? As explored by IBM and ABB for the DTCC linked CEDE & COMPANY.

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    Never allow a good crisis go to waste!

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    From Wikipedia

    Operation Sea-Spray was a 1950 U.S. Navy secret experiment in which Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria were sprayed over the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

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    Had Corona happened naturally then it would have not taken place in such a more controlled manner with the geographics as well as the dynamics of the scenarios of drills and conventions that took place with the timing of this election and so many other things. Its more than safe to say that this was intentional and was form the sickest individuals known to exist that's behind this crime against humanity. Look at all of the other things that have taken place. It's always one after the other. I've stated this so many times it's a set on one huge stage being the planet. Roll the rain making machine off set..bring out the directed energy weapons. Ok we are done.wifh that. Bring out the pandemic virus package. Ok check. Done with that. Now bring out another assassination scenario package. Ok check. Release the earthquake machine. Check. It's on and on and on. One after.the.other. ok time for a false flag shooting. Check. These players arent that smart as they are too far understaffed to pull this sickening evil shit off more than one event at a time. The sheeple are all content with misery and drama. They are consumed by their.miserable lives they arent capable of stopping and realizing it's all being done intentionally. Once this.corona is over it will be more tragic events to sell the climate change lie

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    They’re still spraying us with something….probably to reduce our immunity

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    There are various experiments taking place during this orchestrated pandemic which include 5 g implementation and its nefarious results

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    Trump supposed to bring jobs back home instead he brought death back home!!!..

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    For me it's not about the virus. BOTTOM LINE. Food supply. Not enough food for EVERYONE.

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    Science and medicine should be explained by scientists and people who have studied medicines.
    Religious shrines do not have any anti-viral properties and virus does not listen to your prayers.
    Giving false reassurance is the worst thing one can do.

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    Be Careful ,MK.Ultra I don't If True.

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    1.10 RYAN IS A MACHINE!! When you call someone that down my neck of the woods, it means maximum respect and admiration.

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    dont forget the arial spray campaign over Vancouver BC for the Gypsy moth. totally harmless they said as they suited up fully in hazmat suits, climbed into their planes and low flew over the city drenching us all in insecticides. AGAINST EVERYBODYS WILL.during what was it the early 90's ? i think late 80's. THEY do whatever THEY want to do WHENEVER they want to do it. but i really resent them thinking i havent caught on.

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    I would love to see a round table discussion with James Corbett, Spiro, Ryan Dawson & TLAV about this.

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    Could it be that some foreign country put those virus there during the military games held in Wuhan??

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    what i really want to know from them is…why do we HAVE to HAVE as fast as possible with absolutly no testing questions or anything.. windows 10 , weaponised 5 G and the microchip inside us if it isnt to turn the world into a totalitarian police state with whats left of us controlled and locked down24/7 censored and monitored and traked and having sex with robots and being forced to interact with AI which is dumb as a sack of hammers and incapable currently ( the one they are using on the utility companies to deal with us……………….you know the one…"ask me any thing"………………… anything but that i am sorry i do not understand fuck you perhaps its one of these other options…my bad……( until you go insane!!!!!!!!!! cos i was the last of the old ones who was allowed an education as opposed to the dumbing down protocol that began later……) i cant take it. THEY THINK I DONT KNOW WHATS HAPPENING.! we know we KNOW ! and we arent falling for it.

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    Hahahahahaha !No honey, that's just the beginning. They will determine when you dieeeeeeeee! That's what this is about. When to shut off your supply to life. They think they are Gods. Hahahahaha the creator is taking just a little to long to end all of this, but I wait for our creator to act on how pissed the creator is. I wait.

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    Ryan for many years, the U.S agenda has been to carry out operations or implement laws that benefit Israel more than it does America. Why?
    I believe we have been prepped for accepting Israel as the new world power. The wars in the ME have been under taken for Israel’s benefit.
    Reducing the position of Russia and China benefits America. But destroying America (as Covid 19 seems to be doing) paves the way for Israel to transition into her new role. Therefore the decline of Russia and China also helps Israel. The new world order is to pave the way for global domination by the Zionist.

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    I share thanks brothers 👍i think exactly like you both, but i think this virus will be certainly the opportunity to depopulate in the same times

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    As a Christian and being told how things are going to be there has to come a time where they use something to make everyone in the world go to a purely digital currency that can he later implemented into a mark in the hand or forehead. I had a hard time before seeing how it could happen but seeing how they are using this to cause fear and panic all over the world I can see how easy this sort of thing can be used to cause this maybe they will use this as a test to see how people will react then later on do it again saying more people are dying etc and bring it to the full conclusion of digital currency and being chipped.

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    is bill gates a zionist? I KNOW MICROSOFT HAS FACILITIES IN ISRAEL …..

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    I'm glad this dude left News Bud, Sybil is toxic.

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    Ryan, if this has HIV in it, that would depress the immune system so that the B cells and T cells (the lymphocytes that are responsible for our immune response) would not respond or respond very slowly which would prevent the cytokine reaction therefore you would not have fluid or pus in the lungs so a dry cough. It would also explain patients that show low or no temperature, inaccurate lab results and easy reinfection. So like you say it is multi-factorial but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents reaped from a career in medicine, pathology and patient care.

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    our government has studied the effects of radio waves/ microwave tech. they know full well what the effects are and will be. Motorola did studies as well. they didn't like the results. look into it yourselves. ask yourselves why EVERYTHING has to be weaponized? right down to the air water and food. why did they put a known neuro toxin in our water? [ fluoride ] why do most if not all vax contain toxic heavy metals? projected autism rates state that by 2050 1/2 of people will be autistic.. when i was a child it was almost non-exsistant.

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    Open Source Code is not completely open as not all of the code is is accessible. Cryptocurrency will only be good as long as the lights don't go out. It doesn't need to be centralized to be controlled because the medium is the net…..that is how it is controlled.

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    Our gov't kills for fun & profit, sad but true. We somehow find money to run labs to weaponize & house known pathogens but can't afford basic care for all Americans?

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    Incredible graphics at the end! hang in there, after a great informative pragmatic eloquent interview

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    Be Control. Be Control Be Control . . . a mantra for every human being to remain sovereign unto herself. I am Control. I am Control. (I think Baba Ram Dass may have agreed)

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    Hmmm… Colloidal Silver Faraday cage and grounding shoes for 5G… Makes sense to get a topical solution of colloidal silver and apply it to your skin. The majority of shoes now days are made of rubber where as before they were made of animal collagen which grounded you to earth, now they don't. Might be a good idea to get natural soles for shoes or modify new ones to the pressure point of the ball of your foot with copper and conductive socks… Been meaning to do that for awhile but now's the time to get serious, plus you're always grounded… Lookup Earthing… and remember how good it feels to walk bare foot on the beach or in grass, that's Earthing. Simple AF.

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    Sure stopped All those people from rioting over there in China!

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    Iran is saying the corona virus likely a bioweapon attack from the u.s.

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    I have seen no evidence of an outbreak, but have seen many clearly faked scenes along with horrible crisis acting and countless anomalies with every bit of the narrative. In my opinion taking about the coronavirus as if it is really out there as we’re told or as a bio weapon intentionally spread is playing right into their hands. It was nice to finally here Ryan recently start to at least mention it could all be a hoax, but I feel that angle and the corresponding insurmountable proof to support that claim needs more attention here and in most discussions about the topic at hand. Perception is all that matters. There is NO outbreak, as a weapon or otherwise. It is a non event now destroying so much as the fear helps usher in more madness.

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    All the way through history, whenever the USAUK gets into a financial crisis,
    a world war is soon to follow. All wars are bankers wars.

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    When will we have enough a just stand up and say no. With a united front, it would be sooo easy to change all this. We all, we'll most of us want to be free and not harm anyone. What's so hard about that?

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    February was the two year anniversary of the petroyuan. No reporting worldwide for TWO YEARS!!! This should be proof of a worldwide conspiracy among nations to hide its progress. Is it now <50%? >50%? No one is telling.

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    Spiro and Ryan, what a team! If we had more guys/girls like these two on our side things would change, and change quickly! If MSM actually did what these guys do we would never have gotten into this situation in the first place! Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart.

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    In a talk in (2011), Ted Turner actually stated, PUBLICLY, that the population needs to be reduced by 95%!! That should wake-up even the most braindead! There is very much an agenda at play. Anyone watching this video already knows that, however.

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    Great, Great Information from both my Favorite channels.

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    Vagabond, look up ID2020 alliance. Microsoft has partnered with big pharma. This ties it all together. ☝️☝️☝️

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    No dout that usa is behind this killing thousands causing panic is what they live for

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    Bitcoin was most likely created by the NSA. It’s been some time since I conducted my research into the origins of bitcoin but I will leave you with some research.

    Much of this is off memory, so some of it may be vague, I have not covered all of my research but the content below can be found within the resources I will share – follow the trail as it leads to more research and evidence. I would encourage you to delve deeper as there are many more clues to be found. I wont post links as they may get blocked in the spam folder so just search for the results.

    I’ll also give you some videos to watch which are very important as they reveal a lot of information, when one is listening very closely to what is, and isn’t said – apply great discernment.

    David Chaum – watch as many videos as you can find. David invented ecash and is the creator of Elixxir (ELIX) with financial backing from Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen.

    In one video Chaum, when speaking about a very early digital cash conference that he attended, said – “almost all attendees resided in Maryland” – HQ of NSA.

    Internet History Museum (you tube channel) – ACM Conference, History of Personal Workstations, January 9 & 10, 1986 – I’ve got a playlist on my channel to help you get started.

    ACM conference speakers openly talk about government agencies funding (guiding) the private sector to do research into areas that the govt wants them to work on. Speakers openly talk about leaving the NSA and other agencies to start private companies with the the on-going support of the agencies and collaboration with their friends in these agencies for years after they left.

    DARPA created the internet and when studying the history of the internet I see many parallels with cryptocurrency. History typically repeats.

    For the record, I can’t categorically prove that the NSA created bitcoin just like no-one can prove that Satoshi was working alone. One has to look at the evidence and arrive at their own conclusions. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s significantly more likely that the NSA created BTC than some anonymous dude no one has ever spoken to on the phone, and who hasn’t been heard of since 2011.

    At the time of launch, less than 100 people in the world could have created BTC – the vast majority of them worked, or had worked at the NSA.

    Satoshi mined the first 50,000 blocks – that’s 1 million bitcoin into 50,000 different wallet addresses – these tokens have never been touched. How one individual can manage the keys for that many addresses is one question – and not be tempted to cash out even some of those coins when the price was $20,000 ($20 Billion USD) is something to think about. Satoshi preached about NEVER losing your keys so it’s highly unlikely that he lost them. He could have secretly mined more coins and quietly cashed out millions over the years but there is no evidence that he did.

    NSA Paper on Digital Cash (1996) – the NSA introduces the concept to the world 12 years before Satoshi’s whitepaper.

    Authors: Laurie Law, Susan Sabett, Jerry Solinas

    National Security Agency (NSA) Office of Information Security Research and Technology, Cryptology Division, 18 June 1996

    Zerohedge article (google it) – EXPOSED: The real creator of Bitcoin is likely the NSA as One World Currency.

    Hacker News – Why would a Government have created Bitcoin?

    PRNG is used to create ‘secure’ keys, this wasn’t a popular choice because it wasn’t secure (Satoshi should have known this, others did) – the NSA has a known backdoor that allows it to decrypt material behind these keys. Why would Satoshi use an algorithm with a backdoor?

    SHA-256 encryption was created by the NSA and cryptos use it today. It is possible that the NSA left a backdoor in their own product that we are yet to find. This cannot be proven but it cannot be ruled out either, because they’ve done it before with PRNG.

    Silicon Angle – Did the NSA ‘create’ Satoshi Nakamoto?

    American University Law Review – Volume 46, Issue 4 (1997) – numerous articles on digital money are archived on this platform. The framework was being discussed and planned years before Satoshi arrived on the scene and very soon after the NSA released their 1996 paper.

    3 days before the domain bitcoin dot org was purchased Neal King, Vladimir Oksman, and Charles Bry filed a patent application for updating and distributing encryption keys. That could be a co-incidence but the timing is worth noting.

    Satoshi Nakamoto has been interpreted by some to mean “Central Intelligence” – this is debatable and I add for interest purposes more than proof/evidence.

    The people ruling the world are decades ahead of us.

    1998 cover of The Economist magazine has a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of fiat currency with a gold coin with 2018 engraved in it. That’s 30 years ago. The Phoenix is a very well known symbol of the NWO (Order out of Chaos). The Economist is a Rothschild controlled publication.

    They planned fiat to crash over a hundred years ago (chaos) and we are getting closer to this event very quickly – so they created an alternative monetary system in advance and they are now covertly shepherding us towards accepting digital currency. It will allow all payments and transactions to be tracked on an immutable blockchain and it will enable the Internet of Everything and the vision of Agenda 21 to be realised. They can make it illegal for exchanges to trade with certain wallets (blacklist them) which makes those coins useless. I’m just skimming the surface of a few topics – this rabbit hole is ubiquitous, very deep and to much to cover in one comment.

    I can foresee them crashing the global economy and at some point in time they will crash cryptos (proving to the world that cryptos are unstable) and then they may begin telling us that crypto is a great idea but it has problems and government has the solutions (Hegelian Dialect – Problem > Reaction > Solution) – they could regulate against non-govt backed cryptos and propose a currency that is created by the government and most of the world will too easily accept it. We are already seeing the rise of stable coins which I believe governments will either covertly control or take over completely while regulating against alternative, non-approved coins.

    I can’t be 100% sure if this is exactly how they will do it but I am certain that they are moving us towards a one world digital currency, and the best way to do that is to deceive the people into believing that they created the concept and are leading this movement which is precisely what we see happening today. Problem > Reaction > Solution. If early adopters of crypto are financially wiped out by some event or regulation in future where is the financial resistance? Many will lose hope and be weakened. I’m closing with a few of these theories for all of us to consider. I do not purport to have all of the answers. I’m simply sharing some of my perspective with you.

    The rulers of this world are incredibly subtle and they are so far ahead of us that it would be very naive to dismiss the very real possibility that the NSA or another agency, or the corporations that they work with didn’t play a leading role in the creation of bitcoin.

    Do your own research, arrive at your own conclusions and don’t blindly believe what anyone is telling you, including me.

    Three (3) American Presidents resisted the Central Bankers.

    Assassination attempts were made by on all 3 Presidents, two were successful.

    Andrew Jackson – on Sept 10, 1833 Jackson announces that the US Govt will no longer use the Second Bank of America (central bank). 16 months later there was a failed assassination attempt.

    Abraham Lincoln – introduced the Greenback – they killed Abe.

    JF Kennedy – introduced Executive Order 11110 – backing currency with silver – 5 months later he was killed. JFK was also calling for inspections of Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona which should not be overlooked.

    Yet today we see Bitcoin and crypto’s being pumped, endorsed and promoted by governments and mainstream media and we think nothing of it?

    True truth tellers are NEVER promoted by mainstream media, they are marginalised or killed, never forget this. Govt agents (shills) like Julian Assange & Edward Snowden are perfect examples of this.

    If you don’t believe that the media is 100% controlled by the banksters I strongly encourage you to do more research.

    When you see something on MSM always ask yourself “why do they want me to know this now?” This is one of many basic principles that will serve you well moving forward if you stop and think about it!

    “In the Colonies, we issue our own paper money. It is called ‘Colonial Scrip.’ We issue it in proper proportion to make the goods and pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power and we have no interest to pay to no one.” – Benjamin Franklin

    “The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament, which has caused in the Colonies hatred of England and the Revolutionary War.” – Benjamin Franklin

    "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs." – Thomas Jefferson

    “All the perplexities confusion and distress in America arise not from defects of the Constitution, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright IGNORANCE of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.” -John Adams

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    The powers that be NEED and DEMAND total control. If it was real they would have no control.
    I have seen way too many clearly staged scenes, horrible crisis acting, laughable images and stories filled with contradictions and anomalies. Based on that alone I would literally bet my life that there is no outbreak whatsoever. It is a total hoax. And please think about this. The powers that be demand total control of everything. If it was real then they would have no control over the spread and many of their higher up puppets and maybe even the top dogs themselves could be susceptible. And I don't for a minute believe there would be a real vaccine they have for themselves, as vaccines are nonsense, for the most part. They faked killing 3,000 in NYC on September 11, 2001 when they took down those basically empty buildings. They never kill people during the endless stream of fake shootings, truck attacks, bombings, etc. It's somewhat different with September 11, since they would have had countless families and attorneys to silence and with this current hoax they pretend it's all natural. BUT they need control. They can control the narrative when it is totally fake, but totally loose control when if it was real. And again they would threaten their own lives if so.

  62. Avatar

    Mr. Bill Gates.( Lead the way)in population reduction. Who are you to decide who comes into the earth? I thought that was God's position.

  63. Avatar

    If you're looking for conspiracy theories? You're in the wrong place! Just hard facts and cold truths here. Independent Investigative journalism at its best.

  64. Avatar

    THANKS for a great interview .
    I love sound track at end of video.

  65. Avatar

    A real easy way to know if this is 5G's fault is by wearing a finger oximeter. Measure far away from a 5G tower and get close to a tower and measure.
    If 5G is interfering with oxygen uptake in hemoglobin, you'll know right there.

  66. Avatar

    “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe — I believe what I believe is right.”
    "I think if you know what you believe, it makes it a lot easier to answer questions. I can't answer your question."
    "Information is moving. You know, nightly news is one way, of course, but it's also moving through the blogosphere and through the Internets."

  67. Avatar

    They seem to completely ignore the research that has been done on 5G for the human body so why would they allow more research to be done on it? They don’t want to know if it’s harmful to the human body and if it is they don’t care! They have to bring about their agenda!

  68. Avatar

    It's a good animated film.

  69. Avatar

    Akira predicted this, watch the 1988 anime, this will blow your mind.

  70. Avatar

    Spiro should join us on MINDS.

  71. Avatar

    Israel says it has a vaccine

  72. Avatar

    Pukin putin & t- rump, again, AGREE TO LIE, CHEAT, STEAL MORE …

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    1 minute ago



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    It's the common cold and influenza, many people figured it out and now we have two coronas. Forget the bioweapon, the elite don't want to die.

  75. Avatar

    I love Spiros demeanour…great work both of you

  76. Avatar

    What is to expect when our leading industries are
    ( guns domestic and abroad)…violence and death
    (pharmaceutical and street)
    ( private in collusion with state laws)

    What kind of society will we create?
    How many lives do we need to feed the monster ?

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    WOW !!!!!!! The fact that hundreds of foreign military was in the Chinese city makes sense. This was a biological attack!!! end of the story.

  79. Avatar

    26:20 I'm a fan of your work: BUT, you need to be less loose in your language about 5G. It doesnt "pull the oxygen out of the air". Combustion will do that, but not RF radiation. That would be akin to saying that 'microwaves pull the water out of food'. They dont, they just heat the water. I've watched most of your shows recently, in addition to ones by others on the topic of 5G, and I know you were told, and is the case, that 60GHz is the frequency that excites the oxygen molecule. That means that up to 96% of the RF energy is absorbed by oxygen at that frequency. I havent seen any source material on the alleged effects of that on organisms. Apparently no money has been spent on research into 5G health effects, so how can we know? Also, if 5G blocks oxygen uptake, you would expect it would have to act at the point of oxygen uptake – the lungs – yet 5G doesnt penetrate the body deeply like lower frequencies do. An apparent contradiction. I'm in no way saying milimeter waves in their cellphone form arent harmful, as I dont know, but the above is something to think about in terms of pulling it all together and ensuring we arent dropping clangers.

  80. Avatar

    This is the second time I’ve heard about the world military games in China… there’s a Peruvian reporter who got arrested, her article has some really Really interesting information. I’ll come back with a name and article later.

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    David Icke is good in this area, watch his work..the Elites are doing everything to play us into submission..whales are driven to the shores, birds dropping from the sky, and peoples are being used as test-lab animals. natural viruses don't behave like this.

  82. Avatar

    Check stats at Worldometer. site.

  83. Avatar

    Covid19 is just a test. The big one is coming soon.

  84. Avatar

    A whistleblower from the world military games in Wuhan who was involved in a secret operation needs to step forward and become a hero.

  85. Avatar

    This is Excellent! Thank you!

  86. Avatar

    The D H S was at the Boston Marathon for a bombing drill when the Tsarnov (sp?) brothers allegedly bombed the marathon.

  87. Avatar

    There is no honor among these thieves……..🤨

  88. Avatar

    How can a virus leak out of a lab, they have protocols.

  89. Avatar

    China and Russia blame the US for leaking the virus, and targeting China.

  90. Avatar

    Google: “Depopulation” They already perpetrated “Operation Northwoods” in 2001. Now the Pandemic is the next big thing to enslave us.

  91. Avatar

    “Vault Seven” strikes again! This time: humans……

  92. Avatar

    At least this time there’s no Thermite…….

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    Of course! "Cashless Society" currency carries the Virus!(?)

  94. Avatar

    You can argue that the corona virus vaccine will have a microchip in it that they can turn off or on, so that we can’t buy or sell, if you don’t have that chip, and can’t use cash.

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    2 of the best truthful info guys. Best work of anyone on YT.

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