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Estimating the number of infections and the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 in 11 European countries (30 March)

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK

European unprecedented non-pharmaceutical interventions

Data from countries with more advanced epidemics

Slowing growth in daily reported deaths in Italy from interventions implemented several weeks earlier.

Italy, R0 close to 1 around the time of lockdown (11th March)

Interventions in 11 countries have averted 59,000 deaths up to 31 March

Many more deaths will be averted

Between 7 and 43 million individuals have been infected up to 28th March, (1.88% and 11.43% of the population)

Attack rate, highest in Spain followed by Italy and lowest in Germany and Norway

Lag of 2-3 weeks between transmission changes and deaths

Current interventions should remain in place to provide reassurance that transmission is slowing.

Italy, 60 m population
1.88% of 60m = 1, 128,000
Deaths up to today = 13, 115 = 1.16%
At 11.43% of population = 6,858,000
With 13,115 deaths = 0.2%


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    There is news out today that there are a lot of unaccounted deaths in Italy. Many people have died in nursing homes or at home without being tested for covid. Some articles that the real death number could be twice as high.

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    So what’s the good news then ?

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    Dr. Cambell, I have just read that Sacramento Ca has the anti body test, like the one Thailand has. Prick the finger and place the blood on finger panel, after which it show like a pregnancy test. The cost is $30.0].

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    DR. CAMPBELL…PLEASE, HOW DO ASYMPTOTIC PERSONS SPREAD THE DISEASE? Thank you for your indepth study and commentary. Sincerest appreciation,
    Cara, Central California

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    Just over a week in lock down and everyone has gone back to normal, Looking at my local Superstore from my flat and the Car park is full at 9pm, Absolutely shocking scenes in Worcestershire Dr Campbell and you warned everyone months ago about social distancing, No one is listening!

    I have been in Isolation for over 2 weeks and kept vigilant and done what you advised by the book

    2921 Deaths and ONLY 135 recovered is a major concern

    We need to go into full lockdown soon, It's worse than it was before we all went into this supposingly "Lock down"

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    I have seen numerous reports of patients recently admitted to hospital with an illness, heart disease, chest infections etc. Mostly the elderly that have contracted Covid in hospital & this has caused them to die. This is similar to MRSA ??

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    Is this virus causing the immune system to over stimulate rev up and begins to attack healthy cells and or organs being the lungs are under attack in this case.. just as all autoimmune diseases go.. the adjuvants in the upcoming vaccines flu vaccine and no doubt the cure vaccine will have adjuvants which is in there to stimulate the immune system… But if the immune system is already unwell on day of vaccination compromised then it's no wonder the adjuvants send it more sick and heads into an attack on the lungs in this case… The spinal cord in Multiple sclerosis… Platelet cells in idiothrombocytopeaniapurpura… Better known as ITP… I'm obviously no doctor or scientist but a thinker on all of these things.

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    Are they mad ! – Just roll out the Hydroxychloroquine !

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    umm. what about lag time? You said that it was between 1.88% and 11.43% around March 28. So the true number to figure out the CFR is to wait 3 weeks time before doing your calculation. The true number to look at is the number of infections as of March 11. Right?

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    Any idea why more people are dying from this in Belgium than in Holland, when the latter isn't in lockdown but Belgiums been locked down for three weeks?

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    Some good news at last….

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    Dr.Vladmir Zelenko (845 238 0000) Hydroxychloroquine 200mg 1 pill x 2 day/5 days Azithromycin 500mg 1 pill x day/5 days Zinc Sulphate 200mg 1 pill x day/5 days

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    Dr.campbell can you speak about Portugal??

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    8 hrs since this upload and no daily world upload report … !?!?!?!?!? Where's John??

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    Thx for sharing the report numbers today. My comment is that I don't think it proper to do the %'s against the whole population numbers as shown in the video. The SIR models I've seen show only about ~80% of whole population would contract if nothing were done; so it seems to me you'd take 0.8*population first … use that with the rates rates provided. Thus, the death rate range will be a little higher. If I'm wrong here, please help me understand.

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    Dear Sir,how would you rate the response to this pandemic by the White House?

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    Here is an interesting feature about rates of infection in San Francisco.

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    Hi Dr. John, I have a few questions. What about the people who do end up in ICU? How likely are they to survive? Or is being put on ventilator just prolonging the inevitable? What is the likelihood they'll leave the hospital to convalesce at home? What does the recovery time look like for these critically ill patients?

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    Does this mean it was just a flu this whole time?

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    Thank you Dr. Campbell.

    There are obviously lots more who carry this virus in a benign manner. Some of those people don't get tested – no symptoms. That would mean the overall positive cases are much greater than the "official" count. Having more cases would lower the CFR. That is encouraging. The modeling they've done is way above my pay grade but it alleviates some tension.

    Thank you for sharing that and God bless.

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    China must be held to account for covering this up.

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    If a mask doesn’t do anything else, it will keep your hands off your face. Anyone who’s worked doing a procedure knows that before your done your nose or face is going to itch. The mask will stop the automatic face touching. Of course correct removal is important.

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    Today I saw a video of a nurse in the UK saying the new guidance from the government is to no longer to try to save the cases with underlying health conditions and let them die as two hospitals are already full in London and most hospitals will run out of beds soon. Is this true ???!!!

    There's no hidden secrets any more as we've already heard they are prioritising over patients in China Italy and Spain!

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    Let's not forget about that CFR of 0.2 possibly being way too optimistic. If the flu every year over the course of 4-5 months infecting 10 percent of the entire United States results in about 20,000 deaths, there is no way this thing is going to stop at 20,000 deaths in the US in the next 4 months. The US already has 6,000 deaths most of them in a week. That and we look at celebrities that are dying. According to even the worst flu seasons in the US, there have been over 15x more celebrities dying from Covid-19, and that was comparing the end of flu season in the US. Expect that number to increase by 30-40x more. As in, thousands more. This study is way too optimistic imho. I know it it based on European countries. It's also dangerous if the general, uninformed public read it from a news source, because they might think this isn't that bad and just go back to normal duties.

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    Couldn’t “they” just throw out any number they’d like regarding the number of infected and manipulate the death rate? Where’s that antibody test??????????

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    Germany have 37000 confirmed infected? Don't they test 500,000 a week? If so by this model wouldn't they have many many more??

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    Can someone summarize what exactly the good news was?

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    They're not taking into account all the deaths attributed to pneumonia, flu, septic shock etc that haven't been tested for Covid19 only the confirmed numbers

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    ⛑️ IMPORTANT!…this new data should also suggest that the HOSPITALIZATION RATE is likewise much lower than estimated. Previously, the Hosp Rate was ~20%, roughly double Italy's stated CFR of ~10%. But if Italy's true CFR is only 1.16%, then it's true Hosp Rate should only be ~2.32% (Given that so many more are/were infected). This is great news for those overly anxious about ending up in the hospital.

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    Here in PR. Not only do we have a curfew of 7pm to 5am, but we also are allowed to drive our vehicles on the streets only 3 days a week depending on our license plate's last digit. Vehicles are being impounded if you're not complying. Police are everywhere. Also, the PR CoronaVirus Task Force issued a recommendation to wear masks in public and instructions to make a mask are being shared. I made one with paper-towels, toilet paper, and masking tape. I made the border with cotton yarn and a crochet hook. If I wear it one day, I isolate it for 3 days before I wear it again. Health and safety always…

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    Is there any investigation and explanation of why Flu hospitalizations were up 1000% from the year before in the UK before they started testing?

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    And then there’s the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Approx 2,300 on ship, 712 cases and 11 deaths so far. That’s a 1.54% death rate of confirmed cases (mostly older people on boat though). Or 0.5% of the people that took that cruise died. Sobering numbers when applied to a large city.

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    The ICNARC report issued on the 27:th of March states that half the patients that went in to Intensive Care in Britain have died. That’s not really a good rate of survival, is it? Also it has some interesting numbers on age and other factors.

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    Thank you John for this information. I’m hoping that whoever is watching this is realizing that, we need not fear or panic. We just need to follow basic hygiene regimen, boost our immune system by eating properly and/or taking our supplements, sleep soundly every evening to wake up refreshed every morning. Be happy,

    Most importantly, pray, prayer soothes the soul. Pray for those who have lost love ones.

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    John, I love your analytics. Please can you do the same, in depth report, with influenza. Many thanks

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    Thanks for all your great videos. I have been watching them for 2 weeks.
    37 days ago I had relatives for 5 days as house guests. They arrived sick and coughing
    and they said they were "getting over colds". I began getting a sore throat the day they departed. Then a cough.
    But a productive cough. No fever or shortness of breath. I had headache and malaise for several days. I rested and
    isolated and hydrated. I felt a lot better in 7 days but still coughed – clear mucus. Finally at day 33 I stopped coughing and felt my "normal" energetic self again. I emailed my allergist
    yesterday asking if she thought perhaps I had had a mild form of the virus. She replied that it's possible I did but since antibody tests are
    not yet available- even for doctors and nurses I would not be able to be tested and to check back with her in 3 weeks. She said she thinks if do get the antibody test and it shows antibodies, I would be immune.

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    I don't for one minute believe we are being told the truth about this outbreak , there's deffo more to it than a dose of the flu but at the end of the day we will get through it and life will return to normal ( or what passes as normal ) .
    Stay safe folks

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    Thank you Dr.Campbell… I have just seen on a TV program about the possible TB vaccine effect on Coronavirus…what is your take on this? I know some European countries do not give TB vaccines any more…could this be a breakthrough?

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    When is women's March in Spain going to be held responsible? They had a March on the 8th ignoring to stay inside…can you imagine how many these idiotic irresponsible women got infected.

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    Imperial college should be put before a tribunal as they've caused chaos among the industrialized world. Highly discredited institution.

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    Dr Campbell I think you're missing something, you're taking Italy's death toll against the whole of Italy's population but the outbreak is in a relatively small area of Italy so I think you should be comparing the death toll compared to the population of that area. Unless I'm missing something.

    The lack of antibody testing in the US is just one more on a long list of incredible frustrations.

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    Is uk collecting any racial demographic data?

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    My apologies for asking but how and where are the deceased bodies being processed, prepped and or removed….safely respectfully but also to avoid "chemical reactions" of air and ground…there is no room for so many bodies for regular burial

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    Have you been watching Sweden ? interesting with no lockdown

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    Hi dr. John where do i find your email address because i wanted to send you a picture

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    But keep in mind that there are more people die on the coronavirus then they are showing on the list, many people who die are not tested for the virus and therefore they are not added to the list.

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    The chinese have blood on THERE hands

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    But there is no intervention in Sweden.

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    Somebody explain this to me: If the primary cause of death with Covid 19 infections is a cytokine storm destroying the lungs why are we not focusing efforts on inhibiting the effects of this?

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    I do not understand why for calculations for Italy dr Campbell did not use predictions for Italy from that publication, which are 3.2%-26% infected.
    For those predictions death rates are 0.68% to 0.08%

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    I like you and have listened to your podcast for the past 10 days but the idea that this is "the best modeling in the world" in this case happens to be a rather funny statement. This epidemic is probably going to be a textbook example for beginner students for a long time because the data is so clear.

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    The WHO are debating today whether all people should wear masks as sneezes and coughs travel further than thought. WEAR A MASK REGARDLESS…….btw the WHO are corrupt and a dangerous organization.

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    1,335 deaths in France today!

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    Regarding the CFR: What about the delay from hospitalization towards death. The death count is only for today so this should be factored into the discussion right?

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    No global update today?

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    The most important thing to remember from this study is the confidence intervals. The model has an upper and a lower limit, they are vastly different. We still have a lot to learn. The Imperial College paper states the IFR is between 0.2 and 1.16%. A Lancet paper states the figure between 0.2% and 2% based on the country. Wide confidence intervals…we will know more when serological tests come!
    And NO, the W.H.O was not lying when they calculated the fatality rate. They stated the CFR, and that number isn't wrong. What people were interested in is the IFR….but that's not something W.H.O can state. You need modelling for it.

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    Why don’t governments compel EVERYONE to wear masks with heavy fines if they don’t?

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    Everyone is saying “I had a cough for a day, I probably had it”. These are non-specific symptoms. There are many pathogens that give upper respiratory tract infections, especially this time of year. The majority of us haven’t had it… yet. Stay inside. Keep safe.

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    A new paper published in Science on March 31st examined the effect of lockdown measure in China, and their model shows that if no intervention was implemented, China would have 760k infected cases by mid February.
    Despite the proven effect of massive testing and travel control measures, the "greatest nation on Earth" is still struggling with political games and acting irresponsible for its citizens and everyone else on the planet, this is depressing.

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    Even though (especially the elderly, Bless them) seem to think mask wearing means you got it for sure…I was encouraged today to see at least a dozen or so people wearing masks in my town. Slow but starting to get it! Stay safe everyone!

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    The time line that George Webb has researched , seems to think it was stolen out of Ft. Detrick , Md. ,just before it was shut down in October ,2019 . Here is some web research done on the virus in this there is a fungal leg of this virus , which would give it a long outside life and a genome mutations . The cause of this is increase cosmic rays ,and even maybe 5 G .

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    Norway have tested 95000 of a population of 5.5mill. That is 1:58

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    People only seem to die at hospital, no one seems to be dying at home.

    I think if I get ill, I'll say in bed and tell everyone my backs gone again.

    As an engineer, I can confirm most hospitals are being flooded with electro magnetic radiation from WiFi and xray machines. This lowers immune systems.

    This is a technial fact and I don't want to hear anymore oppions.

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    Could anybody please explain to me how a Virus lives outside a Cell for 28 days? They are dead. Also, why does a virus respond to a medication for parasites?

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    The measures taken by individual countries vary greatly….consider Sweden….

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    The lead researcher at the wuhan institute of virology (Chinas only BSL4, hosting large number of lab animals … 200 meters of THE famous wet market) was researching SARS like viruses in bats, she is the world leading specialist in infectious diseases in bats…. You can't make this up… did any of you know that?

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    "No models are perfect, but some models are useful." ~ George Box A simpler model might be to assume that the death rate of the virus is equal to the death rate of influenza, then adjust for immunization (both yearly and over time) to forecast the estimated death rate of the virus. I remember having the flu as a child.

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    Must watch…Scathing! – Why is the WHO Director General toeing China's line? | Coronavirus

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    MSM are saying that a lot of tin foil hatters are saying misinformation. I listen to some of these channels, the good ones I might add. Please tell me why Sky news & CBS are using Italian hospital footage & saying it's of NYC hospitals? & Reports of Elmhurst hospital being a war zone in NYC when it's not. It's empty?

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    I only watched because of the title. I don’t like the bad news anymore. I know what’s going on. I’ve been inside for 22 days

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    We need #masks4all – even a cloth tied across your face will help slow the spread
    •25 Mar 2020
    Jeremy Howard

    "In the Czech Republic, masks have been compulsory since March 18th. The country has only 2 deaths (as at March 24) and the growth of new cases has flattened, whereas in other parts of Europe the pandemic is largely out of control.

    How has this happened? One of the key reasons is a massive country-wide community initiative to create and wear home-made masks.

    Please, watch this video, then do these 3 things: 1) share it; 2) take a selfie of you wearing a home-made mask; 3) spread the message, with hashtag #masks4all. "

    From the comments section:-

    Kamil Chudacík
    27 Mar 2020

    "In Czech Republic we went from: "Look at the idiot wearing a mask!" to "Look at the idiot not wearing a mask!" in 2 days.

    I can say the Czechs are very conservative in terms of changes so I'm surprised by this behavior."

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    How to Significantly Slow Coronavirus? #Masks4All
    •27 Mar 2020
    Petr Ludwig / Konec prokrastinace [CZE]

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    Where's the news video doc?

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    Some bad news, France went from 500 deaths yesterday, to 1355 today(wtf?).
    I dont even know whats going on anymore.

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    10 pm 2nd April 2020.13000 so far hospitalised,of which 3000 have sadly died. Surely this is nearer 25% than 1 or 2% being claimed: source The Telegraph.

  76. Avatar

    I’m sorry but an RO of 1.1 is not even logical. I think 3.0-7.0 is more likely with how wide and fast this has spread. Maybe even higher.

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    Hi Doc. May I suggest you that probably many Covid-19 related deaths have been missed. I'm a nurse and I work for the NHS. Some Italian scientists stated that the monthl number of deaths has increased (X2 or X3 in some regions of Italy, especially in the north) compared to last year. It might be interesting to explore this possibility..

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    This brings the death rate down to flu levels?

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    Why you don't look at Hungary or Poland ?
    They are european countries and acted much quicker !

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    It's about time world stop relying on who and handle shit on their own. Take any strict measures to save their citizens. Dr TAG dir of who has made his institutions a joke. He has acted like a puppet of china. He can become director of graveyard only in future not fit for who. Modelling and prediciting shit sitting in air conditioner office is pretty easy than going on each street to see how many people are following government's guidelines. UK and USA thought of this pandemic as joke now it going to break backbone of their healthcare like italy and spain. Thanks to china. In China the virus creating markets are booming again back to selling bullshit. World should Boycott the communist. Wipe out their thought process and them from earth.

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    Hi you have not taken into account people in Italy who have died at home because no room in the hospitals. These people go uncounted.

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    Although this may sound like a somewhat questionable compliment, but from the way you
    look I think you're retired mostly yes ? Well, whomever said that retired people are useless,
    never saw your channel, and I think that bright brains are always useful, even retired ones,
    and especially yours.

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    The imperial college the clown who first said 500 thousand would die and changed to 7000 the same clowns who said about mad cow and foot and mouth come on all bullshitters

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    I thought I’d leap right in and tell u about my day. I’ve been giggling 🤭 about something.

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    I love the video by the way.

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    If the percentage of the infected population is that advanced, that sure should mean that the virus is less deadly than previously thought, but also that the pandemic is closer to an end.
    Because more infected people means more immunity already.

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    I was on a job sight, delivered some material there. I asked the guy, hey do u have a restroom here, he pointed to a portable toilet 🚽 on the yard.

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    I get in and make a terd do a can opener into the blue stuff, on the wall it said!!!
    Shhhhhhh Chinese people hatching 🐣

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    It’s bad but have not stopped giggling yet.

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    Hi Dr. John, do you think the government might be deliberately holding out on distributing and using test kits so that the data can show a fall in infection numbers and send the message to the public that the lockdown is working? I presume ramping up the testing rates now might obscure any 'good news' from the social distancing measures (more testing = more official cases) and cause people to be cynical, increasing the risk that people will disobey the measures – and that could be worse in the long run than waiting two or three days before starting testing in earnest. I have heard from people in the industry that we have the tests available, but bureaucracy is preventing rolling them out. Thanks for these updates, they are very much appreciated.

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    Norway has tested 100 000. The total population is 5 million.

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    You need to be honest about Italy. Health authorities are beginning to review covid deaths and the percentage of people who died without pre morbidity issues is very small. If you have 3 pre morbidity issues and die of covid 19, you didn't die because of covid 19. They are estimating that the death rate has been over reported by 88%. That's ten and a half thousand people or 1/5th of the global deaths as of today.

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    You have been adding to this fear DR FEAR! I blame you and other sell outs like you openly for the over reaction and now over reach tha5 our masters are not going to implement and Implant in us!! You sir are a traitor….read below….and I dare anyone to refute that this is what’s going to happen to us NOW that you and other like you have wiped the sheeple into a fear based frenzy…..there is no specific test for Covid-19

    There’s a reason that most people are reporting no more than minor colds and flu like symptoms.

    That’s because most Covid strains are and cause flu like symptoms

    The few actually COVID-19 patients are actually suffering from a little worse respiratory symptoms but still have a very promising recovery rate

    Especially those with without prior issues. People with very compromised systems are always and have always been in a scary position when it comes to mortality…

    The gold standard in testing for Covid19 is Laboratory isolated purified coronavirus particles free from any contaminants and particles that look like viruses that but Are not,

    These have been proven to be the cause of a syndrome known as COVID-19 and obtained by using proper viral isolation methods And controls…

    ŃOT I REPEAT NOT the PCR test that is currently being used or serology antibody test which do not detect viruses as such❗️

    People say we need more testing…
    PCR testing BasicallyTakes a sample of your cells and amplifiers any DNA to look for viral sequences for example bits of non-human DNAThat seem to match parts of a non-human genome… The problem is the test is known NOT to work!!!!

    This test is useless and flawed!

    PCR tests uses amplification,Which means taking a very tiny tiny amount of DNA and growing it in exponentially until I can be it can be analyzed, obviously any minut contamination In the sample will also be amplified leading to potentially gross error’s in discovery

    Additionally it’s not only looking for partial viral sequences, not whole genomes, so it’s in to find a single pathogen is next to impossible even if you ignore the other issues… What the fuck❗️❗️❗️

    These are the tests that are being promoted to sell the figures❗️❗️

    These Mickey Mouse test kits being sent out to hospitals at best tell Analysts that you have some viral DNA in In your cells… Which most of us do… Most of the time!

    It may tell you the Viral sequences related to a specific type of virus, say the huge family of coronavirus!
    But that’s all… The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus likeCOVID -19 is nonsense❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

    And that’s not even getting into the other issue… Viral load…

    If you remember that the PCR works by Amplifying my Minute amounts of DNA and therefore is useless in telling you may have!!!

    And that’s the only question that really matters that really matters when diagnosing illness. Everyone will have a few virus is kicking around in their system at any time, but most will not cause illness, because the quantities are too small.

    For a virus to sicken you severely, you need lots of it, a massive amount of it, but PCR does not test viral load and therefore cannot determine if a osteogenesis Is present in sufficient quantities to sicken you.

    So where are these numbers coming from!?

    If you feel sick And get a PCR test any random Virus DNA might be identified, even if they aren’t at all involved In your sickness which leads to false diagnosis!

    What they’re doing all over the world, is if you die of some kind of respiratory effect, and you have all these other challenges to your immune system, other health problems…….. Then as long as you test for coronavirus… In this Ludacris methodology that this PCR test is describing then you go on the figures of having died as COVID 19❗️❗️❗️

    Coronavirus is extremely common as you know

    A Large percentage of the worlds population has COVI DNA in them, In small even if they are perfectly well, Or sick with some other pathogens.… Do you see where this is going yet??? WAKE UP!!!!!

    If you want to create a totally false panic about a totally False pandemic…then pick a coronavirus❗️❗️❗️

    Which is what the bill and Melinda gates foundation and the world economic forum(a front for the 1%) in partnership with the John Hopkins University operation in America chose as a subject for their EVENT 201 six weeks before this Virus came to light where they ran a simulation of what would happen and how the world will respond a pandemic… And what they choose… They chose a virus…a corona virus 🦠

    Don’t worry folks, Nothing to see here it’s just a coincidence❗️❗️❗️

    Corona virus’s are incredibly common, and there’s tons of them… Very high percentage of people that have become sick by other means, flu, bacterial pneumonia, anything, will have a positive PCR test for Covie even if you are doing the test properly and ruling out contamination, simply because CoVI’s are so common.

    There are hundreds of thousands of flu and pneumonia victims in the hospital throughout the world at any given time. All you need to do is Please select the sickest of these, in a single location say Wuhan and administer PCR tests to them
    Then claim anyone showing Viral sequences similar to a coronavirus… Which will inevitably be quite a few😳Then you can say that they’re suffering from a new disease…

    Since you already selected the sickest flu cases A fairly high proportion of your sample will then go on to die.

    You can then say this “new”virus has a fatality rate higher than the flu and use this to inject and infuse more concern, and do more tests, which will of course will produce more cases. Which then expands the testing which then produces more cases, and so on and so on… Before long you have your PANDIMIC!

    And all you have done is it is a simple test kit trick to convert the worst flu and pneumonia cases into something new that doesn’t actually exist❗️


    Just run the same scam in other countries making sure to keep the fear message running high, so that people will feel panicky and less able to think critically….

    The only problem now is going to be that due to the fact that there is no actual New deadly pathogen but just regular sick people, you are mis labeling You’re Case numbers and especially your deaths, The death numbers will be way too low, for a real new deadly virus pandemic, which is what we are seeing❗️

    You can stop people pointing this out in several ways

    1)You can claim this is just the beginning and they are way more deaths eminent

    HELLO!!!! That’s what’s happening

    2) use this as an excuse to quarantine everyone and then claim prevented the expected millions of dead! Wait for that one! That one’s coming!!!!

    3) you can tell people that by minimizing the dangers, is irresponsible and bully them into not talking about numbers!

    4)You can talk Shit about made up numbers hoping to blind people with pseudo science which the governments of the world are all eagerly it enough so that they can use this as an excuse to Not let a good crisis go to waste

    5)Then you can use this pandemonium and increased numbers to start testing well people. Who of course will most likely have shreds of corona DNA in them, thus inflating your case figures with what’s called no symptom carriers❗️ you will of course have to spin that to sound deadly even though every virologist knows that the more symptomless cases you have , The less deadly is your pathogen!

    I guess if you take these steps above you can have your own manufactured pandemic up and running in no time flat!!!

    3 billion people under house arrest❗️

    People need to wake up!!!!

    What’s coming next is the old “there’s no end in sight EXCEPT if we get a vaccine”
    You’re going to hear soon the countries are just going to have to go through repeated cycles Of restrictions being lifted and reimposed!!!!
    Economic genocide…..what’s your thoughts? I wrote this TEN DAYS AGO AND POSTED IT EVERYWHERE!!!!!NOBODY is listening!!

  94. Avatar

    University of Nebraska: SARS-CoV-2 is shed during respiration, toileting, and fomite contact,
    indicating that infection may occur in both direct and indirect contact.

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