>Since we have released stable diffusion SDXL to the world, I might as well show you how to get the most from the models as this is the same workflow I use on a daily basis at stability.ai. In this video I show you some of the basics on how to get the model from the models to generate your best AI artwork from our models. You will need some of the custom nodes over at civit, but you can choose the package that works best for you, as they are all pretty similar.

We will start with a basic workflow and then complicate it with a refinement pass, but then we will add in another special twist I am sure you will enjoy. #stablediffusion #sdxl #comfyui

Grab some of the custom nodes from civit.ai: https://civitai.com/tag/comfyui

Grab the SDXL model from here (OFFICIAL): (bonus LoRA also here)

The refiner is also available here (OFFICIAL):

Additional VAE (only needed if you plan to not use the built-in version)

Support the Hairy Eyeball

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