>Here is the best way to get amazing results with the SDXL 0.9 Model. How to use the Prompts for Refine, Base, and General with the new SDXL Model. What Step Ratio is best for SDXL Base and SDXL Refiner rendering. Getting the most out of your SDXL images with a 2-step upscale to 4096 with ultra high quality. A special SDXL ComfyUI Build that you can download and use right now for free!

#### Links from my Video ####
MY SDXL Comfui Build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y5jiWd3G3VNixNGPOD9QDjJ8B-FGOcuk/view?usp=sharing />(Drag this image into your ComfyUI Canvas to load the nodes!!!)
Stable Diffusion Discord:
SDXL Base Model https://huggingface.co/stabilityai/stable-diffusion-xl-base-0.9
SDXL Refinder Model https://huggingface.co/stabilityai/stable-diffusion-xl-refiner-0.9
1x Skin Detailer Upscaler (load pth and yaml into same folder) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VkT6tpbCPn2gKZYPtawDJGMpLg6EyRpO
4x NMKD Upscaler https://huggingface.co/gemasai/4x_NMKD-Siax_200k/tree/main
4x Ultrasharp Upscaler https://mega.nz/folder/qZRBmaIY#nIG8KyWFcGNTuMX_XNbJ_g
Upscaler Database (Check HERE if other links are dead!!!!) https://upscale.wiki/wiki/Model_Database
ComfyUI Download: https://github.com/comfyanonymous/ComfyUI

What to watch next:
ComfyUI install guide: https://youtu.be/vUTV85D51yk
ComfyUI Best Builds: https://youtu.be/OdMtJMzjNLg

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Buy me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/oliviotutorials
Join my Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theairevolution
Joint my Discord Group: https://discord.gg/XKAk7GUzAW

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