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    Finally a video with the engineer’s mindset. Know enough but don’t swamp your brain. Put things in perspective. Don’t overdo things. Consider existing solutions. Get the orders of magnitude right. Consider cost/benefit. Understand probability. Solve the problem. Move on.

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    There's a few things very wrong with this video.

    First of all, I'm surprised you even mention the use of facemasks to ordinary healthy people. This has been stated time and time again; healthy people do NOT NEED to wear masks. These masks are made for medical staff, and for sick patients to avoid spreading whatever disease they have, to the medical staff. Many countries are experiencing a shortage of facemasks for hospitals and medical staff, because people like you put the idea in peoples heads that they need to wear facemasks. So they order hundreds of these masks and stockpile them. This results in doctors and medical staff getting sick, because they don't have any masks left. STOP BUYING FACEMASKS. LEAVE THEM FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY NEED THEM.

    Second of all, you tell people not to stock up on toilet paper, yet here you are recommending that they stock up on long lasting foods. Stocking up on food is just as bad. Grocery stores worldwide are experiencing shortages of a lot of items, not just toilet paper. There is absolutely no need to stock up on ANYTHING. Grocery stores receive the same amount of supplies as they would before the virus. If everyone just went shopping for what they NEED, then there would be enough for everyone. I currently manage a grocery store, and have had several customers tell me stories. One of them was out shopping for her 93 year old mother, who wasn't able to go shopping herself. All she needed was some bread and a liter of milk. But guess what, after being to 5 different stores, all the shelves were empty, because people stockpile. If you are stock piling food, think about this. Is it really worth buying all that extra to feel that little bit secure? All the while the elderly people who cant shop for themselves are left in the dirt and cant get any of their daily groceries. You are robbing the elderly(the most vulnerable to this disease mind you) of their daily groceries. Stop being egotistical. Stop stock piling food. Go shop for what you need, and nothing more. There is enough for everyone.

    As long as you practice good hygiene and keep a distance to other people, you are safe to go shopping every day or every other day. Buying food for the next 3 weeks does nobody good. In fact it means other people in your community wont be able to get what they actually need. I'm honestly ashamed of being human when i see people stockpiling food, and recommending others to do the same.

    Other than that i enjoyed the video, and theres certainly some great advice in here. I would just be careful with what i recommend people, especially when it comes to facemasks and food.

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    One more supplement you may wish to consider (which arguably is included in the vitamins bottle) is vitamin D because it aids in boosting the immune system and particularly can help in fighting off respiratory tract conditions. If you can't get supplemental pills you can get vitamin D through fatty fish (mackerel, tuna) or cheese. Also, having some iodized salt on hand to flavor your food with will help ensure you don't get an iodine deficiency.

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    Thank you for this very informative video. On a joke side, we need a video on list of shelters, weapons, attacking motions, electronics…you know for the T-virus.

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    The Koreans are giving their patients a derivative of chloroquine which is an ionophore which helps passing zinc inside the cells. Zinc doesn't actually kill viruses but disrupts their reproduction system. Your anti-bodies find them and kills them but zinc helps reducing their numbers. Chloroquine and derivatives such as hydroxychloroquine are on prescription only and have lots of side effects, but luckily there are other ionophores available such as Quercetin which you can get over the counter. Because Quercetin is less potent than hydroxychloroquine you need more of it, about 100 mg per 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of body mass.

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    I bought 2 huge bags of sugar last week. We have an existing stockpile of tp and I bought several pounds of hamburger but I’m running out of meatball hot pockets for lunch and I’m probably gonna have to go out for those…… wish me luck guys 🤙🏼

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    If you can uv-c light your mail,packages,store bought items.

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    And this people call themselves "engineers" ? The Great Cornholio wouldn't ever forgive you for the false thesis ..

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    i would add honey to food list

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    Tests with other coronaviruses show benzalkonium chloride to be ineffective below a 1% solution, with a 2% solution being the minimum for reliable sanitation. Soap is really the best thing, followed by bleach and >60% alcohol.

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    So….where exactly can you buy benylkonium chloride? I looked everywhere for a bottle like you held up and struck out. thanks

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    Make sure you disinfect your credit card after payment to further your defense.

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    Not so scientific after all

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    Thanks for the practical advice and chill attitude. Found an available source of benzalkonium chloride on amazon. ProTeam Prevent. The MSDS sheet lists the ingredients as 50% Ethanol and 50% Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-16-alkyldimethyl, chlorides (benzalkonium chloride). almost everything else is sold out everywhere.

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    Common sense, mind blowing people believe no mask is ok.

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    hm, would have been an even better video 2 weeks ago, eh?
    Still pretty great. Thanks!

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    So for people like me who live out in the middle of nowhere with no friends and no family no need to change anything:)

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    Protip: the double glove thing can also work with condoms

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    Thanks for continuing to share and I would advise anyone that is concerned about the virus do you watch this video!! ❤️🤍💙

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    So I should stop eating these hepa filters then?

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    I have 91% isopropyl alcohol, should I dilute it with tap water or distilled?

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    I've decided to stay home alone , not get in contact with anyone and re-watch all the seasons of the tv show " LOST" !!!

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    Can you elaborate on the efficacy of benzalkonium chloride in killing COVID-19. Recent article suggests that it might not be as effective as other agents. Thank you. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32035997

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    don't knock toilet paper. it's a very clear manifestation of natural selection, quickly revealing those whose genes are essentially expendable.

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    Eat chocolate and sugar. Got it.

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    the trouble with this wu flu is that it damages your lungs.. and can reinfect you. so it can be progressive as you get it more than once your risk can go up.

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    Here in Oregon we have others pump our gas.lol.

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    Inhalation medicine is always good.
    Even it is just onions or mustard.

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    Isn't it the SARS-CoV-2 virus instead of "the corona virus"?

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    It's not possible to avoid the virus. It will get you sooner or later. In fact, it is NECESSARY to catch the virus in order to build up an immunity to it. The current goal is to minimize numbers over time to ease the burden on health services and reduce a sudden reduction in the workforce, NOT to prevent catching it, which is impossible. Locking yourself away in a bugout bunker for weeks and hoping it will bypass you is idiotic. It's gonna get you, and what it does to you is dependent on how healthy you are. Let natural selection do it's thing and stop buying all the toilet rolls you selfish greedy fuckwits, I need a dump.

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    We should put an emphasis on NOT hoarding. Keep a little extra to limit your trips to the store, yes, but don’t go all survivalist and hoard mass quantities. Keep your head on straight. It’s gonna be a long ride, so let’s carefully consider a marathon instead of burning out in a panic sprint.

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    "You don't need TP" I look at my shelf, damn only 6 rolls to last. Fifty pounds of popcorn, thirty pounds of rice. Canned milk, tomatoes, and veggies. Multiple types of seeds. Ok then, F the TP I guess. FYI you can make moonshine from TP at least.

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    You are a blessing to humanity

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    An entire world full of academic clowns: blah blah blah

    Tech Ingredients: No Nonsense, useful and accurate info

    Thank you TI, for past and present

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    You got that with the ZINC wrong. It's not consuming zinc but zinc inside cells. It dosn't get there on it's own when consuming it and saturating your blood stream with it.
    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfMl6W6N7-A&list=PL26HeTCO57qcOqYV6-5ZB9xleo_PaHxi4&t=6m30s at 6min 30s

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    Excellent presentation! Thank you for this public service presentation. As donning and doffing PPE is an issue, it would be good to include this in a future presentation. Taking a mask off, and perhaps putting that same mask back on, requires a well-thought-out procedure to avoid a "dust up" of virus particles that may have lodged in the fibers of the external surfaces of the mask. Also, one comment on using the gloves- I prefer using a glove for each hand. I understand the idea of using a single glove to economize on the gloves, but we humans have a predisposition to use both hands, especially if we are surprised by something- say the receipt slips from the gloved hand while pulling it from the gas pump, instinct will have us grabbing for the receipt before it hits the ground. If there were virus particles on the gloved hand, those are likely transferred onto the receipt, and from the receipt to the ungloved hand when it catches the receipt. If one contracts COVID-19, one will be far worse off than using an extra glove… I would like to share with you an excellent source of information by way of a podcast that is hosted by virology experts, who interview virologists and epidemiologists on the front lines of determining the function of the virus and its characteristics. http://www.microbe.tv/twiv/ is the site. The current episode is 591. I highly recommend going to the archive on this site and listen to episodes 588, 589, 590, and 591. Most of these episodes are two hours in length, but one is a 30 minute special presentation. These are all audio-only files, but jam-packed with excellent information one will not hear though the media, or practically anywhere else. By the way, one of the TWiV episodes I mentioned indicates the virus lives longest on plastic surfaces- up to 9 days, second longest on steel surfaces, but, viruses are found to only exist for seconds on copper surfaces.

    I so appreciate your efforts to inform the public and provide your considered methodology for how to weather this pandemic. As an electrical and electronic engineer by training and a systems engineer by profession, I am thrilled to see your insightful videos across a wide variety of technology and science areas. I wish you and your family safety during this difficult time.

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    why you don’t have toilet papers?

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    Logically it would be best to catch this disease early BEFORE the hospital system is overloaded.

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    100% lockdown means all establishments including but not to limited to electric controllers, internet providers employees will also be staying at their homes. So we will have no electricity and internet service, garbage collectors, etc

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    Excellent video that people need to see!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I am sharing this everywhere I can immediately!

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    Great advice. Thank you

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    you should give more importance to soap, soap and water ar b far the best weapon we have against the viruses, that goes with not touching face etc.

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    You are better off catching it, because it's not about if as much as when …

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    Anyone else here because the thumbnail looks like Colin Furze’s bunker?

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    Is he talking seriously when he mentioned fructose and sugar… !!!

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    Very good. Thank you.

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    Crowd source this man with a "Don't touch your face!" printed tee shirt campaign.

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    Can you coat a mask with alcohol gel so that it needs less replacement, or would you get kind of drunk or otherwise affected negatively from inhaling alcohol?

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    I use colloidal silver in a nose spray dispenser, about 3 times a day and no… I'm not turning blue, colloidal silver in nothing more than distilled water with micro particles silver, and silver is on of the best 'unknown' antibiotics out there. It's also very usable to spray on your hands or face for disinfection. I'm not a doctor or do not have any medical degree, I'm just using common sense (and colloidal silver).

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    Benzalkonium chloride may not be effective for Covid-19. Check this article: https://www.propublica.org/article/coronavirus-hand-sanitizers-cdc-recommended-alcohol

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    cocoa is fat-free.

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    I dont shake hands any more – how do you know if they havent run out of toilet paper.

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    Quite a good video. I plan to share it with my family. You have earned a like. I will keep an eye out for more videos from you. I might also suggest checking out Doctor Mike's video(s) on the virus. He essentially says that ingesting zinc is not going to do too much to stop the virus. It has to get into the cells, and that isn't possible for normal cells.
    Taking vitamins isn't a bad idea, if only to make sure that our body is fully supplied. Especially since we might lose quite a few while sick.

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    Can I ask what the chemical was benzoyl ??????

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    what if i breath fluorescent light dust or bleach fumes…..any toxic (ish) fumes ….so it 'kills' any virus in my lungs?

    should i patten this as a cure? oh shoot – i better do that now…….

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    Just hope you are not allergic to rubber and lanolin!

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    serious question: what about broken skin…. open wounds – …..eyes? are these routes?

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    Are you sure benzalkonium chloride is antiviral? I just googled it. It seems anti bacteria only? Purely technical question. Could anyone answer this please?

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    Ok. Don't breathe…..anyone with a cough should not be in a public place in the first place right now. I've seen it already.

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    Great Thanks and simple and Logical

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    yes finally some who has put a common sense approach to this Media driven madness!
    thanks you.

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    0:26 'I have to have saliva to turn this page….. whoops.'

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    Another quick note, the mortality rate in South Korea is at 0.9% as of today. It's risky to draw conclusions right now, since most of the people who've been infected are still sick. It's safe to say that it's significantly deadlier than the flu, but it'll be a while before we have enough data to give reliable numbers.

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    Garlic is really good for your immune system and makes everything taste good too

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    I wonder if it's possible to have a sensor that can detect if you touch your face and then give you a mild shock and increasingly stronger shocks the more frequently you touch it in a 60 second sliding window period. After a week of this, you'd either stop touching your face or have PTSD just thinking about it.

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    You don't need toilet paper. My Nan lived through the Great Depression. When she was in her 70s, and I was a kid, the whole family used to go to our holiday home on an Island, and there were no shops, you had to make do with what you took with you.
    The adults used to take a newspaper each to read on the boat, then when everyone had had a chance to read each paper, Nan would get us little kids and the papers, sit us down and offer us a barley-sugar lolly for ten sheets of newspaper that had been scrunched up five times each, and then torn into four inch wide strips.
    You have to scrunch them up properly, or they are too scratchy and rough to use. 🙂

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    1. Get all the previous sister viruses. 2. When someone coughs, take a deep breath. 3. Get over it. If you don't, the next one will be worse for you.

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    Stock up on vitamin d suppliments, it can give you a 70% increase of fighting and beating resparitry problems and avoid eating sugar – sugar weakens your immune system

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    How do you eat the sugar ? if this is all you have ? what amount per day per person for life sustenance ? I know its not ideal but this is what i have to do deal with ?

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    what are the amish gonna do ?

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    Toilet paper soup with rolls …mmmm

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    Maybe use cling film to cover eyes as this is droplet born, it can come through eye tear duct to lungs. Aerosol Fecal contamination is also possible with this virus – close toilet lid when taking/flushing a dump. Use different toilet to quarantined people if possible – get portaloo for camping perhaps. Vitamin d is good.

    I need to know to build masks as all mask have been bought where i live – there is excellent information here https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/01/170105160228.htm in regards to salt for virus deactivation, I dunno. I have 3d print so can print frame but need idea for filter design from easily sourced papers materials as filter, or cloth. Somebody mention cooking used masks for a time period to sterilize below.

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    Hi I just stumbled upon this. Really great and informative video. Just out of curiosity, what is your background?

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    Ok…the B.S. came early. All the official health organizations……you know……real doctors, tell us that the surgical masks are useless, and the N95 mask is the preferred one to stop the virus. Medicine over engineering triumphs again:))

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    Eating healthy food will help you fight the odd, I do not agree with you totally here!

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    if your hands are contaminated and you touch cannabis then smoke that cannabis are you at risk or would the flame/smoke destroy the virus before it entered your lungs?

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    Should we start this video from the subject. how serious this virus is … what is the difference between flu and covid-19 and comparison of consequences, and then we can start planning countermeasures …right now "everybody" is imagining "their own worst-case scenario" and this is a source of all confusion

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    Awesome video. I sent it to all my friends and family. Best video on what to do and not do.

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    Wouldn't airborne particles land on your eyes and infect through your eyes?

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    It is a normal fact that people touch their face constantly. While inside the womb an embryo touches its face constantly. It is a normal function very difficult to break. Woman doing make-up etc. washing hand regularly is more important. If you at home surfaces won’t contain virus. It’s shopping , travel , and socializing with others that will spread the virus not in home unless you have company. Have company is not a good idea currently. It would be best to wait to see how this pans out first.

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    I touch my privates can I get the virus from touching my private

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    Nutritional yeast flakes…baking section….large % of nutrients by volume…great supercharger to diet.. mix in..topping etc…check it out

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    Gut microbiome replacement is a possible treatment for the virus. Donor should be from those that have recovered. While there is no process that can identify link from the gut microbiome to production of antiviral antibodies there is enough evidence that some testing should occur. I hope someone with some pull can give this some priority.

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    dont touch your face 🙂

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    Ive heard thousands of times from doctors that facemasks wont help because the eyes are still exposed and eyes are mucous membranes if my translator got that right 🙂 Those areas can be easily infected as well. Face masks are only good if you are infected and want to limit your own viruses from spreading to other people. To protect against viruses you would need a complete sealed helmet.

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    It is called n95 because it is 95 micron, I suggest getting a n99 mask and make sure it is sealed. Shave your face also. But that won't stop it going in your eyes. Get medical goggles also. If you do get symptoms, get some zinc in your diet. This isn't proven yet but it seems it might be able to block the ACE2 receptors where the virus targets (deep in your lungs where pnuemonia starts). This is also where the cure will likely come from.

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    And how do we avoid getting laidoff because our employers were forced to close for the foreseeable future? thats what happened to me.

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    I would be curious on how you would recommend handling point of sales at stores, credit cards, keypads, things like this?

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    Call it what it is, you mean the Wuhan Flu – https://youtu.be/AB_A2HKmZgI

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    This video was very helpful and I got some great takeaways from it. I even ordered the proper mask because of it, but please don't tell people that bulk sugar is a great and cheap way to stock up.

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    Great level-headed video. The article below — and the CDC — say that Benzalkonium Chloride is NOT effective against Corona Virus. Both you and BigClive are suggesting otherwise. Can you provide a reference that shows efficacy?https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0195670198900779

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