Rep. Jackie Speier
COVID Positive Rep. Gohmert Still a Risk to Congress …
He Sleeps in His Office

7/30/2020 6:28 AM PT


Congresswoman Jackie Speier says Congressman Louie Gohmert, who tested positive for COVID-19, is still a clear and present danger to Congress, because he lives in his congressional office, just like more than 100 of his colleagues.
Rep. Speier tells TMZ, Gohmert was reckless all the way, saying he went to the House gym even after he learned he was positive for the virus, putting others at risk. Side note — interesting the House gym is still open, given that gyms around the country are closed because of COVID.
Speier went on to say Gohmert is now stuck in D.C. … he certainly can’t fly with the virus, and he doesn’t have a home in the Nation’s capitol, so he sleeps in the Capitol, in his office.
The Congresswoman worries about all the folks who are in contact with him, from other members to staff, to the janitorial crew. She thinks it’s ridiculous more than 100 members use their offices as their home. Many members choose to live in their offices because it’s too expensive to maintain both a home in their district and in Washington.

Gohmert had been an anti-masker for months, appearing on the House floor without a mask. There are even reports members of his staff were berated for daring to wear masks. He also made a ridiculous claim that messing with the mask on his face may have exposed him to the virus.


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