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ReActor extension for Stable Diffusion

faceswaplab (another extension that you maybe interested in)

A1111 for stable diffusion.

This video is about face swapping in Automatic 1111 using ReActor which is a fast 1 image face swap extension built on top of Roop that I have explained in a previous video.
We will see how it’s done in text2img, img2img, and face swapping in a video.
o Now Why ReActor instead of Roop?
o ReActor is allows uncensored NSFW images unlike the original Roop
o More features, gender detection, better scaling
o Allows to use multiple faces is source image to swap multiple face in target images
o Roop project has ceased development.
o Installing ReActor for A1111
o Using ReActor with text2image
o Using it with img2img
o Using it for face swapping in videos
o Note: After detailer can be used for face swap in images too and with LoRA may give very good results if LoRA of a person is present.
o Both Roop and Reactor uses inswapper_128.onnx model from InsightFace so their results are somewhat similar, but ReActor is more flexible and gives us more control, so it is a better option.

Face swapping is very useful to create consistent faces as well.

Notes: it is better if source and target images to have similar face structure, that will give better results.
So as a conclusion, ReActor is more flexible and gives us more control in comparison to roop and is a fast and effective face swapper extension for Automatic 1111.

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