1. Commenting before listening is normally a mistake… But I don't care… Popcorn, feet up, go x

  2. The Vatican Ratlines Moved many Nazi's to America, the Brainwashing Campaigns and MK-Ultra Programs are Just a Continuation of Fascism.
    The CIA was Founded by Vatican Knight of Malta ( SMOM ) Bill Donovan, him being a Knight of Malta is even on Wikipedia. 6 Other CIA Directors were Confirmed SMOM members too, for example ; Mccone, Bush, and Alan Dulles. The European Nobility, Intelligence Directors and the Most Big CEO's are Vatican Knights and / or Freemasons, they Bow to the Papal Roman Empire. And when this System Fails, the Papacy will Act as " Savior " Offering the MARXIST One World System as " Solution " to the Chaos. While Unknown to Most the Jesuits, Freemasonry and Papal Rome Created Much of the Problems in the First Place. All ( NWO ) roads lead to the 1500 year Old ANTICHRIST Papacy, just like the Bible Predicted. Please : Do Your Own Research and Get Born Again, God bless.

  3. Look forward to this every Sunday- the perfect grounding before the start of another insane week on the planet.

  4. Most PR are journalists #presstitutes who take fake info, spin it & then pass it to presstitutes in the #FakeNewsMedia. Many #FakeNews presstitutes rely on this fake info for their salaries. They never question the hand that feeds him/her & family.

  5. Sometimes Mark you need to remember what it’s like first waking up to life is not what you thought it was. My concentration at the moment is putting the seed in and keeping in touch. Otherwise the rabbit hole goes so deep and is scattered with false narratives. I love your work but your preaching to the converted. Well done on your talks.

  6. Agenda rolled out everywhere….very true. Illuminati as a loose term certainly applies.

  7. Most so called conspiracy theories are criminal conspiracies which have not been covered by #FakeNewsMedia or investigated satisfactorily bu the police.

  8. 9/11, inside job? Almost certainly.

  9. "propaganda" literally means "political advertising", but most people have been forced to take it as meaning; "lies".
    The same applies to the word "conspiracy", most people have been forced to believe that it means something that is false (or fake) when in fact, the true meaning is: "a group of more than one person that conspires to corrupt".

    Many so called "conspiracies" of the past have been proven to have occurred, so conspiracies are a matter of fact and not just a "theory" (R.E. Conspiracy theories).

  10. The sheeple are being medicated. Crime, especially violent crime has fallen dramatically. We here plenty about organised crime but these are motivated by profit & power. In the normal population, ppl are medicated, disinterested and apathetic. #chemtrails or something in the water or electromagnetic control, this is being done.

  11. Yes, despite my providing much evidence of the problems with 5G and pointing out that they have a duty of care for their residents, my council just says that it's not their responsibility, and that central Government sets the safety standards, so I should take it up with them.

  12. great show as usual xx Mark

  13. No way do only 11% of the Americans believe that the moon landing were faked, therefore we can assume that that survey was performed by the powers at be.

  14. I would say there's a 4th reason for 'academics'/'intellectuals' to succumb to propaganda: the loss of position and status and income if going against whatever propaganda narrative is in fashion.

  15. I’m sick of all the fake green shit and all the gay transgender bullshit forced on society.

  16. The government isn't organized but a bunch of fools , love windows keep it up

  17. They demonise cows in the climate change agenda because they want us not to eat meat. We are carnivores and slowly starve to death without it. Massive push for the death cult of veganism to rise.

  18. Bad grammar has hidden benefits it flushes out ad hominem ego wankers , I know I've got bad grammar

  19. If you want a definition of propaganda it's the vegan anti cows milk campaign , it's logic is homophobic it's a cunning kosher brain spiking

  20. SLOGAN- the battle cry of the dead…

  21. Who,What,Why,Where,When & How!This is how you discern truth but lucky enough I was taught this at school!
    Another Great broadcast Mark ❗️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    All the best from Tottenham, London,UK!

  22. It is all very lucifarian isn't it. It is indeed the last piece of the jigsaw, very devious and very clever.

  23. Great points. I've not seen a protest with home made placards for years now. Just stay home, crochet and watch the show…..❤

  24. The Foreign Office put a film out saying Climate Change is the bìggest threat. See today's Rebel Media interview Patrick Moore.

  25. Excellent talk, thank you

  26. Listen to this green fascist admit the game is really all about economics ; https://youtu.be/-kq0NdW7of8

  27. (((globalists, propaganda, agenda2030, social-engineering, technotronic era…etc etc)))

  28. 'There aint half been some clever bastards' thanks for being clever Mark.

  29. the moon landings were not fake. 'dark mission' where it shows NASA started that rumour when they were still there. They made fake shots in studios , most of it was to hide the alien craft and bases on there. Regarding the tech at the time maybe the secret space helped them.

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