>In this AI tutorial, learn how to create animations and cinematic videos from text or images using Pika Labs, an AI image-to-video and text-to-video model. Discover the powerful tools Pika Labs provides for generating visual sequences automatically without needing animation skills.

Topics covered include text-to-video, image-to-video, parameters guide, camera controls, frames per second (FPS), motion effects, guidance scale, and aspect ratio. Go beyond static images by bringing text or pictures to life through AI-powered animations. Fine-tune your videos with different camera angles, movement speeds, sizing adjustments and more.

Suitable for those with basic AI experience, this intermediate-level guide will give you the skills needed to generate explainable AI videos and animations from any text prompt or collection of images. Learn how Pika Labs works under the hood so you understand how to get the best possible video outputs. Start animating and storytelling through AI today with Pika Labs!

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Pika Labs
01:21 – How to Access?
02:03 – Text to Video
03:28 – Image to Video
05:27 – Parameters Guide
05:49 – Camera
06:19 – FPS – Frame Per Second
06:47 – Motion
07:10 – Guidance scale
07:38 – Aspect Ratio
08:27 – Best settings
10:00 – Outro

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