>Parseq is a parameter sequencer for the Deforum extension to the Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 UI. You can use it to generate animations with tight control and flexible interpolation over many Stable Diffusion parameters (such as seed, scale, prompt weights, noise, image strength…), as well as input processing parameter (such as zoom, pan, 3D rotation…).

– Previous tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvWckT0Pik8 />- Access Parseq here: https://sd-parseq.web.app/
– Source and docs (including setup instructions): https://github.com/rewbs/sd-parseq#readme
– Parseq document for the final result: https://sd-parseq.web.app/?importRemote=GUWZvNjsIQOWlB5HVb2uT3vEg4u1%2Fdoc-93df024a-1636-45d3-a55a-19ddb0dd2b2e-1683598021782.json&token=f8ee1441-d4c3-4a61-a059-c7c3043cfeb4 />
00:00: Intro
01:40: Setup
04:00: Sync’ing strength dips (scene changes) to snares
08:45: Deforum settings
09:54: Sync’ing zooms to bassdrums
14:20: 3D rotation “around the subject” sync’ed to strings, using a time series
19:30: Polishing up
22:00: Final result
22:58: Working with higher cadences
24:30: Variations

#deforum #stablediffusion #parseq #audiosync #musicsync #musicvideo

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