North Korean diplomats on Thursday stormed out of a UN conference on human rights after lashing out at the United States for inviting three defectors to speak at the event

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  1. Samantha has all the power here 😂

  2. Cant wait for your turn? Sure gtfo

  3. Samantha Power is just another cockroach from Obama's shithole.

  4. I hate North Korea government

  5. Oh the Irony of the UN having a human rights meeting.

  6. this shamefull amerecans can't lessing the reallty

  7. PBB sdh tidak berguna.lihat arogansi pihak amerika seakan akan merekalah pbb.organisasi premanisme apa bedanya.kalau sidang semua dipihak amerika.seenak perut amerika embargo dan serang negara orang.bubarkan aja tak bergunalah

  8. USA, it's united nations, NOT USA council. USA acting like it's the boss there.

  9. this happened with me when i in 5th class in school

  10. This is the true face of UN who is a US puppet and always dances on US tune.

  11. This is why the japanese government had left League of Nations in 1934.

  12. Samantha Power has a little too much power. Why did his mic need to be shut off?

  13. UN is supposed to be United Nations. And No one takes it seriously because America is always meddling with everything. Some of EU are just dumb to listen to America because of NATO

  14. Im from a far planet i came to earth i came to africa and then asia europe australie south america. Everywhere i went all people hated America. Then i went to America and saw that Americans love themselves a lot. I dont understand?

  15. I thought the North Koreans weren’t in UN

  16. The UN is a lie. They need to be kicked out if America.

  17. They have to go to green living! They will be more profitable!

  18. why everybody takes a selfie?

  19. U S regime SOB's forcing their way again and some female impersonators

  20. They should have sought asylum and they would have been allowed to live in wonderful free South Korea.

  21. The North Koreans didn't like the three defectors invited as guests of the USA because they would embarrass the North Korean regime with the truth that even the North Korean diplomats know is the truth. Like all dictator states if they can't get their own way they spit their dummy out.

  22. That lady Samantha Powers sound like a man. Wtf?

  23. United Nation?

    more like Bully Nation

  24. I suggest everyone learn to listen to what they have to say. In the end Korea will me whole again.

  25. I can’t get my head around these comments

  26. how they diplomat if they cant even diplomacy.

  27. This is typical of Democrat rule of USA. … WORSE THAN COMMUNISM.

  28. UN is illegal nongovernmental criminal central bankers and Soros organisation, with the EU.
    Must be demolished!


  30. Maybe it was their dinner time?

  31. 这干什么呢 也太不尊重人了吧

  32. good lord it must be humiliating to realize that this is your goverment speaking

  33. UN is a joke created by the winners of world war one

  34. Lets get rid of the charade and rename the un the us as that what is the purpose to serve the yanks.

  35. I KNOW HE WAS SCARE DUE TO HIS COUNTRY LEADER…Thatś why he strom out of the UN MEETING..Im telling u guys…He was defenitly scare..I felt sympthy for him…

  36. Lol love it !! No wonder people think the UN is worthless LOL

  37. These establishments have rules..dont be an idiot

  38. north korea is a graveyard ran by tyrannical schoolchildren

  39. Un is just a place of idiots club house

  40. UN such a joke what happen to somalia , iraq,libya, syria ,philippines thats have been terrorize by murica

  41. They're all just as bad as each other…

  42. Hes a traitor hes korean

  43. All Muslim world condemning what about done in Sri Lanka as well as in Candy in Sri Lanka in rohingyas at cetera et cetera et cetera et cetera Muslim world not saying half truth like United Nation and other fake secular country

  44. China USA Russia have committed more crimes than North Korea.

  45. The absurdity and shamefulness of NATO and the U.N in Cyprus are the same?!

  46. LoL what is wrong with UN ??? They are failing everything and so respectless, since when is free speech forbidden, specially when being part of the UN ???
    Even If I would not be North-Korea and not standing on their side, I would leave too and for sure never come back to such a clownshow.
    Like the USA does perfekt understand that isolation and Sanction and Propaganda operations on a country is very indirect violence and the wrong way,
    someday they will pay the price for that, even if there where good attentions behind this violence, it has a very devastating impact where it is natural that people will react to that even when wise and peaceful minded.

  47. WTF is this!!!🤷🏻‍♀️

  48. Smantha power American liberal stopping free speech 😂😂😂

  49. Americans believ tht un is their property, they don't have any respect for anyone even for their parents. No doubt america is the most hated nation.

  50. If they didn't, kimjongun would have stormed them all into the gulag along with their families

  51. Don't know why, but I like Kim jong😁

  52. If the US got nuked tomorrow no one would care

  53. kick north korea out of the UN!

  54. 0:46 is that Jacky Chan?? 🙄

  55. My classroom every lesson and school day…….

  56. League of Nations – Fail
    UN – Fail

    EU – Fail

  57. Hmm America doesn't want some truth to be spoke out…. Maybe I start

  58. Let them talk. They did right by walking out.

  59. More like western power abuse over diplomatic envoy

  60. Just like in Congress and the senate or Washington in gen nothing got done just a lot of talk

  61. This is why wars are fought, this is boring af.

  62. What is the business of the United nations about the people of North Korea?

  63. The guy with glasses probably from South Korea are very rude and should be kick out first.

  64. See? How the communism regime destroy their brain…

  65. Morning Coolness Rising Sun Humming Birds, Melting Dew Along With My Best Compliments Wishing u a Very Gracious Morning G0OD….and I hope all myworks doing all right things as geart helping the world as well..manafshaibu am ghana ganie as right

  66. The UN Should be called the US.

  67. America is known to violate human rights as well.

  68. 1:55 – Looks more like a "Sieg Heil" ripoff than anything. (And I certainly don't condone that at all.)

  69. they allowed them to speak but killed the mic so they couldnt be heard!!!!! totally disgusting.there can be no just reason to silence people!

  70. Samatha Power = Bullshit.
    Mic off = Denying hearing of conclusion.

  71. that women is a PROSTITUTE.every one has right to express their voice,UN IS NOT american property.

  72. So I need a l.p. now and the testament to hang Burch for the Slater off the term tower's we a in side job and the Jackson affect and halogen was used the injection spaces action has the proud that Burch blow the tower's

  73. I just finished watching a video of American cops shooting a black man….so UN human rights does not cover black people being shot by cops in the US but they want to lecture North Korea?

  74. Whats the point speaking without microphone ?

  75. Un is a terror organisation Hope all Dai and go to hell

  76. How would any problem be resolved if we refuse to listen to other side? Yes they are problematic, but they deserved to be listened to.

  77. So this is meeting of rights?? UN is laughing stock for peace lover… it is tool of agression… and supress the weak…

  78. Thats the one reason why philippines is leaving UN

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