>An exploration of Friedrich Nietzsche’s views on Buddhism. How Nietzsche misunderstood Buddhism and why the two are closer than previously thought.

00:00 || Introduction
00:21 || Nietzsche on Buddhism
02:57 || The Idol of a Young Nietzsche
06:50 || Schopenhauerian Misconceptions
12:21 || Where Nietzsche and Buddhism Meet
18:19 || In Conclusion: Reflecting Back on Nietzsche

Music: fly by tony stocker

Sources that suggest otherwise: “Nothingness, Negativity, and Buddhism in Schopenhauer” by Eric Nelson, “Schopenhauer’s Compass” by Urs App, “Nietzsche and Buddhism” by Freny Mistry, “Nietzsche and Asian Thought” by Graham Parkes, “Nietzsche’s Reading About Eastern Philosophy” by Thomas Brobjer.

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