1. What's up @Kroike? Why haven't you posted yet another copy and paste (BS) comment of yours here yet?

  2. Hi Mark, fantastic show as always…… it’s amazing how the wonderful press don’t want to highlight any of what you are talking about ??? Especially as Jeremy’s brother appears regularly on it ? Keep up the great work, always look forward to Sunday evening 👍🏻

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  4. OK, everyone I'm here you can breathe easy now!

  5. It's a movie we are in , someone has got a window on the world and is having one helluva laugh

  6. Controlled opposition financed by George Soros! Similar to the occupy movement in which there were more MI5 agents prancing around than so called protesters!The Global Warming scam is being pushed by so-called protesters but in reality its a brilliant way of pushing the global warming hoax, probably one of the biggest financial rip-offs in history!

    One of the first heavily infiltrated movements were WWI veterans organisations in the 1920's. They were infiltrated then destroyed from within. Eventually the British Legion was set up as a saviour! It was in fact a brilliant propaganda machine that moved peoples' minds away from the truth and created a patriotic justification for war. It attracted jingoistic military exhibitionists like bees around a honey pot!

    Another example was CND in the 1960's. I think eventually it was being run by Moscow and Whitehall (perhaps they shared the running of it!) My Dad believed it was a knocking shop as there were reports of amorous CND couples in the woods whilst protesting in rural locations.

  7. Extinction event in Parliament, some would be praying for it! 🙂

  8. They're that young they've never seen a real cloud…..

  9. The main problem that's hidden in plain view is we are run by banks that enslave countries with debt due to compound interest. Sadly, historically anyone that goes against the banks by abolishing usury and introducing debt free currency does not last long.

    Until the world wakes up to who is really ruling them, the same old economic crash and boom cycle then a massive economic crash followed by a major war will continue.

    The only way forward, as I see it, is for people to see through the economic tyranny and lawfully and above all peacefully bring the banksters to account in court.

    Admittedly that is simplistic as in reality those with unlimited financial resources (stolen from us via taxation) are able to create fake protest groups and hoax non-existent and lucrative worries such as the climate hoax that act as distractions away from the main issue.

    Pavlovian programming continues to turn the hard of thinking into establishment duplicators who regurgitate one of two opposing mantras that are promulgated by the mass controlled media, especially the BBC (Bolsheviks Broadcasting Communism).

    It is obvious to me and an increasing number of people that the former Soviet Union (that was financed by Wall St) WON the cold war using Ideological Subversion. Over many decades the West has been subjected to two of the four key stages of Subversion, "Demoralisation" "Destabilisation" followed by a fake "Crisis" then "Normalisation" whereby a totalitarian state is created allowing depopulation to begin with ease. In the West we are currently in the first stages of the fake "Crisis". Ideological Subversion is a long, slow process.

    Even so, I'm still optimistic as people are very slowly waking up, but the masses will do nothing until the third stage of Ideological Subversion (Crisis) personally affects them. Crisis will be controlled by the banks. Hopefully people will be able to see through stage managed fake leaders and new "change" artists who spring up within the political spectrum. We must continue to ask any dig-dong that tells people what they want to hear and has all the answers and lures people into a fake sense of security two simple questions, "Why haven't they mentioned anything about usury and who is funding them?"

  10. bogus "extinction rebellion" is meant the bring the army to the streets…army is then supposed to drown you all like rats (by blocking all roads and tunnels and airports) before the pole shift, cause there will be not much food left after the pole shift, and so-called elites do not want to share what they have already stashed in presumably safe bunkers…"food banks" are really for them, a very small part of it is distributed to poor.

  11. Extinction Rebellion logo – 2 pyramids inside an eye shape. uummm. . . . . oh dear. Some people are tooooo easily indoctrinated.

  12. Government sponsored protests to speedily raise fuel taxes instead of Waiting until 2025……in other words ( money extortion )

  13. See my comments on their (vacuous?) principles here :
    1. We have a shared vision of change
    Great, mind telling us what exactly that vision is??

    2. We set our mission on what is necessary
    Ditto, what DO you see as being necessary, and necessary to achieve what ends??

    3. We need a re-generative culture
    Any and every culture must be able to continually recreate itself, otherwise it won't last more than a generation, so just another generality??

    4. We hopefully challenge ourselves, and this toxic system
    Mind telling us which bits of the 'system' you see as toxic, otherwise you're simply preaching to the converted, can't you see that??

    5. We value reflection and learning
    Who the hell doesn't ???

    6. We welcome everyone, and every part of everyone into Extinction Rebellion
    So you welcome e.g. fascists? If you're "all things to all men" then you end up being nothing really for anyone. I can't see how you can be FOR some things without being AGAINST their opposites.

    7. We actively mitigate for power
    I honestly don't understand your use of English here. You can "mitigate against" something, that means "attempt to minimise it's bad effects", but how on earth do you "mitigate for" something? Are you in favour of 'power' and want to promote its effects? This statement makes zero sense!

    8. We avoid blaming and shaming
    Good idea in principle, but without telling us who and for what this again means little, just a nice idea. I mean, are you saying you forgive unconditionally? Even Christians make confession a condition of redemption, i.e. first you must own up to your sins and promise to be good in future.

    9. We are a non-violent movement
    Good, but that's at best a limiting condition, not an aim in itself. Many movements with diverse aims have acted non-violently, so again this really tells us very little, except that you see yourselves as nice harmless people 🙂

    10. We are based on autonomy and de-centralization
    As are all anarchist movements, but I still don't know what you're out to achieve, let alone how you plan to create a coherent organisation that is also unstructured, bit of a contradiction that??

  14. Derpy crowd here… Idiologies aside, does anyone here have a plan for surviving the mass extinction you're currently experiencing? Gas taxes won't really matter much now will they?

  15. This is so damaging. Please read the independent scientists' reports which the UN are also believing…
    Extinction Rebellion is a response to this, why will we not take action? https://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/climate-change/
    Nothing to do with Brexit or politics, this is a humanitarian crisis. I'm sure you wouldn't be calling this a hoax if you were living in the global south where they are experiencing the extreme weather already.

  16. Why do leftards not understand yet Hitler was not the man you assume. You seem to understand the hidden hands involved in climate bs why not ww2?

  17. So where is the grass roots movement then? If only Brexiteers could organise like XR!

  18. Denying facts agreed by 99% of scientists. Denying a problem faced by humanity. Denying every catastrophe ongoing.
    The amount of darkness and brainless folks floating about youtube is amazing pathetic.
    Remember Industrial civilisation is not sustainable Duh! Rename your show to Window To Nothing Real.

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