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  1. Avatar

    He was probably trolling the Clintons

  2. Avatar

    So she was always involved with them since she was 9

  3. Avatar

    You can get on our Lions Republic party live that starts in half hour. Thats how.

  4. Avatar

    The apocalypse will be uploaded…

  5. Avatar

    Justins biebers yummy yummy yum

  6. Avatar

    Wake up folks… it is ALL OF THEM…
    Good grief.. Thanks for reporting, I guess

  7. Avatar

    Dont forget the clintins sending pizzas to ny hospital.

  8. Avatar

    Thank God Q will save the day, any minute now!!! <– sarcasm level 10 intended

  9. Avatar

    Hells bells & We think 3 steel framed skyscrapers falling in seconds on 911 was a COINCIDENCE ????

  10. Avatar

    Jesus please help us and the poor children. That poem is so disturbing. I really feel for Monica Lewinsky. From this, to being preyed upon by the president, just to be used as the fall guy when it got exposed.

  11. Avatar

    I literally watched this last night! People think he's alive and he's the savior Q. And we're the crazy ones saying Q isn't saving the day…..

  12. Avatar

    If she is a pizza…..must be one of them thick crust kinds…🤮

  13. Avatar

    Her name sounds like Monocle Winski 🧐

  14. Avatar

    threw up a little in my mouth

  15. Avatar

    We've been in the upside down for awhile.

  16. Avatar

    Lol big giant cursor is back!!!!
    Also pizza ugh lol

  17. Avatar

    Junior has this hot headed spoiled mob boss' son vibe, who then gets whacked for threatening to expose the family operation.

  18. Avatar

    Well she probably was a child that they all abused . pray for these children

  19. Avatar

    This is some how or another Q tip
    I'm almost positive!!! Lmfao
    Jesus cannot Return SOON ENOUGH!!!

  20. Avatar

    Can we get Monica Lewinski's only on half the pie? I'm kinda picky when it comes to pizza.

  21. Avatar

    Hmmm….interesting. I wrote a paper in English class, in 8th grade, 13 yrs old. Assignment was "descriptive paragraphs". Had to write description of anything of your choosing without naming that thing. Reader had to guess what it was by description only. I described, to a tee, my favorite pizza buffet joint, Pizza Inn. Aced it & my teacher ordered pizza & read it to the other teachers over lunch. But, I'm not a celebrity or rich so I don't think I was MK Ultraed or anything weird. Total coincidence. I'm curious as to why I would choose that topic… like was I being brainwashed by children's shows, cartoons, commercials? I mean, I watched Donny & Marie Osmond show, Warner Bros looney tune cartoons, American bandstand, soul train, SNL, Solid Gold. The popular movies then were Saturday night fever, grease, the Shining. Nobody was talking about these things then. I do remember not trusting adults & as Corey feldman said, "they were everywhere, surrounding us kids like vultures." Still don't trust adults. I got older but refuse to become "one of them". I just never thought about that programming happening to ME. Very creepy. Lol.

  22. Avatar

    Ugh – I actually remember watching this show even though I hardly ever watched tv. I had forgotten! Thanks, Paul

  23. Avatar

    Yuck. Just fucking yuck. Still an amazing coincidence. Is this some kind of synchronicity?

  24. Avatar

    I've mixed last of instant coffee with vodka & think I'm so funny must share in market opportune time. I pressed record…where does it go, who does your makeup & editing? ✌️💙🐕I'd ask you to "dm" me, but I respect your wife😘help please! I'm ammusing approximately 4 minutes per day. If we all pitch in, maybe we can postpone elections until I'm on ballot?not for this tard POTUS job, Kristen 4 Queen✌️💙🐕 in all seriousness, how does youtube channelling work? ouji board?

  25. Avatar

    “Yea Seinfeld laugh it up ya freak! 🤣 who fuck are these people, they can’t be human. How does one lose this much sight of reality. “Haha look at me everyone I can’t even pretend to be a rational compassionate human being anymore.” -Seinfeld

  26. Avatar

    Wtf? Let me piece my mind together here. It's been blown to pieces lately. I used to have a crush on him growing up and felt bad when he died. All that I used to believe seems like one big lie. This whole "corona" shit doesn't feel organic. SMFH.

  27. Avatar

    I don’t think JFK Jr was involved with the ‘invisible enemy’ and they either killed him or he faked his death and went into hiding. Because he’s telling everybody, by reading the poem, that he’s not buying into that sick temptation by the controllers

  28. Avatar

    The Q people will just ignore it or call it a deep fake from the Deep State to try and discredit Q. 😆

  29. Avatar

    Paul we must have went down the same rabbit hole today…

  30. Avatar

    Like….what?? Even if I didn't know about pizza/pedo connections, I would be deeply concerned that a little girl wrote that. It sounds sexual, straight up

  31. Avatar

    1:49 to hear Paul say 'yum yum'…

  32. Avatar

    Pizza ass for billary

  33. Avatar

    Sleazy pedo innuendo that only the club understood back then. Sick MFers

  34. Avatar

    Wow, reading some of the comments tonight makes me wonder if its all getting to us & we all have cabin fever or a full moon?

  35. Avatar

    I am not sure what to say except that it is the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard. Thanks for taking disgusting to a new level.

  36. Avatar

    Sounds like Lewinski was a MK Ultra trafficked child. How else would she have access to Kennedy @ 12 yrs old to write a
    Pizzagate letter. What's wrong with her parents? These families are freaks, this makes me sick.
    Jesus Christ save the children.

  37. Avatar

    Someone said things will get weirder and stranger every day now because they are slowly lifting the veil, and revealing themselves as the take control of the world. At this rate it wont be difficult for me to leave this world. They can have it

  38. Avatar

    You know I lived in Butte Montana when when JFK jr. I automatically believe the government killed she must have just not been satanic enough you should do a video on the mass murder that happened in Florida did George Bush jr. Was supposed to be involved with some Cult he was part of and just happens the day he wasn't there they all got murdered did he do it?

  39. Avatar

    Omg!!! 😲😲😲😲😲

  40. Avatar

    Holy cripes please god end it all now!!!!!

  41. Avatar

    Smooth. Corey Feldman should have took a page from his subtle book on ousting.

  42. Avatar

    Yum yum….didn’t Bieber do a song saying yum yum? What’s up with these people?

  43. Avatar

    Wow!!! Ans that yum yum reference, also satanic like N justin Timberlake video

  44. Avatar

    I don’t believe for one second that JFK Jr was a pedo

  45. Avatar

    well I keep thinking the world isn’t this small and yet…..

  46. Avatar

    Oh my, it never ends. Peace be with you Paul. 🐎

  47. Avatar

    Definitely reporting from the apocalypse

  48. Avatar

    Could it have just been like a creative writing assignment that was supposed to be fun like pick your favorite food and pretend you’re that food? I really don’t know what to make of it. How did Kennedy end up with the poem?

  49. Avatar

    All these people in the comments acting like JFK Jr is a creep or pedo… Looks to me like he was letting the public know to look into what the hell this poem means!! Some people are so surface level, it's ok to dig down a couple levels and think about what might be going on.

  50. Avatar

    "I know I'm gonna rot in hell eternally for this" "As you should" 🤣 aww man, giant cursor knows!!! 🍕🍕

  51. Avatar

    😶😶😶😶they're laughing???? Explains EVERYTHING! Jesus is coming soon, much love n God bless ❤🌹🙏😞

  52. Avatar

    These are not coincidence

  53. Avatar

    I commented on that video and let people know what it really means

  54. Avatar

    Symbolism will be their downfall.

  55. Avatar

    Famous Nazi general Erich Von Mannstein's real name? Lewinsky. Is she a grandchild of the operation paperclip group?

  56. Avatar

    It's just too freaky Paul it's all too close

  57. Avatar

    I can't sleep. The great Awakening is here. People acting like they don't know are fools. Hollywood stars and sports stars, and politicians accounts on Twitter backgrounds all went grey last night. It was crazy. God Bless Everyone. The Storm Has Arrived.

  58. Avatar

    There was one seinfeld episode where JFK junior "appeared". Elaine had a date with him… It's strange to see seinfeld and junior later on a talk show together.🙄

  59. Avatar

    She got that yummy yummy

  60. Avatar

    Was he possibly trolling Clinton? 🤷‍♀️

  61. Avatar

    "WTF, what can I add to this?"……this line got me at the end man haha.

  62. Avatar

    Wow, just wow. It just gets fing weirder by the hour!!

  63. Avatar

    He was exposing the Carnovaurs ,Monica Lewinski is Moussad !

  64. Avatar

    WHAT IN THE FUCK!? Please corona kill me!

  65. Avatar

    Disturbing… Paul

  66. Avatar

    I also noticed JFK Jr. said 9 twice. Intel loves nines, threes and 11s. It’s like their code. Such as 333 confirmed cases of the corona virus early on.

  67. Avatar

    Reminds me Courtney Love. Another one taken at a young age. Sad stuff

  68. Avatar

    Paul, I said it before, you are definitely reporting from the apocalypse and the twilight zone!! I just didn't realize how long we'd been in both!! Thanks, brother!

  69. Avatar

    I think there was a rise in STDs after the Clinton Administration and it's thought that it has something to do with his statement that oral sex isn't sex… even though it's in the title "oral SEX." I think they did an interview among teens and many of them said they wouldn't have sex but they'd give a guy a blow job because it's not really sex. Many of them didn't realize you can get STDs that way too. Way to go U.S. sex education!!!

  70. Avatar

    The level of disgust keeps rising😰

  71. Avatar

    The pope is quitting to eat more Pizza. They are using children from a very young age and programming them to be "pizza," their code word for their evil pedophilia and cannibalism of abducted children. Monica was probably groomed like Cathy O'Brien to be a Presidential toy, like the young boys that Reagan and Bush ushered in and out of the White House as young prostitutes for all of them and their evil cronies.

  72. Avatar

    And then there is this creepy note that JFKJr sent to Clinton. The article says, "Paul Begala told People magazine that John F. Kennedy Jr. sent Bill Clinton a fax during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It read: ‘Dear Mr. President, I sat under that desk – there’s barely room for a 3-year-old, much less a 21-year-old intern. Cheers, J.K.’” Ew. {}

  73. Avatar

    Yo got that yummy yum

  74. Avatar

    JFK Jr was a class act and more handsome than any movie star. He was a good man.

  75. Avatar

    What in the fuck? Wow. It’s been rubbed in our face for yearsss

  76. Avatar

    Look at Seinfeld laughing, that fucking creep "dated" a 17 year old when he was 39. Of course he likes the pedo pizza poem.

  77. Avatar

    “Yes Seinfeld, laugh it up you freak” 😂

  78. Avatar

    Can you really blame Bill? I mean Hillary is his wife! Lol!😀

  79. Avatar

    It was "a point of illumination"…..
    Huh, ya don't say!?!

  80. Avatar

    Maybe Monica L. was abused and JFK, Jr., was exposing it?

  81. Avatar

    What the fuck?! She may be a pizza, but Billy Bob there used her as a humidor and a jizz rag.

  82. Avatar

    Casey Anthony and the smell of "decomposing pizza" in her car. Right.

  83. Avatar

    So what the fuck right👌👌👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏you have a blessed day as well

  84. Avatar

    Paul out of curiosity what's your take on President JFK? Do you think he was just as bad as the rest? Since he was assassinated and all and Oswald said he himself was a patsy. I personally don't, but I'd like to hear your brief opinion over him.

  85. Avatar

    I can’t believe I found your channel again after a couple of years!!

  86. Avatar

    You're subs keep climbing bro. Even after the algorithms and that recent drop.
    This is amazing. Good job.

  87. Avatar

    F sick. I remember I heard somewhere that Monica Lewinsky's father was an Orthodox Rabbi (fake of course) and he was 1) her Handler and 2) A producer of pornography most specifically kiddie porn and snuff- nice I know. I believe this now. His daughter was one of his first subjects/slaves.

  88. Avatar

    what the actual fuck? I've never even heard of this one! 😲🤯🤢

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