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  2. Thanks 4 yet anotha Encore!!

  3. 🗣Great broadcast Matthew with Jesse !
    Let the truth be known & let the facade be revealed!
    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽From Tottenham, London,UK!

  4. Love you brother your so wise for your age

  5. Hey Matthew I am currently trying to sell my PC that I built. If I cant sell it I could donate it to you. GTX 970, intel 1-5 3.2ghz 16gb of ram.

  6. Matthew North is what Smart Trustworthy American Men used to be like…Thank you gentlemen.


  8. 1:51:15 Matt you completely got the jist of my question and your answer was spot on! You guys were talking about how after Crowder was deplatformed from youtube, he saw a huuuge surge in mug club subscriptions even not using the discount code to financially support Crowder, but as my question and your answer point out, these people who are being platformed pushed and then deplatformed when they're big arent using YouTube ad revenue as a monetization model and haven't been for a very long time, and theur fans fail to see this I guess. So if anything this is at the very least a financial plot to boost secondary subscription service revenues which have really been their main revenue sources at least since the first apocalypse! You guys were also correct to tie this in directly to Jone's situation, and even Elon Musk when he tanked his stock by smoking weed and then bough some of his own company back while stocks were loosened up and cheap. brilliant plays that fools fall for. great show

  9. Unfortunately drugs ( alcohol too dummy ) wears off 👍🏻🤣

  10. Crypto currency is just one step closer to the R.F.I.D. Chip.

  11. Alex Jones doesn't get along with Glenn Beck, and Steven Crowder just signed a deal with The Blaze, so that's the strange behavior of Steven.

  12. Public perception will make the decision if he lost the culture no matter how sheep viewers realize

  13. MATTHEW keep on telling the True Truths out there, your priceless ,your intuition
    Borders on the psychic, your gifted and I can only see success in the future for you
    And yours ,your logic is connecting with any one who has a penchant for real facts
    Respect and blessings from Ireland 🍀☘🍀☘💚💚💚💚🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪💊💊💊💊

  14. Matthew gives me hope in a better world! Straight in your face, like a fucking gentleman! Really dude keep it up!
    Jesse is brilliant aswell. Lot of loves to both, awesome job!

  15. Do more of these! Crowder is such a phony, he is perfectly fine censoring anyone who criticizes Israel, Zionism or questions the (you know what).

  16. This has been my biggest fear for a while now. I've always had this idea that the neoconservative movement, the faux new age Christian movement was going to be used to inject this newfound sense of statism into our culture. This has been in the works for awhile. You think that the powers that be really don't know how unpopular MSM is becoming? You think that they don't recognize just how influential these alt media channels are? My question is this: do you believe that these channels like Crowder and Shapiro and Rogan were hi-jacked? Or do you think that they were implemented from the start, fully intending to subvert us?

  17. This example of warfare was also covered on smarter everyday.

  18. -Wolfgang scambig is a p.o.s
    The halbig menace part1 by 'XRAYULTRA'
    Look it up wolf exposed and debunked

  19. Fix ur f’in computer, those glitches are annoying af

  20. Whats up with the wrist wraps Matthew ?

  21. Ari is a worm 🐛. Rogan is just a guy making money. Not perfect , confused a bit and surrounded by pathetic parasites. Yes rogan is a socialist and a liberal, but luciferian and homosexual, I don’t think so. I think he’s just trying to keep it together with assholes like ari as friends

  22. Dude your vids give me hope because of the info you provide. I cant beleve the amount of info a young dude like you has and searches for. Most people dont care or are ignorant. Keep up the good work and remember that the type of info you give out is seldom seen or heard of. The brainwashing of society continues. If it aint on TV they wont beleive it right? I hope everybody genuinely seeks the truth in peace and can get the msg out. I know that God helps those who genuinely seek Him. Jesus is the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father (reality/life/the answer) except through him

  23. In the video with Crowder and Owen, the way Crowder was looking into Owen's eyes when Owen was talking I'm pretty sure Crowder just wanted to fill that hole in Owen's beard with his dick.

  24. Chip, chip chip crypto currency is but one small step from the Mark where no one will be able to buy or sell without it…

  25. You guys ever heard about NESARA/GESARA?

  26. It's just like the Posner suit against Alex Jones. All scripted. AJ could have counter sued and deposed all involved and there would have been about 100 more suicides.

  27. Information warfare is by far the cheapest and easiest to do up the people. now major aresol spraying campaigns. You see heavy heavy spraying over Philly all the time.

  28. Crowder…..sucks, Owen….total cuck….Joe complete tool. Everything obvious.
    Logos, simple.

  29. ))) ((( It's all obvious.

  30. Brenton Tarrant pleads not guilty to the Christchurch attacks.

  31. Tripoli is selling pills for big pharma, how could anyone trust him?

  32. Crowder…..deletes my comments

  33. Sam was touting his live for the small hats with Duncan the other day. Duncan had ari on last week talking about suicide.(((kappy))) now it’s all about distancing themselves from anyone who questions the tribe and their gatekeepers. Great work guys!!!!

  34. Hey Mathew I have an Extra PC that I could give you as I cant sell it. It is very good intel 1-5 3.2ghz GTX 970 16gb ram Gold power supply. Please upvote this so he can see the comment. I posted before on my other account but it is at the very bottom. I Feel you are more deserving and could create more value with this tool then the amount of money I could get for it. I want to help the good people of our species and need people who are unwavering in the face of corruption. Only with order and knowledge can humanity prevail.

  35. Matthew, don't trust this Jesse guy. He's trying to smear Jake and Adam. They are the ones talking about substantive issues while all Jesse wants to talk about is stupid stuff like Alex Jones and Joe Rogan. Why would he shill for Paypal and Venmo, knowing those platforms are demonetizing people? Think about it. Don't trust Jesse.

  36. Matt, how come you took the mention of bitcoin on Theo Von podcast as negative or he was pressured etc. Sam was thankfully telling the truth Bitcoin is real and they didn't necessarily push anything to heavy. I was expecting them to be pushing flat out scam coins.

    I get the feeling you aren't heavily familiar with Bitcoin…please get familiar, BTC (Bitcoin) is no joke, do you wonder if someone nefarious is behind the network? Yes, but at the same time it has functioned for 10 years, transactions being made that regular banks WOULDNT COULDNT DIDNT do. But with Bitcoin you could make that transaction, no questions or permission.


  38. Matthew can you share how you came to be so well informed for a young man. I know your devoted to truth, as I am from how much knowledge you possess without reference to source material.
    Peace on earth; Goodwill to the righteous. Keep up the good work.

  39. FYI: The Cold War was a big fake. Behind the scenes cooperation between governments never stopped and both answer to the their Phoenician masters. The Cold War was used to extort capital for the MICC from the masses and drive research for global government surveillance state. Thanks. Peace on Earth; Goodwill to the Righteous.

  40. chi comm . c = 3 c = 3 33 in numerology . like kkk 11 11 11 =33 . you can do it comedy central . cc . climate change .. the klist goes on . alexjones is 33 in numeroogy as is infowars in pythagorean and chaldean ..

  41. u see aj gives a lot of truth but mixes it with disinfo .. u r right about cali . they r smart they know their shit . but they r gatekeeping making truth comedy which sublimially programs your mind to think its a joke !! see derral evans . derral had a kid believe it was end of the world .. did you see that one . it was a 3 month of programming nasa asteroid in britain . then his birthday it supposedly all ghappens . hes freaking out . then they r in a safe zone 4 decontaminated pple . a bio weapon from comet or something m,ade pple crazy . so the kid became this asshole to being a hero saving some pple he thought duruing crisis !! crazy ..

  42. then derral evans just exposed how faith healers the fake ones get ur adrenaline pumping to make you feel good cuz ur adrenaline kicks in u feel no pain ! he shows jow to program your mind !!

  43. the holocaust comment was a throw back to a norm macdonald running joke

  44. Na, "Matthew North," that's his fake name. He's really Patrick Swayze. Dude got a face lift, now he looks 30 years younger, while he fakes being dead. Check his teeth. Same teeth as Swayze.

  45. Respect to Ari Shaffir; I don't like Jews, but I have to admit he's got balls, that guy. Even if he could play the "I'm not white" card, he still has a lot of courage doing the shit he's done. The "Amazing Racist" bits he use to do use to have me rofling for weeks.

  46. Juden Peterstein is a fucking marxist

  47. Mathew, it's very intelligent people like you that are waking up the masses. Keep up the great work and God Bless you brother!

  48. Ari in someway or another drops the ball on everything. He'll probably eventually suicide.

  49. Hey Matthew, love this & thanks. Although I don’t agree 100% with Adam & Jake, but they absolutely both have put their lives in danger to wake up people through working day & night non-stop to research & production of videos. He might have forgotten mentioning your name. For all other stuff talk to them. Also please Watch Jake’s RedPilled speech he did a week ago. Don’t do anything before talking with them. I also criticized Jake’s Sandy Hook & Adam’s Red Ice connection.

  50. come on…. did you listen to what adam said on owen? you are going to fault a guy for getting publicity… give me a break

  51. People call Ari a "hardcore supremacist" because he played a character which parodied a group of people who are about as numerous as the Amish. Ari is nothing of the sort. It's almost like how they badmouth David Duke, but neither have a racist bone in their body. Ari has to play dumb around the group he's in, because them clowns he hangs with in Joe's entourage are about 20 IQ points below him.

  52. they took out black pigeon speaks, better prepare for the shoah now matt instead of scrambling when it happens.

  53. Matthew you rock, cant help but Jesse gives me the creeps, he’s either gay or a jew. Either way there is something sinister going on with him.

  54. Look into Jon Ronson , he was the guy who filmed Alex Jones going to bohemian grove, also done the ‘men who stare at goats’ also wrote ‘the Psychopath test ‘ I’m sure he is a (((spy))) 🤔 very odd guy ! Great work, keep it going ✊❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  55. Sams friend Ryan left his show because he found out sam was in it just for popularity ✊🤔

  56. In the bigger picture, none of these people amount to anything. Few even know who they are, except for this community cross-promoting and stirring up lots of soap operatic melodrama. Makes me want to yawn.

  57. ari shaffir literally looks like nazi propaganda for what a jew looks like

  58. I wish this was just you

  59. You’re not going to touch the cannabis/Israel thing are you..too bad. The world needs to know

  60. It's all controlled opposition, limited hang CIA and Mossad operatives anyways.. name one damn legit truther who has a mass following:

  61. I'm getting ready maybe within the next year; gathering studio equipment and sources, mainly to help relay the message of obviously all lies but weather, mysteries of the daily hidden attacks(ww/dew) and people of today. I dont really trust Adam green, but I really dont watch him bc there is no stopping the Jooz

  62. Joe Rogan has the actor from home alone on his show and people think he’s for real 😂😂 also you can listen to brendan schaubs below the belt podcast and he talks about comedy clubs and drag queen shows and so on so it’s pretty damn clear what these sick males are into. Watch with clear eyes and have the Holy Spirit in your heart and you will see for yourself how corrupt and disempowering these jokers are. Jesus and God are the only truth you need to seek and the answers will be shown to you daily and walk the path of truth with the full armor of God. Love the analysis you guys are doing and not everyone who watches these jokers is watching them for entertainment but rather to see the agenda they are shoving down people’s throats in these podcast. It’s quite gross.

  63. Also Brodie Stevens was a sacrifice to the comedy store. Look for yourselves how much they are using his death as an agenda to shove down people’s throats about mental health and etc .

  64. Babylonian oligarchs posing as Jews in order to get everyone to violate Zechariah 14. Read that chapter. Those who don’t partake in the Feast of Tabernacles will suffer plagues. Yes, there’s a Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9 & 3:9) but that doesn’t mean the righteous remnant of the Tribe of Judah are to be witch hunted. This righteous remnant of Judah acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Messiah. The unrighteous component abide by the Talmud.

    Satan has used the long term strategy of scapegoating the tribe of Judah to send everyone to the lake of fire. The Jew is the ultimate scapegoat. Babylonian mystics infiltrated the tribe and altered its culture from within. A small remnant observe certain aspects of the old law while also acknowledging that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins. This small remnant is who God wants to protect as per Zechariah 14.

    Catholic apologist E Michael Jones has been gaining a steady following for calling out the Jews. Through e-mail and comments on his YouTube channel, I asked him about his thoughts about Zechariah 14 and he shunned me. People need to be cautious of Jones who, despite his stance against prominent Jews, delivers anti Semitic speeches in Germany without being detained. He manages to travel all over the world and meet up with government leaders with an income based entirely off of his website’s membership subscriptions and lack luster book sales.

    I’ve seen him throw up the “ok” sign three times in a row. He’s also stated that Newton’s inverse square law is “a good idea”. He pushes the term Logos way too hard and uses it as a bridge to connect Islam with Christianity. Beware of this man who exposes the Jews yet states that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

  65. If all young people were like you Jewish Socialism wouldn't be taking over the US, children wouldn't be confused with their genders because of the constant weaponized ideologies aimed at us daily.
    Mikhail Gorbachev made a statement in his book Perestroika that the only reason the USSR fell was to subvert the west into thinking that Communism died.

    I think you're the best Journalist out there.

  66. Great analysis as usual Matthew, Jesses effusive praise is well deserved & well earned

  67. Seams to me that those ((( head phones ))) have a purpose for Devil to whisper into their ears : admit, object, mention this, say that, play sad, exited … deny, change subject, ask more about this.
    Seriously they all are professionals with awareness how to talk in to microphone and there is technician, that controls the show with 10s dilate going on line, so he can take away words and he monitors if everyone’s mic work and regulate volume…

    We don't know what is in those ((( head phones ))) and what they are real for ? I sow a lots of group talk on the screen with one mic, no head phones , and no sound quality problems at all.
    If I would see on TV people with head phones First thought in my head Oh that wat they do instead of reading from paper or from screen in the front of them on the same spot with camera, so we got impression that people while reading, look in to our eyes and talk from their hearts. reading guidelines for emotions to the words they pronounce.
    there is comedian show program where comedians get tasks to explain shit with certain attitude and they put humorous flavour over the story.

    There is no "blow job" that wouldn't be done for money That is real power of the Devil. Greed and fear keeps pyramid of hierarchy strong, they repeat to you in a all possible ways that there is no such a thing as 'free will' and there is 'higher power above you' . Well if you choose to believe imagination has no limits. I am hear, because my mum and dad loved each other so much there for I am fruit of love. Aha! there is evidence that free will actually exist. We need Free Will in order to have friendships, mutual care, cooperation , love… everything that one can't buy for money.
    I don't want, that humanity turn in to fruits of ripe, prostitution, planed reproduction, breed like a pigs, in tax enclosure guarded by guns and pacified by imaginary stories and work like a slaves kill each other on command, if government say so on paper.

    Wake up, there is no one higher over you and each and one of us have a power of free will to make life more wonderful then it is. You just choose to participate where is fun, serve human needs, so that we could celebrate life together with our loved ones. We all just temporary here any way …
    Many of us think of love as a strong emotion, a feeling we have for another person. Take a wholly different and life-enriching approach to love. Love is something you "do", something you give freely from the heart. Learn how to express yourself nakedly and honestly to your partner, friends, or family, for no other purpose than to reveal what's present or alive in you. Discover what thousands of people around the world already know: A heart to heart connection strengthened by joyfully giving and receiving from the heart. Is that love you longing to experience?
    Greed and fear ?
    It is not the darkens that scares us most but that bright light that we all have deep in our hearts.

    Fear and anger is weakness, real power is to keep love in your heart, strong enough to with withhold from fall in to sin, loved ones and friends.
    We are stronger together and need to unite for the only one purpose to serve life, everything else is as sin that cause suffer. Sin is missing the point, first sin is to miss your mamas tits, milk flow to your mouth and life goes on, all forms of life wiggle in direction that serves life , People busy arguing who is right? instead of pay attention how to make life more wonderful then it is? where is opportunity to serve the need of ours?

    We all are human beings need eat, poop, sleep and have each other, everything else is imaginary and optional.

  68. The Orthwest Front EMO bumper music sucked.. out loud.. When conspiracy research progidy Mtthew North tlells Jessie Spoths oths tht Joe Roganwas involvd as Esalen via "Uri Millner" wae he trying to say o Uii Geller,?, the Iraeli spoon bending spook?

  69. The Morman video is good stuff

  70. Pick a side, Israel or Islamofascists.

  71. Thanks fellas. I am too old to think. Brain damage from abuse. But rogaine has been on my tits for years. This is all over my head but its fascinating.
    Rogans little non comedy crew
    All the popular podcast now
    They all act so stupid and like heyyy mannn
    I dont know whats going on
    But I really cant imagine rogan is anything more than a power hungry puppet. I cant believe he is intelligent
    Maybe i’m wrong. Just dont like him never did

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