Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us –
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    Lets heat jack

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    Enough of the advertising. Lets hear the scoop

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    Good work. Keep digging and expose

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    Man, looking sharp. Absolutely disgusting how much pork is in this. Trump is absolutely aweful with spending.

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    Need to expose MSN management with DNC. That is what needs light shed on

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    Its $$$ going to mills n v Jarrett Obozo staff

  7. Avatar

    there going to bust the bank

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    deep state needs deep 6

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    It's due to Obama placing Valerie Jarret and Susan Rice on the board. So Pelosi wanted the money to go to the Kennedy Center and then have the money laundered back to Pelosi and whoever. But President Trump appointed 10 new members and got rid of Jarret and Rice

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    Against us, hang em high…

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    Is he gonna play the tape or what? Blah, blah, yesterdays news

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    Thank you so much for real, true news! Stay safe & healthy. God Bless 🙏🇺🇲

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    But when it comes down to it, we can all live without the Kennedy Center whereas we can’t live without more important businesses. But Pelosi just spends our tax dollars to her own benefit NOT ours…then lies about it!

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    Kennedy center is nothing but a money laundering enterprise ! Democrats just got a pay day 25 million

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    Truly disgusting giving so much of the people’s hard earned money to a non essential business. We know it’s because they have so many cronies on the board that they’re helping out. People are suffering because of government incompetence and get the bread crumbs while the government partners in crimes get the pork. Great. It will never end. How much is Kennedy center getting from the separate arts” portion of the bill. $25M allocated to the arts and $25M allocated to the Kennedy center.

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    The light is harsh

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    Please OAN I'm begging you to stop using the term Workers. Please. Please. We are CITIZENS, we are equals to the politicians and corporatists. Citizens = We the People ……
    Workers = Communist Serfs please.

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    It doesn't matter, national emergency he can spend however he wants

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    Tell me about petrocaribe 😏

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    Good info, shame no one will hear about it or bring it up on major networks. This story will be ignored and no one will be accountable or fired over this.

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    Impeach Pelosi and Schumer!

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    You suck. I stopped watching you years ago because you were one of the shittiest reporters who claims to be a conservative that I have ever seen. Your intelligence background bullshit. I watched everything you did up to the Trump election and after the Trump election I stopped watching you about two years ago because it was clear that you are just total bullshit and you are what is referred to as a paytriot. Fuck off Pesobic. Either bring the actual news or shut the fuck up you Squirrley little fucking weasel CIA fucking plant fuck you fuck you fuck you.

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    this could be fake news too

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    Definitely want to know the details after finding out earlier that the Kennedy Center was planning to lay off musicians after the Bill was signed.

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    Get to the point quicker dude

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    OAN probably knows this but so much is going on and things are happening so fast so passing this on
    Hear Trump removed Susan Rice and Vakerie Garrett from the JFK Center board of trustees
    Heard this on X22 Report You Tube at about 2:15

    There were other changes of board members mentioned in the following article. There are other changes in board members but no mention of the Centers president leaving. I like huckabee was hopeful he would be reversing that decision.
    Kennedy Center Board: Trump Taps Jon Voight, Mike Huckabee – Variety

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    So put it out and shut up

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    Gateway Pundit released the conference call too.

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    Good work!!!! Yes, we do need to hear the truth and which corrupt a-holes were involved.

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    God bless and thank you Jack.

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    Please, this is not well done.

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    His pocket square is a triangle! 😂

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    I tell ya with this whole house arrest thing, massive layoffs and the $6.2 T (anti)stimulus bill. I am DONE with Trump. Off the Trump train. Guess I find myself party-less cuz I can't vote democrat.

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    let us hear the tape!

  35. Avatar

    stop jabbering…put tape on…

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    Trump assigned 10 new people Mike Huckabee and Jon Voigh to the board of trustees so no money laundering for them hahaha

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    "I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you." -The Matrix

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    Keep fighting em Jacky P!!👍

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    Whare is it ? Shit up and put it up.

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    Needs to be turned into emergency covid treatment center for FEMA.

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    Why spend money on entertainment that you can't attend, because of the lock down? I bet the money went in several dem bank accounts,as usual!

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    You’re still a fraud Jack 🖕you

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    it is truly uncanny how exposed the crooked slime in this country has become in the last 3 -4 years. Some us have seen some of it for a very long time, hoping now the majority of the public is seeng it.

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    Wasted time what scandal click bait

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    stop wasting time

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    Unbelievable how Pelosi refused to fund "The Wall" that keeps us all safer, but included $25,000,000 for the Kennedy Center…

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    All you gotta do is audit the media companies and I'm sure you'll find huge donations from communist china to spread their anti-american propaganda

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    Yet another money laundering SCAM by democrats. Guess who is on the board of directors of the Kennedy Center: Susan Rice and Valerie Jarred. Guess who is stealing your tax dollars…

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    Does that mean I will soon own a piece of that place? I'll take a brick.. Maybe we can get a bunch of people to take the pieces they own?

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    Someone needs to make a list and account of all the people in D.C. who take money from china.All of them need to be exposed.

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    Get to the point…

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    Can the Kennedy Center be required to pay the back?

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    Im with you 100. Just working out the bugs. And im very grateful

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