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This video discusses a possible method for training clothes in stable diffusion using kohya ss LoRA models…which can be useful for fashion business/cloth stores or other businesses or users.

the goal here is to train objects such as clothes, use existing clothes which are on plastic mannequins or without to dress them on new real person (or AI generated person) in different poses/backgrounds/settings

it is possible to train clothes without having them on mannequins or existing models using the cloth pictures only but results are not as good as here, with mannequins it gives better results and we can automatically remove the mannequin from the generated images with help of captioning and some proper data set preparation.

the video will explain multiple subject training, object training method in general and compare results from regularized and non regularized sets

1- we can use 1 to 20 images for training, the more the better
2- clothes should ideally be seen from different angels and how they are dressed on a plastic mannequin or another real person
3- the face of the mannequin or person must not repeat in most images to avoid learning it too
4- we can change the cloth colors afterwards using prompts in most cases
5- regularization can make model more felxible but reduce resemblance slightly
6- training multiple subjects is possible, but can be annoying and less felxible than single subject because each subject may require different number of training steps
7- use after detailer to get good full boy faces in all your training targets.
8- it is possible to generated more than one prompt in Kohya ss by putting one prompt in each line in the sample image generation box

Kohya ss repositry for training

Birme for resizing/trimming
https://www.birme.net/?target_height=768 />

sorry, didnt keep the exact set of images i used for this video for classification, but i took a subset of those https://huggingface.co/datasets/AIHowto/woman_class_images_better_1832/resolve/main/reg_images_general_fullbody_portraits_upperbody1832_images.zip …. as explained in the video, class images should ideally be clothes, but I wanted to reduce effect of the mannequin (and disrupt 1girl token) so i used a woman with clothes on … this works too since class images basic role is to disrupt training and reduce overfitting…. usually though class must be of same training image class (you can also not use class images at all)

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