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I’m a bit, I don’t know how to act positive Lamas I only know how to wear it, but I want to do some quantitative, like an activist. I keep hearing the talk about everyone saying

those saying there is no thing else besides political solution to the person doing everything in his power, not you have a soul issue waiting liquid to fall apart. Like for anyone. I think

for our Alliance, trying to the people we look alike, we think alike. I don’t think we should really criticized other options. Yeah. And the seasonal protocol is hard. The political solution is not working. Sorry. I know many of you spend tome days on the political solution for there is no such a thing because from the public’s portfolio, trying to start with, we lost 30 other employees to be seized.

And first I worked on the shelf since the . This is this whole,

I love statement, but I didn’t know. I loved your statement yesterday. It was like, we have hopes to still pass. Would you say, like, have you heard what’s Carrie said yesterday was chairing it. And then later on, we will come back to reality and saying like, okay, then who’s going to enforce it. Right. I get it.

Um, a lot of us wish there was an enforcement mechanism right now. A lot of us have been fighting. Um, but we don’t have one right now in that sense. So we’re trying to pursue the diplomacy and I understand it’s frustrating. I have nobody more frustrated than we are. Michael’s frustrated. I’m frustrated.

Dodginess right in there. So, you know, it’s hard. Um, the problem is that, you know, you get four quote enforcers in there and then everybody ups the ante, right. Russia puts in more Iran or as well as there more. And this one is more and Saudi Arabia and Turkey put all their surrogate money in and you all were destroyed.

I mean, this is the problem is figuring out how do you get people to a place in being rational? And that’s what we’re trying to do. No, we can always throw a lot of weapons and I don’t think they’re going to be good for you. And, uh, you know, people who have determined, just fight and fight and bike and destroy things completely.

Right. So we’re trying, trying to find the balance here to see if we can get to a negotiated process with an end of the violence while we do it. That’s why we’re fighting so hard for the cessation so that you’re not living day to day with fighting around you, but there’s a political process and supplants the fighting.

No, sir, it makes it hard. I’ll necessarily certain dashboards make it hard because you have this extreme element out there. And unfortunately, some of the opposition has already kind of chosen to work with them, but let me listen to the rest of you before we end here. What else?


I’ve been this

facility. I cannot deal with the other side. No. Uh, she had, you know,

yes. Um, I have to confess, I heard only a party that, um, but we’ve heard a lot of talk recently and I don’t want to repeat what I just said in the event prior to this. And we were hoping to get some of your reactions and. Um, I don’t know what you said because I heard this from the beginning. Sorry, go ahead.

Go ahead. He said, I don’t want him to go. He goes, we did as Syrians, a lot of docs already, and you know what we want to get a, see, once you knew you were in a really important meeting and they wanted to ask you what happened in there. I wanted to know from you what’s happened in that meeting. So what happened is we told the Russians and the Iranians.

That we can’t just do the same thing. They can’t just go out and announce these fire. If there’s no change to show that it’s Ferris, what has lessened

that year let’s make money. So we proposed to the Russians that they prove that they’re serious by having no more planes flying. No. I said planes flying for seven days, at least in order to prove to the opposition that they’re not going to get killed if they’re trying to help people or if the humanitarian assistance comes in, because it’s the airplanes which have been causing most of the damage.

and not make one fee. I isolated it on the site. You have to have yet. It’s not by the new song that I didn’t, that I am. I shouldn’t push him out of the . I’m going to be telling me I’ve been doing my gym classes home, but

even in that acid. So the Russians were willing to offer three days and we said, that’s not enough. That’s the game. Yeah, you got to be serious here. The deal we made in Geneva is at seven days consecutive have come before we would talk about focusing on dash and no, sir.


and mosquito dash. So that’s really where we had a lot of discussion. Many ministers felt that, uh, Russia needed to provide this guarantee.

some talked about increased the monitoring that we needed to get monitoring in which we all agree. But we aren’t sure who can do the monitoring and how that’ll set you safe.

what dish is going to add in that. And that’s really what happened in the meeting of the Russians. And so sending the idea of back to Moscow and we learned tomorrow, whether it’s yes or no or some variation,


that’s where we are.

What would you, what, what, what is your idea of what would make a difference?

okay. To be honest, I don’t think the us should have a monitoring role inside Syria needs to have much.

My sister


pilots. They’re satellites. So, um, we have civil society organizations working on the ground that can see these violations,

uh, hospital

slowly losing money. Uh, uh, sorry. Uh,

his name was


Um, after the console was bombed by either Russia or Syria or the regime, we’re not sure at this point we received, um, voice messages that are saying that the white helmets are what helmets locations will be, uh, specifically targeted. Um, and that, uh, if the ministry of defense is asked about. What targeted those areas?

Um, they would say white, white helmets.



have the spouse, uh, some of our shoppers define it. Any other idea?

Um, we don’t believe that Russia can be the guarantor of the actions of the regime. We see that Russia as a partner of the regime in bombing Syrians, uh, Syrian civilians marketplaces, even our own teams of serious civil defense teams. We’ve documented since the start of the Russian intervention in Syria from day one until February of this year, more than 17 of our serious level defense personnel have been killed by Russian story.

Do you have any videos of the airplanes, the strike had you been in Boston? Um, can we get for videos?

I just told her

and just say, we get a lot of videos of the victims of these attacks that are terrible, but they don’t help us. We need videos of the actual aircraft and the munitions, and there’s a lot of them on the internet and we don’t know. Whether they’re real or not. So verified videos of the actual aircraft is the most useful thing.

And often when we see the videos of the aircraft and then, you know, in their defense, it’s hard to capture the aircraft in the moment, obviously to see the aircraft. And then there are people on the ground.

Um, what is actually very helpful is. Photographic or video evidence of the munitions, particularly if there are large fragments from the Bible, by the way, do we have people in the level where the trucks were looking for the munitions and seven it’s? Uh, yeah. And just have they, are, can you make sure that we get that back to us or, sorry.

Yeah. So what I just heard today, the UN actually wants to start taking that on, in an organized way. To actually do some kind of a real team to go out and just to get it

out of there and get the good people to certainly tell if it’s an advanced question initiative. I mean, they’re doing it right on. Yeah, I think they are actually, we should check.



just always looking


just let me translate for it now. Um, I apologize. What I’m going to say is a bit harsh. Um, I’m a surgeon by profession, um, and just from what I’ve seen and what we’ve experienced, our heart’s heart have hardened. Um, I believe that everyone is involved at this point in the Syrian crisis. Uh, but that also means that they’re part of the solution.

Islamia you will do a

We’ll kill. We are mainly being,



Um, uh, I believe that we need more action by the us, um, on Syria. Um, we’re confused as to why Russia is so strongly siding with the regime. Whereas we find the friends of Syria, their positions, or their better rhetoric thins year by year. Um, the violators of the cessation of hostilities are clear. Do we still need video and photographic evidence, uh, on this?


any help? No one. There was

Islam. Uh,


And I also want to stress the point of the need to break the siege of Aleppo. I don’t want to talk to continue to talk about this. We need actual intervention. Um, so I really feel that there needs to be a balance. Um, as I, as I mentioned, there’s a very strong. Russian position siding with the regime, um, whether it’s through their military intervention or the decisions in boats that they take inside security council.

And we want him to be expected. Similar support from the U S from my son.

Just a bit on this one, this one,

we believe that there is a deep contradiction between the strategic objective, so clear America and the Russians in Syria. The Russians would love to see as soon as possible. . From one side and from the other side, right. Story, any kind of top position and to put the order into the choice that you have the choice between the service.

Nice. We do not understand. And this, this has been the case since 2000 we do not understand how. Yeah, it can be expected from the Russians to change as, and to behave differently and to come up to a strategy that has come objectives.

well, the problem is the Russian stuff care about international law. We do. And we don’t have a basis. Our lawyers tell us unless we have a UN security council resolution, which the Russians can be Chinese, or unless we are under attack from the folks there, or unless we are invited it, Russia is invited it find a legitimate regime.

by the regime. And so they were inviting in and we’re not invited, we’re flying in airspace there where they can turn on the air, the fence. And we have very different seeing it. The only visitor letting us fly is because. We’re going out, we were going out grass, those air defenses. We have to take out all your expenses and we don’t have a legal justification, frankly, for doing that, unless we stretch it way beyond the law basis, which some people argue we should.

By the way. Uh, but so far American legal theory has not fallen into the so-called right to from text. And we don’t even have what we had in Kosovo, where we had, you know, existing resolution and so forth. Um, so it’s complicated. It’s not easy. And we’ve been fighting. How many Wars we’ve been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We’ve been playing, you know, in the region for 14 years. A lot of Americans don’t believe that we should be fighting and sending young Americans over to die in another country. That’s the problem. Uh, Congress won’t vote to do it. You can be mad at us, but what we’re trying to do is help. Syrians provide for their own century.

And we’ve been spending a lot of money, a lot of effort to try and help do this. So there’s an opposition there. The opposition is doing very well. Russia came in and that’s a problem. I know because we, uh, We don’t behave like Russia. That’s just a different standard. So we’re trying to see whether we can put to test where Russia the serious,

and if they’re not serious, then we will help the officers more. But I don’t think you’re gonna, you know, I don’t think that’s particularly good for the citizens of Syria in the end, because Nate was like,

Something about the

Now the word always focus on the extreme it’s send me girls fighting is here. And he ended up coming here when the arguments spoke about critical and non-sectarian government in Syria, that was difficult to sell to the communities on the ground and to our pillows at all ages, because it speaks only about the extremists on me.

And the commodity extremist cheering

well, they’re a terrorist organization. We designate them a terrorist organization. Yeah. But according to the Russian, Russian and American agreement, the other slides in Syria would be only against the assume the same as Tony’s. Yeah. Because the reason for that. They are both basically wore on us and are applying against us and has not played any assets as mullein is exclusively focused on Israel over them.

They’re not attacking and on Syria where they are exactly in support of the, uh, Uh, in support of us. So it’s, uh, no, I understand your position as representing the American interests because these ships groups, they do not attack the have States of course, but how to make the.

I’m sorry, what, how to mainly see me and people accept this argument that because, uh, has will now

now. So they are not targeted by the attacks against terrorism is helium. They killed, they are targeted by the opposition and we are arming. So at training, I have a little bit,

and I’m a social media activists. So I worked for six campaigns over the last six years. You know, how many,

how many social media campaigns

Maybe one or two, but we have six, well, each six months we’ll have one. So it’s not to me convincing me. It’s about the booking side. So this is really hard because we lost the daddy that I have is like our sweetest romantic dream that it will be shared and we lost it last time. So once we are moving forward is another experience so far at all.

They’re controlling. I will become to me, how will the population feel that it’s an existence battle and they’re only exhibits will be as us. So I know that this scenario for Syria, so we are arming people to fight for Syria. I don’t think we are. I think they’re yelling it. We are not army. There are people now.

That’s why we are using gather for it now. And I don’t want him to be here next year. When we get on discuss how we lost the lipo and there is still . So in reality, there is not enough. Politico and support to those who considered them models. I wish we had this friends, not people, they don’t respect things, our national load, but because they are his friends.

Well, let me ask you, Michael. I mean, we’ve been putting . Um, yeah, and I have to say, as you said, it’s a double edged sword because you give people the ability to defend themselves, but when you pump more weapons into a situation like Syria, it doesn’t end well for Syrians because there’s always somebody else that’s willing to put more weapons in for the other side.

Um, the groups that the armed groups in Syria get a lot of support, not just from the United States, but from other partners. And we’ve never said that that Russia, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi, Saudi Arabia, huge amount of weapons coming in huge amount of money, but pumping weapons in causes someone else to pump more weapons.

And you end up with a left arm. I mean, the reason, the reason Russia came in. It’s because Isla was getting stronger. Dash was threatening the possibility of going to Damascus and so forth. And that’s why Russia came in because they didn’t want a dash government and they supported us. And, and, uh, and we know that this, this was growth.

We were watching, we saw that that dash was growing and straight and we thought it was. Uh, we thought, however, we could probably manage, uh, you know, as I might have negotiated and negotiated that you got outside value that they’re supporting. So it’s, it’s truly gone. I mean, you know how complicated as you live in it, but for us politically, where we have a Congress that will not authorize our use of force.

Congress will not pass that. And so we’re trying to help the best way we can, but we finally decided the best thing we can do is try to find a way to have a political solution where the opposition is part of the government and we can have an election and let the people of Syria decide. Who they want.

You don’t believe in much. What’s going to . Yeah, I don’t. I think that there is I don’t to go with you to that person. He comes in here.

Why can’t you have an election run by the international community, which we don’t trust already. Okay. Then. Okay. Well you got to start somewhere because the international community sets up an election under the strictest standards of elections and people in all the camps and all the diaspora are allowed to vote, which was the agreement.

So in Jordan, they can probably be attorneys in America. They can vote in London, they can vote everybody who’s registered as a refugee, anywhere in the world can vote. Are they going to vote? I said, scared of this happen to me, very scared of this happening. We know this, we know this from intelligence and we know it from the Russians.

So, you know, democracy has some virtues folks.

The majority of your guests are arriving. Anyway, I don’t dismiss that or navigate. Think about how it could work from international though, we use it on the table. It is really related to accountability. that killed 1 billion. The international law is not important anymore. Doesn’t feel by election genocide, doesn’t go by election.

Thank God that activists around the world push forward that international law put those as a big note to stick to the international law. We keep sticking to the international law. Well, on the best interest of the major powers, we will say they do not allow us to intervene the base case. Let’s go to Alicia and they look for shelter.

I could approve that. So we are discussing a scenario. That’s not going to happen. I believe it

It means that they are going to manipulate these selections and they have that. They have the resources, they are controlled out of the country to population. I am. So they have old, old possible

and the areas under the control of the regime itself, you don’t have the choice. They will go by power like 10. We the, that we know that Syrians under control of them have the security intelligence of the vast party. They was not there because they have all the words, they not there to go to the election and say more.

They gave me the papers of my mother incidents and gave me the sign up that they can kill her. They give me a chance to sign how many people. That’s correct.

And how would the people who are displaced know those who are displaced? Have some of this is still inside Syria. They’re afraid we can debate. Should we feel, so you think the only solution is for somebody to come in and get rid of us? If the only solution going to be, who’s going to do that three years.

I go, I would say you right? I don’t know. Yeah. Well, look, it’s a hard choice. Pardon? I’m sorry. It’s uh, you know, we’ve lost thousands of young Americans in other countries and. It’s pretty difficult right now to get Americans to say, we’re going to send Americans to another country and have a war Sunni and Shia and extremists and everybody, I mean, you know, it’s more complicated than you think nobody puts an invasion.

Nobody requests an invasion. Well, you got to win a war. You’ve got to come in and occupy cities. You’ve got to go in city facility and fight against people who have ideas. People have sniper rifles, it’s complicated, and people now may have gas and other things. So that is not easy. I’m just telling you it’s not easy.

You know, there are lots of places in the world where people want to hold our goal when we go fight, but it’s not easy. And we’re trying to empower Syrians to be able to fight against this guy. Now, the Russians have changed the equation. Unfortunately, the Russians have changed the equation and it’s, it’s a little more complicated.

So we’re trying to think about a way to get to the table if we can and save lives. I don’t think any country has worked hard to save lives. We’ve given more money than any other nation for refugees regarding Syria. And we’re trying very hard to try to provide access for humanitarian votes to get save lives.

Doctor, I know you have no need for medical supplies to save lives. We trying to make it possible for you to do that without disengaged. We’re not saying, Oh, we’re sorry. We can’t do anything. We’re saying we’re going to try and do as much as we can within the scope of what we can do here. You and Michelle gave up his committee does

the whole equal

the transition.

We had another bite that can make it look, I think you’re looking at three people, four people in the administration who have all argued for your support. Also

I’ve already used force. I stood up I’m the guy who stood up and announced we’ll go attack us because of this. And then, you know, things evolved in a different process, but the bottom line is, uh, that. We, the Congress refused even devote to allowing that Tony Blair went to parliament. Lost that book. I have one question then what is the bottom line?

How many, how many students, what is the bottom line? Because bottom line hospitals. Well, the time told me the red line. Yeah, no, no. What is

the end of it up here? I don’t know because I won’t mind and Washington right now are deeply frustrated as you are. And we are talking about what enforcement mechanisms could we have taken. And it may be that we will. Lift up the options because of the frustration, because of our science in deference.

And so there’s a different conversation taking place because of what’s happened in the last few days. We’ll see what happens.

yeah. Without sending any soldiers. And he’s one soldier, no fly zone. Well, there’s more and more John. We’re trying to get what we call out that that agreed about no buns. Uh, and that’s what we’re trying to get. The Russians have agreed that if we get this. Process going how’s that? And that’s what attracted us to this equation was the idea that we might get an advisor, but if we’re going to force an advisor, we have to tag every year and then we have to be willing to fly airplanes every day to enforce it.

That is very costly and various big deal.

And the long-term because if we did it in 2012, we would have been without ISIS. If we do it in 2013, right now can do one 16. So cost-effectively 12. A lot of us were saying we should be sending people in to help you. I’m frustrated too. I get it. I know everybody at this table, watch we’ll do more.

is that how we in civil defense without.

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