1. 90% of the conspiracies are facts. Eddie is what you can a rational, authentic, critical thinking man.

  2. Deep… deep…. deeeeeep!

  3. Q is definitely disinformation. And his name is Michael.

  4. on eddies shirt is a pedophile symbol

  5. Illusory Pattern Perception is the process of looking for patterns in visuals or events. We all do it and, in itself, is often helpful. As with most personality traits, there will be some who take those traits to extremes. Eddie is always looking for a pattern or connection even when none exists. He takes his Illusory Pattern Perception to the point of mental defect.

  6. i was getting so anxious watching that timer count down in the bottom left corner. Now i feel robbbed

  7. Theres a countdown on the screen less than2 minutes left . What's going to happen ???

  8. I don’t understand why everyone argues about shit like qanon instead of just reading the thousands of declassified documents and use history to analyze the present.

  9. i dont care about conspiricies anymore it is such a waste of life as life is so short to look into something that may or may not be true and in most cases no one will ever know.

  10. I love Eddie Bravo! Conspiracies are the shit!

  11. And 4 months later what are we seeing? A systematic attempt by the Democrats too conspire against Trump is being uncovered.

  12. I thought Q anon has been around longer than that?

  13. Eddie Bravo is legitimately delusional. Joe should get him help if he really considers Eddie a friend


  15. Trump, KEEP AMERICA GREAT!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. I have been following Qanon for 6 months but it's 100% legit. I promise if you delve hard enough you will be rewarded. Spaceshot76 is a great youtuber to watch

  17. Eddie calls some dodgy conspiracies but damn he knows his BJJ

  18. Jesus Christ Eddie is hands down the dumbest most moronic son of a bitch on the planet. Qanon ??? Is a far right propaganda outlet that sucks Trumps cock . Nothing they’ve ever said has ANY factual backing …

  19. Eddie Bravo…. the dumbest most moronic fucking Neanderthal son of a Bitch on the planet . He literally needs to bash his head against the wall repeatedly until these NONSENSE conspiracies get out of that idiots head. Punch drunk or some shit …

  20. Love Eddie…he's not the most articulate person but he's right on at least 75 percent of the time.

  21. How is this a conspiracy. Everything he said was true, or did I miss something.

  22. Eddie is a fucking douche bag… everything is a conspiracy to him. He's on his own planet. 🤪🤯

  23. At the risk of sounding like a stuck up European, this is so retarded my back hurts.

    Just the thought of even 1% of consumers taking this genius seriously makes me depressed.

    I love cannabis, but seriously.. if Edgy Brah is the price we have to pay, criminalize it…

  24. Eddie bravo: truth.
    Rogan: look at this arm triangle.

    Eddie bravo: more truth.
    Rogan: damn look at this armbar.

    Bros I love bjj, train myself (very low on the totem poll) but Joe, Eddie is still your fucking sensei. Have some damn respect.

    It’s clear Rogan was been “talked to” if you will, his NASA views have done a complete 180 and he no longer questions everything. Joe has to big of a following now to be allowed to chase truth now. Sadly. I’d rather die with my soul.

  25. Although, you’re hitting the nail on the head with the South African farming genocide. At least you spread the legal limit of truth.

  26. Dear Eddie, stick to talking about Bjj.

  27. Everyone who says Q anon is stupid has not looked into it.cognitive dissonance. Use the scientific method for ‘conspiracy theories’ -(a term invented by cia as a psychological trick to hide criminal activity) and you’ll find a lot of them are real

  28. Brendan 'Oh For Sure' Shaub

  29. I swear Eddie Bravo is half retarded.

  30. Eddie "i get my facts from Facebook" Bravo

  31. I guess Q-Anon is not so fake after all whoever Q is/are they've predicted a bunch of shit that has happened days after.

  32. Ya gotta be a little bit retarded to take Qanon srsly

  33. Speculation at its best! Hmmm?

  34. Q anon is BS. Trump works for Isreal.

  35. And finally he is declassifying everything haha. Eddie might be right after all

  36. Q anon was before trump silly

  37. Eddie bravo is a self righteous prick who "knows" hes correct about everything he says, he can't accept facts if they don't agree with his fuckin numerous conspiracy theory's. Friggin nutjob.

  38. I use to like Eddie but I can't fucking stand all his conspiracy theory shite! he doesn't know half of what he's on about like he doesn't even know his own points and when he starts talking his shit on the Podcasts we all just have to sit there and listen because Joe and them just let him speak

  39. Shills. I really doubt we went to the moon.

  40. Conspiracy talk to fighting, my kind of conversation, but a lot more toned down than eddie

  41. Eddie thinks everything he sees on TV is a lie and everything he sees on Youtube is hidden truth.

  42. Mf talks shit about Alex Jones. Dude can’t even admit that the shit he says comes out as facts. Also this podcast has fucking changed

  43. Some of that QAnon is pretty interesting. The McCain one, we don't say his name. Really hard hitting.

  44. Okay Eddie, you’re about as credible as Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.

  45. Q 😂😂😂 omega level troll.

  46. Yeah. Let’s listen to a flat Earther.

  47. I dont get what people got against trump…. he's a self made billionaire and knows how to manage successful businesses unlike bush who only got on there because his daddy used to be president or obama simply because he was "black" or hillary just because her husband was a millionaire… trump is good for the U.S and people hate on him U.S people are a bunch of retards swayed by the media

  48. Everyone else in the world jokes about americans as being the most brainwashed people by the fake news media. You guys have no idea how deceived you have been.

  49. How convenient. Mr. Q is the only soul on the earth who can upload shit to the web without anyone finding out who it is. I call a big steaming pile of bullshit.

  50. Yea, everything's a conspiracy according to Rogan.

  51. eddie was right about the space force….

  52. Eddie Bravo has to be the dumbest person I've ever heard. I mean that dude it's stupid

  53. Eddie Bravo typical of a trump supporter just dumb and ill-informed cam believes what he hears it conspiracy theories. The guy is not bright

  54. Look at the Q post a month before McCain died and look at the national day McCain "died" on.

  55. QAnonProofsPDF.com

    This is a great link to see practically every Q proof from the beginning, all the way through July. There have been more proofs since then as well.

  56. Eddie talking about Qanon? im dead haha

  57. The moon rover is not finished. Heres why, im still making parts for it lol its behind schedule🤙 thats my guess other wise wtf am I doing.

  58. Fucking get trump on here!!! Make it happen! It would be the most unbiased interview ever!

  59. Future proves past Q. Q is very real.

  60. See everytime people yalk about a conspiracy the world goes in denial mode…

  61. I don't think it's a coincidence that many congressmen and women are resigning when they've run for reelection every time….

  62. Eddie is a idiot. But I love him

  63. can someone tell me what video are they looking at? towards the end of the clip

  64. What's with Eddie's shirt

  65. Got to distract because he was waking up a bunch of people to Q anon. Check it out. Qanon.pub People are going down ! Order will be restored. if we all remain calm

  66. “It’s like game of thrones for real bro.” This guy is amazing

  67. lol eddie bravo that annoying friend who doesn't believe the news, but will listen to a random youtube person spew bullshit for hours.

  68. Eddie said on another podcast he's not all in on q and thinks we could be getting played but he hopes its real because otherwise we're fucked. Pretty rational assessment. There is more military control building like q is saying. Civil war or revolution?

  69. Eddie Bravo is like the real life adult version of Shane from “Jimmy Neutron”

  70. 19 billion is the amount that NASA is budgeted every year and is actually a fraction what it was before.

    This is why it’s dangerous that we have a bunch of Eddie Bravos running around who are influencers and have audiences. They are so innacurate and don’t care about doing a little nuanced research before having an opinion on anything

  71. Qanon is very real look up "Qproofs" qanon.pub

  72. Everyone calling Q a “conspiracy theory”: you’re all retarded. And you should try doing some basic research.

  73. This guy! Spurious facts backed up by his imagination.

  74. Moon landing wasn’t even faked😂 there’s so much evidence that disputes 99% of the conspiracy theorists bullshit.. how the fuck does this come up in every conversation they have😂

  75. Why joe didn't talk about moon landing to Elon musk…

  76. Man, Eddie is a goofball. But he's a BJJ Savant!

  77. Joe "I talk shit about all of my
    'friends' "Rogan.

  78. QANON is an AI, it predicts the future.

  79. Eddie kinda looks like a tweaker I see on the streets in New Orleans

  80. They trust Eddie with jujitsu knowledge he has acquired and polished yet he is a dumb ass with info? Makes no sense so who side are they on

  81. Child human trafficking and organ trafficking and drug trafficking are not conspiracy. This all absolutely happens. The question is who’s profiting and participating. Corruption goes deep, and it’s only the people at the top of the food chain who can afford such services. Stop watching major media and do some research. We live in a world that’s been run by psychopaths for a very long time. The black market is real. Evil is real. Wake up.

  82. Q anon is another Russian propaganda tool. I tho I might be the only one catching this stuff. Look at it from a neutral prospective

  83. I've never really agreed with Eddy Bravo but the stuff he said is TRUE! Trump leaves us clues in plane site but 95% of people don't catch on

  84. I'm a fan of Eddie Bravo and I think he has the right idea on questioning everything as we all should. But I would like for someone to please educate me on the triangle spiraling inward symbol that he wears on his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu t-shirt

  85. What were they watching at the very end?

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