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Russian military’s Il-76 transport planes with medical specialists and aid on board landed on Sunday evening at Pratica di Mare air base near Rome to help Italy in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio welcomed the Russian medical professionals at the air base.

“I want to thank you in the name of the Italian Republic for help and bringing supplies. We will always be grateful to the Russian Federation for solidarity and friendship which it demonstrated,” Di Maio said.

Russia sent nine planes with aid to Italy after Russian President Vladimir Putin called Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on March 21 to discuss the coronavirus crisis.

Italy has been Europe’s worst-hit country by the COVID-19 outbreak with over 59,000 confirmed cases and more than 5,400 deaths thus far.

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    Мы должны сплотится и помогать друг другу! Я каждый день жду хороших новостей из Италии. Количество жертв просто шокирует…. Выздоравливай Италия!

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    Надеюсь, что в Италии людей скорее выздоравливать начнут. Очень печально, что Италия так сильно пострадала от вируса

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    When it comes to crisis , you see real the friends Russia ,China, Cuba with what they can do to help ,risking their life to help.

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    Corona teaches the world the definition of civilisation. Lets search the ultimate goal of human beings;Lets have a comparative study on the Bible and the Quran

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    LOL! Russia is sending aid to Italy, but the situation with medicine itself is catastrophic. It’s just a show off. All citizens already understand what awaits Russia :((

  6. Avatar

    I'm from Ethiopia & I'm ortodox pray for Italy 😭

  7. Avatar

    Thanks Russia love from Pakistan

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    Merci la Russie شكرا لروسیا

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    Grazie a tutto russo

  10. Avatar

    Communists Become Heroes. Bha…ha…ha….
    Where is Pope ?, Your Prayer is Not Heared By God Anymore ??? Then What is Your Function Now ? LoL~

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    Love both ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    These people are saint. 100 doctors and medical personal.

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    Only bombs should come from Russia with love! The West only deserved it.

  14. Avatar

    what happen to the EU

  15. Avatar

    God Bless Russian

  16. Avatar


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    Rusia y su gente si se la juega!!igual que los cubanos!!con sanciones económicas y todo!!🙏👏👏👏

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    RUSSIA yess

    NATO no

  19. Avatar

    God please help us all

  20. Avatar

    GOD BLESS Russia . Thank you PRESIDENT Putin!!!!

  21. Avatar

    Impressive, well done Russia

  22. Avatar

    Well done Russia for providing medical supplies and food to Italy. Italy will never forget the humanitarian aid

  23. Avatar

    From Haiti!! Spaciba russia❤

  24. Avatar

    Reminded me of Russian’s badass 🚢 ship saved the Whales 🐋 🐋 from the film called “The Miracle” and now they’re helping Italians 🇮🇹!!! Aren’t they a real miracle!?!?! Let’s go Russians!!! 🤟🏼

    Gorbachev must be proud!!!! Used to be CCCP Soviet Union BUT now they are heroes, sweetest, & marvellous Russians trying to save lives!!!! YaY!!!!

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    and Washington alone, is responsible for the Covid-19 coronavirus

  26. Avatar

    But why not in Syria?

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    Германия с февраля лечит италянцев в Германии и помогает с медикаментами и с врачами. Но к несчастью у Германии нет RT чтобы назначить Меркель Спаителем Италии. 😉

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    Those russian plane are huge..

  29. Avatar

    Humanity restored

  30. Avatar

    God Bless Rassia!!! Y que viva Presidente Putin!!!

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    Italy and Russia were foes during ww 2 and also pre world war 2 period. Italy being a fascist nation joined the axis power to eradicate Soviet red army and the Russian people. After ww 2 USA has taken control of Italy and Italy was aided by US to build fascist free Italy. Now by the outbreak of deadly coronavirus Italy is completely marginalised and sought for help. No US help but Russia, China and Cuba responded immediately to help Italy. Cuba being a communist country with economy far less than US ready to help Italy and what about US? they are still thinking about their own interest and economy not responding to the necessity of the time? Very interesting facts.

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    Orthodox always makes me happy i will pray for italy and rest of the world

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    Great Job!. the world need love instead of boom

  34. Avatar

    ok russians. thanks. now sanctions time.

  35. Avatar

    God bless Italy! Don’t really care about russia.

  36. Avatar

    China already have a cure but they're not passing it to anyone one especially to the US

  37. Avatar

    Russian military bandit, okupant— Ukraine, Gruzja, Kuryl Island, Moldawia, next

  38. Avatar

    Stati Uniti e Unione Europea si sono fatti i cazzi loro.
    I paesi "cattivi" hanno inviato medici e rifornimenti.

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    EU 🇪🇺🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

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    Great Job Russia
    GOD Bless and
    more POWER.

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    Я из России. Я могу понять русскую дружбу без предательства, любовь из России и прочее. Я, действительно могу горжусь своей страной, её историей. Но я не понимаю этого жеста Путина на санкции против России, этого ответа на европейское подстрекательство США. Это что-то, типа, если бьют, то подставь вторую щёку?! К чему эти понты, если спустя месяцы всё вернётся на круги своя, как было много раз, последний – с Турцией.
    Ничего личного. Итальянцам терпения, здоровья всем!

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    Only RUSSIA CUBA & CHINA Helping Italy.
    EU abandoned it's member states.
    Germany and Czech block the masks that intended to sent to Italy.
    The US comes to steal/hijack millions of testing kits from Italy…

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    Von der Sowjetunion/Russland lernen… heißt Siegen lernen!!
    Cool was Russland macht…👍👍👍

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    Italy gets no help from the EU…
    Italy gets a fine 70 million euros..
    Russia and cuba help italy..

    Well thats what the EU does.

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    We are Humans helping fellow humans. we aren't nations fighting this,but one race.

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    Respect V. Putin!!!

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    Thanks to Russia from France

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    If we were all more merciful and kind to one another the world would be a different place

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    "With Love from Russia." Where is 007…hahaa. Peace be with U all…🤗

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    What happened to the United Union?
    I’m European and the Russians deserve to be called Europeans 👍
    Thank you Russia 🇷🇺 💕

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    the last item looked like a soild bunker

  52. Avatar

    This is z time for world to help each other at this time to fight this virus 🦠

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    Vladimir Putin – 1….EU – 0 Have a guess who Italy will support against future sanctions on Russia. EU hypocrisy for all to see. Way to go Mr Putin, your heart is in the right place, well done.

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    god bless mother russia,god bless president putin, god bless cuba.thank you♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Bravo Russia👍👍👍

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    А вот и прилетели спецы!

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    Thank you Russia ! With love from Italy ❤

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    Please brothers wear face mask ….for your own health

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    Quando dicevo Salvini con Russia,,, traditori Dimaozedung Conte griloni pidioti MS 5bugiardi ladroni merdoni mafiosi maledetti scarafaggi draconici bildenberg Skiavi criminali pedofili orconi cannibali draconici codardi troika Ue politici BCE FMI iorvaticani politici merdoni etc VF nklooo,,,!!¡!***🗽🗽🗽🗽🌌🌌🌃🌄🌅🌆🌇🌉😚😎🤔😤😷👽👾🤖👻☠💀👺👹👿😈😬😰😱😳😳😵😡😠

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    I always sed putin is best leader in history who cares humans god bless whole italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

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    Russian Security with Mr Edoardo and Princess Beatrice…..

  63. Avatar

    Russia 👏👏👏

  64. Avatar

    When countries put their differences aside & knock out a invisible monster, this is where it matters.

  65. Avatar

    I think it's the right time to add new sanctions against Russia …

  66. Avatar

    Russian army delevery through IL 76 .. nothing can be more majestic…

  67. Avatar

    😢 Прости нас Господи🙏

  68. Avatar

    this is how you make a country to leave EU

  69. Avatar

    Di Maio pagliaccio

  70. Avatar

    Thx russia they have great leader help each and every nation who need
    From india friends of Russia

  71. Avatar

    There is one more reason to see,how Europe its divided. UE doesn't work anymore. Good job England

  72. Avatar

    I love russia!!!😘🥰

  73. Avatar

    where is the american?

  74. Avatar

    EU and American shame on you they never help one of their own. Thanks RUSSIA CUBA & CHINA.. praying for Italian people

  75. Avatar


  76. Avatar

    Да хранит нас всех Бог.

  77. Avatar

    Love u Russia 🇷🇺frm India 🇮🇳

  78. Avatar

    Courage à vous tous de France

  79. Avatar

    I pary for Italy

  80. Avatar

    when I was spraying pallets my PPE was : a gas mask , apron , thick plastic gloves , ear protection , hard hat

    PPE worn here : just an anti-dust respirator and 1 use plastic gloves worn by every other person

  81. Avatar

    Russia cares more about people not even in alliance with them more than NATO and the EU do

  82. Avatar

    Italy, get well sooner. We are with you.
    And the deepest ever respect to Cuba! My admiration of this little nation is endless and eternal! They are so little, but so GREAT! Under the sanctions and isolation so many years. They are still ready to help!
    Glory to Cuba! Prayers for Italy!
    Love to both nations!

  83. Avatar

    Humanity will win the battle against coronavirus !

  84. Avatar

    Italy we go, we will help!Everything will be fine! Sorry for the bad English

  85. Avatar

    Будет надеяться, что ИТАЛИЯ ответят России взаимностью !
    Им сейчас труднее ВСЕХ.

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  87. Avatar

    V. Putin: Haw mtch Italy cost?

  88. Avatar

    I salute to Russian solidarity and russian president. Salute🤝

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