This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 3/7.

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    *Video Source Links*
    The Long And Sordid History Of US Government Bioweapons Research & Testing On Unwitting Civilians

  2. Avatar

    Funny…no views but seven scrrwtube

  3. Avatar

    What would we do without your videos? Ain't no going back to mainstream news. Keep up the good work!

  4. Avatar

    I knew there was something up but I didn't bother to look into it.

  5. Avatar

    SARS.MERS.AIDS all developed by US.Maybe…

  6. Avatar

    Imagine a world in which a group of people not joined by conventional ties is trying to maintain control of the world's population. This group is not concerned about political or governmental repercussions for their actions. They consider every possible outcome of evey possible scenario. They use one of their many weapons against the world's population, but not before playing the victim as to cover the actual operation they have in progress to take over global operations and peoples.

  7. Avatar

    I think somebody needs to investigate this Israel is not saying much and I heard now they want to sit down with the Palestinians now they want to do it because I heard that. Thousands and thousands has been infected with the CORONAVIRUS

  8. Avatar

    Covid-19 is a bioweapon. The L Strain is the most dangerous. The real mortality rate is %18 for the L Strain. Those who survive the L Strain the first time, can get reinfection. The 2nd reinfection is what brings the mortality rate to 18%. The reinfection causes the body to go into shock. The lungs gets hyper inflamed and the victim basically suffocates to death. What's also dangerous about the L Strain is that it can attack the CNS. A brain attack. A person can collapse instantly. A hard fall could cause death.

  9. Avatar

    We love your reporting and analysis. You are among the few who speak the truth even it hurts the culprits.

  10. Avatar

    This was a biological weapon that went wrong!!!!! It was supposed to stay in China and Iran. Why Iran and China ?????????? Have the most infections ????

  11. Avatar

    The global psychopaths world is starting to show signs of wear and tear! The cracks are expanding and soon their evil plans will be obvious to most all!

  12. Avatar

    Agenda 21 is in full swing. We've known this was going to happen since 1997.
    If you have been watching for evidence that their plan for "sustainability" were being put into action, the last four months or so should have been very interesting, indeed.

  13. Avatar

    I love how you connect the dots….you are 1 in the million… very courageous young man….truth always prevails… and truth can't be hidden for ever.

  14. Avatar

    Where is Bill Gates hiding? He is working with our stupid government to attack Iran and China.

  15. Avatar

    Theres a video called Anglo Saxon Mission on youtube by Bill Ryan. He too mentioned there will be 2 virus used to attack China and Iran. Thing is, the info from his informer leaked them in 2005.

  16. Avatar

    its out, so where it came from hardly matters now.

  17. Avatar

    your program is great. from Venezuela

  18. Avatar

    The president killed an Iranian General. Then, curiously, Iran is infected by the Coronavirus. Who do you think is responsible for that? Think about it.

  19. Avatar

    It's funny when you talk about these things you'll get people who'll say you're unpatriotic but if the us government is doing these things to is the us citizens too then the us government is unpatriotic…this is not our government

  20. Avatar

    You give me hope… As long as there is people like you stand with the right no matter what…but one question.. Is there anyone safe..they don't think this happens to their kids???

  21. Avatar

    In Australia we have infections with no travel outside Australia and no known contact with anyone who is infected or travelled.

  22. Avatar

    I suspected it was a targeted thing when i heard the first death in Iran was a 9 year old whereas everywhere else children seem unaffected

  23. Avatar

    Wasn't there an unkown virus shut down a school in Colorado in December?

  24. Avatar

    How could an unspecific, accidental virus be targeted to a specific genome?

  25. Avatar

    Ryan is my go-to for the truth in real time. James Corbett too.

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Mossad drop in random places, then the real target,Iran!!! End Israel. I hope world turns on Israel.

  28. Avatar

    They'll silence it otherwise they can't spread it throughout the population

  29. Avatar

    Just remember everything is fake as f and you get played because you don’t know any better

  30. Avatar

    The US unleashed different strands of coronavirus.. Unfortunately for the Italians, they share almost identical genome with the Iranians.

  31. Avatar

    China, Sth Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran and Australia all share another common problem…"rapid aging population", "getting greyer", "aging population CHALLENGES" so on and so on…food for thought!
    Same could be said for the other countries going through the same shit. It's interesting to note that the birth rates are well below the number needed to re populate each of these countries.

  32. Avatar

    This virus jumps into super Saiyan mode around 5G

  33. Avatar

    Holy shit. That makes a ton of sense. Greeks better be careful next — they are another similar genetic group.

  34. Avatar

    Indian scientists confirmed this 30 plus days ago when they put this virus under the microscope that the virus had 2 entry points & 2 exit points meaning a bioweapon. Dr. Leornard Horowitz also can confirm this on his website that the caronavirus is all planned and staged, the keyword in all this is not even the wars the plagues but it is all about the STAGE<< STAGING<< & for the WHO WHAT WHY & THE WHEN<<<IranPersiaAryanRacePeoples… Go look up king nebuchadnezzers dream<<

  35. Avatar

    Awesome work as usual. Can you interview Dr. Pederson about possibly using silver to treat this. He recommends using a pure silver solution in a nebulizer. The N.Y. attorney general sent a cease and desist letter to a televangelist of all people to stop him promoting silver to fight coronavirus. God forbid anyone try to heal themselves without the consent of the F.D.A. that ok's death pills on the regular right? Keep up the great work

  36. Avatar

    Do we have demographic data on the pulmonary fibrosis "caused by vaping" deaths? If so, the data should more or less match the data from coronavirus if it is indeed coronavirus.

  37. Avatar

    Levantine Arabs and Iranians and Turks in the Middle East and North African Arabs have genetic components from Italy. But obviously not the same exactly. They just share similar components.

  38. Avatar

    And yet, inventing bioweapons IS STILL LEGAL.

    As we face global destruction to one virus, THE GOVT IS, RIGHT NOW, USING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO CREATE EVEN MORE BIOWEAPONS.

  39. Avatar

    We don’t know the rate because we don’t test in the US. So this is BS.

  40. Avatar

    The chest X-rays as posted show anomolies in the pneumonia patterns. Nothing to see here, move along……

  41. Avatar

    They need to distract Iran and the whole mideast from enacting severe revenge they promised. And right around elections? Low voter counts would feed right into regime change narrative, two birds with one stone. Also helps throw the Palestinian crisis to the side right after their Joke of the Century. China has Belt and Road Initiative in the works and was rolling out 5g what a disaster can't let either of those happen (because well not because the US thinks 5g is bad or anything, just rage pissing all over itself that China got there first).

    I started a lab internship a few weeks back, blood bank specifically, and I am so grateful that a lot of the donors who brought up the corona conversation just felt it in them that it was a US bioweapon. They came to that conclusion just looking the geopolitical state of everything and how predictable the US is.

    If things are really convenient for the US elite, you can begin ruling out coincidences.

  42. Avatar

    Getting closer to ROUNDUP time for citizens by our military… unless they hire contractors to do the dirty business… ( with our own tax dollars.. ). Sounds like a dream, huh???

  43. Avatar

    There’s also one of the top guys from google who came out of the closet to warn every user of social media and said I quote “the way we’ve installed these programs are ripping the fabric of humanity apart as we have known and we can’t turn it back too the way it has been “it’s dangerous and he’s sorry for not acting earlier to prevent that scenario can’t remember his name but his either Tamil Singalese or from a Indian and American background and one of the top shots of I think goggle he’s a whistleblower and you can see how troublesome it is for him to tell it to the audience you will find the video check it out love to everyone and stay vigilant

  44. Avatar

    Is the Corona virus OpenSource – if so where can I find a strand to inject myself and improve it? 🙂

  45. Avatar

    Imagine a world without satan.

  46. Avatar

    Well vaping is the enemy now since it's cutting in to big tobacco money. I'm sure those businesses are none too pleased that I can buy a years worth of eliquid for 30 bucks and don't need to buy any other supplies. Vaping bad.

  47. Avatar

    I get into censorship problems when I talk about this. Government still don't want this known: medical experiments carried out in prisons on prisoners. The 50s and 60's and 70's were the busiest period when doctors and researchers would come to the prison and take blood or inject you with disease. A favorite disease was hepatitis. 1972. Fort pillow prison. Henning Tn. Prison officials made an announcement that they need volunteers to give blood. But if a prisoner refused he is then told he would be denied parole. But if he agreed then prison officials would put in a good word for you. Plus prison officials would give you 5 dollars prison script and a little burlap bag of tobacco dust called Run Jonny. They made you an offer you couldn't refuse. In the visiting gallery. A couple dozen army cots were lined up. The foldable kind. We were met by nurses and doctors who assigned us a cot and they ran iv lines and took our blood. So they say. Then a couple weeks later one by one we all got extremely ill. We had to be taken to an outside hospital where we were monitored and treated and returned to the prison. We all had been injected with hepatitis. And they would come about 2 times a year and run these experiments. And we knew we could not refuse.

  48. Avatar

    Who said they did not spread something a long time ago?

  49. Avatar

    The amazing thing I discovered here is that the Italians and the Iranians are so close together genetically.
    Persia and Rome, who would have thunk it

  50. Avatar

    Shrivels balls, kills the old and kills the "enemy". How very convenient indeed.

  51. Avatar

    Great information, it's such a hard work finding the documentable connections between the dots. What you are presenting sounds very reasonable!

  52. Avatar

    I've hardly heard any reports on the Wu Flu in Iran. Its mostly about Italy.
    Over 700,000 Italians live in the UK. Not one case of an Italian getting Wu Flu.

  53. Avatar

    No, don't agree at all with this. We would see people dropping in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, even Israel first ! Maybe Southern Italy, if you follow this explanation, but NOT Northern Italy.

  54. Avatar

    Justice is coming 🙏🙏🙏

  55. Avatar

    I live in country (Croatia) that is in neighbourhood od North Italy. Many people go to Italy, more than half work and travel there, and we have 12 infected and no one died.

  56. Avatar

    That's probably why Donald Chump said, “ I should have never done that stupid F-ing vaping thing”. Just something to chew on.

  57. Avatar

    What's the odds it'll all lead back to Israel, just like 9/11 ?

  58. Avatar

    So is CV19 a weaponised version of pneumonic plague taken from Mongolia (somebody eating raw marmot I've read online somewhere)? Don't know, but these things don't discriminate, if you're lucky you don't come down with it. As with war innocent civilians get caught in the crossfire, collateral damage etc etc. But that's some accidental collateral damage buggering up Italy, Europe hence most of the world just to get nasty on Iran / China. Whoever responsible should be paying the non-intended victim nations some big compensation, surely. Can't shrug this one off, people are dying of PNEUMONIA.
    Funny how there's a bio-warfare lab in the vicinity when such things appear, isn't it?

  59. Avatar

    September in England I had a pneumonia type infection like a flu then a cold after

  60. Avatar

    Last year we’re taking blood samples from people near Russian border I forgot name of country , with some excuse,, I found out from listening Russian news video

  61. Avatar

    All this with help by Pharma criminals

  62. Avatar

    Something fishy is happening in America with the government killing it's citizens for a foreign entity sitting in Isreal.

  63. Avatar

    Was Italy targeted for staunch anti Vax position ?》Iran needs no explanation
    These are scary times…has been for quite awhile》there's several reasons why tptsnb are hellbent on their 5G 》I find recent CERN Upgrade an interesting narrative as well….the timing of this.

  64. Avatar

    Israel. This is the Israeli input to this manufactured virus.

  65. Avatar

    There is a brand of disinfectant had on its label KILLS CONOVIRUS it's called DETOL and has been removed from the shelves here in the UK.

  66. Avatar

    Has the world gone mad? Million die per year of malaria. Thousands per year of cancer. Not even mentioning murders and wars…
    What nonsense is this? This virus was invented for oriental DNA and China used it for "cleansing" against communist party.

  67. Avatar

    I work in medicine and u do not get pulmonary fibrosis appearance in CT scans in just a month. It’s a chronic condition in older folks. My grandma passed with it and next door neighbor had it too and it took about 5 yrs to slowly starve for oxygen. It’s a slow death . These clowns in these bio labs wtf do we have these for except to harm 😱🤬

  68. Avatar

    thanks. Hope you have the time to keep up these shorter clips. Your longer clips are just too depressing for me to watch regularly.
    New enhancement of our continuous/endless wars. Drones & BioWeapons.

  69. Avatar

    Because both countries are resisting globalism/zionism. Italy with Salvini barring the invasion migration, and Iran because it is protecting Syria from Israel.

  70. Avatar

    USA is against China and Iran. Italy also signed a trade agreement with China (silk road) making it the first european nation to signed…

  71. Avatar

    Italian media confessed to soleimani's help in saving Christian's and churches in Syria. Even had his posters displayed in Rome. Wonder

  72. Avatar

    They have found patient zero as is from Slovakia and is in a Bratislava
    Hospital and it said he has not been to a country that had the virus and that probably means he ain't left Slovakia ever

  73. Avatar

    Late autumn and early winter last year (2019) a virus was doing the rounds in the UK. The symptoms varied but seemed notably unusual as it consisted of a persistent but mild dry cough, lethargy and headaches. I had this virus myself as did various other people I and others know. The odd nature of it didn't go unnoticed and was frequently commented on by individuals but not the media. I'd certainly never had anything quite like it. I now wonder whether this was a strain of coronavirus as the symptoms were very similar. What do you think? Was it this older version you speak of?

  74. Avatar

    It’s about the agenda , culling , Control . MA under vaping bill banned menthol cigarettes claiming kids attracted to flavors . Back to prohibition now. And they did it without congress .. just governor !

  75. Avatar

    Same deadlier version
    Of the virus as Iran + Italy
    Is now here in Toronto, Canada

    Canadian politicians are doing everything stupid that will spread it fast

  76. Avatar

    I recall that vaping deaths story – now very intriguing!

  77. Avatar

    Youtube has you so jacked up in the algorithm. After every one of your shows, there is always a predictable series of other shows following. God damn youtube

  78. Avatar

    Bill gate's & Buffet pair of demon boy's love to give the pair of them a good kicking together!

  79. Avatar

    Another interesting fact is that China said. High dose of vitamin C seem to do something interesting. Then China is also biggest producer of vitamin C…

  80. Avatar

    I think Iran has gotten the bad wrap… Now they have it and the blame… Older version what do you mean? Different than covid 19, e cig, vamping, really? Wow

  81. Avatar

    I looked it up claims 60 deaths Vaping

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