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Take a look under the hood to see how the use of new machine learning programs is shaping the way we created Anime Rock Paper Scissors 2, and the new processes we’re inventing to harness the power of these incredible tools.

Creative Tools ►
Puget Computers: https://bit.ly/Puget_Systems
Aputure Lights: https://bit.ly/Corridor_Lights
B&H Photo: https://bhpho.to/3r0wEnt
ActionVFX: https://bit.ly/TheBest_ActionVFX
Cinema4D: http://bit.ly/Try_Cinema4D
Nuke: https://bit.ly/Nuke_Compositing
Houdini: https://bit.ly/HoudiniSims
Octane Render: http://bit.ly/Octane_Wrender
Epidemic Music: http://bit.ly/Corridor_Music

Chapters ►
00:00 Birth of a New Art Form?
01:12 Problems with Unrefined Tools
02:57 Building Solutions
04:25 Addressing the Controversy
05:32 How We Make a Scene
08:59 The Finished Product
10:05 A New Art Form

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