>Have you ever created the perfect AI image only to be let down by the lighting? In this video, I show you how to take full control over the lighting of your Stable Diffusion creations with the revolutionary Switch Light software.

We start by generating a beautiful AI image with uneven lighting. Then I demonstrate how Switch Light can completely relight it by creating a detailed normal map of your image. You can change the direction, color, and intensity of the lighting with amazing realism.

I show you how to remove and replace the background easily. We composite the relit foreground onto a new AI generated background image with a sci-fi look. Then we use image-to-image in Stable Diffusion to make the final composite feel cohesive.

The results are mind blowing! Switch Light gives you the power to add studio lighting, neon effects, and any custom lighting with a few clicks. Take your AI art to the next level with this incredible tool. Learn how to master image relighting and create stunning AI scenes.


00:00 Introduction & Example Image
00:44 Using AI to Relight Images
01:14 What Is A Normal Map?
02:20 How To Use SwitchLight
03:56 HDRI Panoramic Lightmaps
06:16 Combining Your Images In Stable Diffusion
09:16 Copying Lighting From Other Images
10:55 Upcoming Prompt Lookbook Preview

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