>Learn how to use Hugging Face, and get access to 200k+ AI models while building in Langchain for FREE.

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– Hugging Face tutorials: https://hf.co/tasks
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⏱️ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:34 What is Hugging Face?
2:41 Demo: Turn image into audio story
3:08 Tutorial overview
3:27 Step 1: Image to Text model
5:12 Step 2: LLM
5:43 Step 3: Text to speech model
6:58 Step 4: Build UI with streamlit
8:46 More Hugging Face tutorials
9:10 No code alternative

👋🏻 About Me
My name is Jason Zhou, a product designer who share interesting AI experiments & products. Email me if you need help building AI apps! Jason.zhou.design@gmail.com

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