>How to Using Lora to Generate Image in Stable Diffusion

How merge a face together in stable diffusion? Use the LORA extraction technique! You can use this pretty amazing technique to extract the training parameters from any stable diffusion model and store them as a LORA file that you can use with any stable diffusion model once! Simply take a LORA weight from a checkpoint and use it in your prompt instead of merging 2 checkpoints every time you wish to merge a face and a style! And I’m going to demonstrate how to achieve it in this video.

A few short months later, Simo Ryu has created a new image generation model that applies a technique called LoRA to Stable Diffusion. Similar to DreamBooth, LoRA lets you train Stable Diffusion using just a few images, and it generates new output images with those objects or styles. Unlike DreamBooth, LoRA is fast: While DreamBooth takes around twenty minutes to run and produces models that are several gigabytes, LoRA trains in as little as eight minutes and produces models that are around 5MB.

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