>If you’re a freelancer or agency owner, what’s your process for deploying a new Bricks development site?

Do you manually install Bricks and all your plugins? Do you manually put in all your plugin license keys? Do you manually configure all your plugin settings? What about your preferred WP settings? What about your preferred Bricks settings?

How do you handle common custom post types? A header template? Footer? Contact form? SEO settings? Optimization settings?

Do you do all or most of this manually for every new project?

Stop doing that! It’s a massive waste of time and money. It’s not fun. In fact, it’s what chumps do!

In this video, I will show you how to create a Bricks “blueprint” site with Bricks Builder, all plugins, and all WP settings pre-configured to deploy new development sites in seconds whenever you have a new project to work on.

I will go plugin by plugin, setting by setting, showing you the entire setup. And I’ll show you an easy process that allows you to deploy your blueprint site to any domain in seconds.

If you don’t use my exact plugins, it’s okay. You’ll still learn a good process. If you use the plugins I use, you’ll get to see exactly how I set everything up.


→ Create some dummy policy pages in the policies CPT
→ Create some dummy team members in the team CPT
→ Create some dummy services in the services CPT
→ Create some dummy reviews in the reviews CPT
→ Create a 404 error template


Admin Columns Pro – https://geni.us/PxA0tW
Automatic.css – https://automaticcss.com
Frames – https://getframes.io
HappyFiles Pro – https://geni.us/ZGQiCjc
Metabox – https://geni.us/t3UBIYH
Perfmatters – https://geni.us/svs71
RankMath Pro – https://geni.us/ohNTQqR
ShortPixel – https://geni.us/goJD
WP Grid Builder – https://geni.us/EPgc9xu
WPCodeBox – https://geni.us/uu8jqqf
WS Form Pro – https://geni.us/1sRNnyX

Migration Plugin: All in One Migration

If you want to know why I use the plugins I use, check out my 2023 WordPress Plugin Stack video: https://youtu.be/bicqxO_Gkfs

*** MY TOOLS ***

🔥 AutomaticCSS (ACSS) – https://automaticcss.com
🔥 Frames – https://getframes.io
See all my recommended tools here: https://geary.co/tools/


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*** SOCIAL ***

👉 FB – https://www.facebook.com/marketingkev/
👉 LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevingeary/

*** CHAPTERS ***

0:00 Intro
03:13 WP Install (Local Not Required)
06:06 WP Dashboard Changes
07:08 WordPress Settings
11:00 Users Setup
12:14 Theme Install (Bricks & Child Theme)
13:38 Plugins Installation
16:47 Quick Plugins Overview
18:44 Dummy Posts
21:38 Default Pages Setup
23:10 Menu Creation
23:46 Media Library Setup
24:33 Custom Post Type Setup
31:24 Bricks Main Settings
41:41 Custom Fonts
43:21 Automatic.css Settings
50:19 Bricks Builder Settings
51:46 Default Templates
52:55 RankMath Settings
56:06 WSForm Setup
57:04 WPCodeBox Setup
1:00:32 ShortPixel Settings
1:01:58 Perfmatters Settings
1:05:56 Deploying the Blueprint
1:08:41 Wrap-Up

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