>So one day, I wake up and come across all these videos of people transforming themselves into beautiful AI art using “Lensa.” I’m instantly captivated and think, “I want that,” but unfortunately, I can’t afford a Lensa subscription. So I decide to go with the next best option, “Stable Diffusion,” and after watching a few tutorials, I take a shot at creating my own AI Avatar. I put in hours of struggle, but when I finally train my very first model, the result is far from what I expected . I’m taken aback and wonder what went wrong. I followed every step meticulously, yet my generated output is nowhere near as impressive as theirs. It’s not just about being good; I can’t help but question where I went astray. How to correctly train your Stable Diffusion model.

00:00 : Intro
01:06 : How SD actually works
02:12 : Why you should train you model on a Colab note instead of your PC
02:52 : How to correctly train your SD model Step by step
05:09 : How to choose Pic for training your Stable Diffusion model
08:12 : Correct way of uploading images for your model
08:55 : Correct settings for training your pics
10:14 : Main problem why you are not getting really good generation
10:25 : Solution

Important Links
Colab Notebook for training your model : https://colab.research.google.com/github/ShivamShrirao/diffusers/blob/main/examples/dreambooth/DreamBooth_Stable_Diffusion.ipynb
Music : Epidemic Sound

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