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Have you ever wondered how are AI covers made? How are presidents playing overwatch together? Well in this video you’ll find out all of the details about AI generated voice, AI voice cloning or voice deepfake that is literally everywhere on the internet right now. From memes to AI covers, AI voice synthesis has become the spotlight without people knowing what and how it is being done. In this video, I’ll cover the basics of how AI voice works and how people are using this technology to do things that you have seen.

Special thanks:
– Synthetic Voices
– JustinJohn
– and my editor Askejm

Online Services
[Uberduck] https://uberduck.ai/
[Fakeyou] https://fakeyou.com/
[ElevenLabs] https://elevenlabs.io/

Local UIs
[Tacotron2] https://github.com/BenAAndrew/Voice-Cloning-App
[Tacotron2 Tutorial] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk5I7EvFL13GjBIDorh5yE1SaPGRG-i2l />[Ultimate Voice Remover 5] https://github.com/Anjok07/ultimatevocalremovergui
[TorToiSe] https://git.ecker.tech/mrq/ai-voice-cloning
[TorToiSe Tutorial] https://youtu.be/6sTsqSQYIzs
[so-vits-svc 4.0] https://github.com/voicepaw/so-vits-svc-fork
[so-vits-svc 4.0 Tutorial] https://youtu.be/tZn0lcGO5OQ
[so-vits-svc 5.0 (NEW)] https://github.com/PlayVoice/so-vits-svc-5.0
[RVC] https://github.com/RVC-Project/Retrieval-based-Voice-Conversion-WebUI
[RVC Tutorial] https://youtu.be/hB7zFyP99CY

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🙏Andrew Lescelius, alex j, Chris LeDoux, Alex Maurice, Miguilim, Deagan, FiFaŁ, Tony Jimenez, Panther Modern, Jake Disco, Demilson Quintao, Shuhong Chen, Hongbo Men, happi nyuu nyaa, Carol Lo, Mose Sakashita, Miguel, Bandera, Gennaro Schiano, gunwoo, Ravid Freedman, Mert Seftali, Mrityunjay, Richárd Nagyfi, Timo Steiner, Henrik G Sundt, projectAnthony, Brigham Hall, Kyle Hudson, Kalila, Jef Come, Jvari Williams, Tien Tien, BIll Mangrum, owned, Janne Kytölä

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[Music] massobeats – lotus
[Profile & Banner Art] https://twitter.com/pygm7
[Video Editor] @askejm

0:00 Intro
2:06 Text-to-Speech AI backbones
3:38 Vocoder AI backbones
4:54 Voice2Voice AI backbones
7:51 TalkNET
8:10 Online services
10:42 Local UIs
11:46 Ultimate Combo?!
13:14 TorToiSe + RVC vs ElevenLabs Pro voice
15:29 Sponsor & Outro

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