www.windowsontheworld.net. New show every Sunday 9pm. We attended a global warming alarmist meeting which followed the alarmist Extinction Rebellion “protest” at the very same venue. The “Extinction Rebellion” brainwashing has started on a mass scale with Bristol council being pushed to announce a “climate emergency” on the back if the IPCC fantasy SR 15 document which contains no facts as ususal. If you support the voice of reason please donate through the website, it helps to keep us going.


  1. We know it's a knuckle nose hoax. First?

  2. give me a job and teach me to filthy rich like you Mark!!

  3. Greens, all that beloved greenery is made of CO2.

  4. I 💯% agree with this message

  5. Well done, pretty obvious no oxygen without co2 and plants.

  6. Well done lads and lasses. You're doing a great job and thanks for putting in all the time and effort that you do. I grew up on the estate just behind that office. Of course they've installed their smart metres in my mothers flat and I've warned her about the dangers and real reasons for it. If anyone can give me some advice on ideally how to get rid of it or how to limit it's harmful effects, the i would be very grateful!

  7. They always people with a small brain, everybody knows that ice is melting, permafrost is melting, temperatures are out of control, more storms, less rain and so on. I think those people are just afraid of the truth.

  8. Another interesting facet of the hoax is the decades of support by Charles Manson, who operated websites from prison to save the environment. LOL

  9. Looking forward to seeing Mark, Piers and Sandi in my 'dirty old town' Salford, on Saturday.

  10. I enjoyed the images of the demo, which brings back memories of vintage Piers Corbyn demos in the 1980s.

  11. Remember to refuse the smart meter.
    You do not have to have one and they are trying to trick you into having one, which puts lots of meter readers out of work.
    The meters also spy on you.
    If you don't want one DON'T HAVE ONE – IT'S YOUR CHOICE.

  12. Wow just out of todays talk in salford .. ENJOYED . 100% …

  13. You will be the death of humanity. The lot of you.

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