1. Would you agree that crypto currency and the dark web were partners in crime, the dark web gave Bitcoin it's value so to speak. The globalists have a block chain, a record of every seedy deal done,all the trafficking, assassinations and dodgy arms dealers,all paid for in Bitcoin, this is what Trump has been promised this info by his master's thus his rhetoric on draining the swamp. Lol.

  2. Do Gooders invariably cause the most mayhem specially once their ego has become involved and become carbon warriors

  3. Another point, have you noticed that at all the major anti-fracking protests, the protesters are given a field nearby to set up camp. Are the farmers paid?

  4. It is easily overlooked that weather has often played a key role in changing history.

    For example during the winter of 1796-97, the French endeavoured to invade Ireland and with the help of Irish Nationalists drive the British out of Ireland. A huge storm destroyed most of the invasion force, thus preventing the invasion. Napoleon's army was decimated by the weather when invading Russia. The same happened to the German army in WWII.

    People generally will not do anything until it personally affects them. Providing the ignorant masses (Sheeple) get their constant supply of junk food and mainstream media junk disinformation they won't do anything. It is said we are only three meals away from a revolution. Apparently if food imports stopped tomorrow, Britain has only three days of food stocks!

    Ideological Subversion and adherence to The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan (an integral part of subversion), is being carried out to bring about a planned "Crisis". Mass immigration is being used to create social tension to fuel the controlled crisis The aim is for a breakdown in law and order (hence police numbers are being cut). The next stage will be martial law followed by one of the most ruthless governments ever who will bring about depopulation with ease. To create the proposed "Crisis" necessitates building on vast areas of arable land. thus needing even more reliance on food imports. Again, this is all skillfully stage managed by the financial elite. Governments are nothing more than puppets.

    It is overlooked that previous mini- ice-ages in the 17th and 19th centuries led to massive food shortages in Europe. In turn it led to violent revolutions. As said earlier, the weather often steps in to change history beyond what people may have envisaged. Maybe the coming mini Ice age could be a blessing in disguise and be our saviour, taking control away from the financiers and placing it with the people? I hope that whatever happens is will be peaceful and display the best in humanity, not the worst!

  5. Very good and informative show, as always.
    But could you please make sure in all future broadcasts that you at least DOUBLE the volume! It is so quiet (virtually every broadcast). I wonder if other people find that these excellent broadcasts by Mark and friends are usually far too quiet?!
    Best wishes to everyone and thanks for all the hard work.

  6. Their all crisis actors from the Dancing Israeli Academy of Dramatic Deception and Satanic Sacrifices, probably the same crew that did the vegas gig and the recent country music hall gig, they get around you know.

  7. Can Piers replace his Brother? If only.

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