1. Its all caused by the Jesuits!

  2. your opening entree sounds like a football hooligan chant. the rest of your content is spot on.

  3. Soros is a front man for globalism just like Zuckerberg is a front man for FaceBook

  4. well I came off my facistbook 30 day ban less than 12 hours ago and iam blocked again for another 30 days for intagating the lathargic fucktard beta males to pull a FEMINIST subverted progressive phucktards knickers down and give her a fucking good spanking in the middle of the city centre then when her arse is red rare grab her head to give you a blow job before you jump in a car to Belgium to burn a Rothschild's castle down !!!…..more alpha males required more beer and more petrol !!!😁😁😁

  5. @Windows On The World
    Who removed my comment about the US Federal Reserve? YT or you?

  6. 1. @t
    Agreed by 100 plus nations.

    – 33 Page Summary of UN Climate Change in Action. Prepared by scientists from 20 countries.


    Leading British Press Analysis

    Stop Denying. Stop being an Idiot. And watching such hoodwink white-trash videos. If you have children or wish to have grandchildren, least think of them once.

  7. UN Corporation: Sustainable Development Lecture – Glastonbury Town Hall

    UN Agenda for the 21st Century. https://youtu.be/OVJJFIsCyc0?t=1m28s

    (A long movie – but very informative [1hr 23min 20secs])

    Public lecture about UN Sustainable Development and UN Wildlands Project.

  8. Glastonbury – The NWO WI-FRY Festival

  9. Seems denial needs to be smashed with Validated Information.
    As morons say "NOTHING has happened."
    Arctic and Antartic Ice is Melting.
    The 6th Mass extinction is on.
    Millions of People are devasted because of forest fires, floods, drought, typhoons and hurricanes in America, Africa, Europe and Asia.
    Global Climate Change is also a major cause in the refugee crisis.

    100 Plus Nations Validate Climate Change Report.
    IPCC report. The UN Climate Change Report.

    Why do you folks keep denying facts ?! What pleasure does it give you to ignore a global problem? Like Some Flat Earth Alien Conspiracy Bullshit Clan – When your own countries leaders and scientists are showing you proof.
    Dont you care for your own children and future generations?

  10. When is piers going to talk to his brother about all this and get him to start talking about it in Parliament? Jeremy will just continue with the agenda and be a good goy.

  11. Piers calls the disaffected environmentalist a true green, then patronises him for wanting group meetings, "holding hands", to make decisions collectively, yet he complains that the authorities rig public consultations to manipulate the out come. Does Piers want true public involvement in decision making or to just to replace the existing controlling forces with those of his own? As for the electrification of Africa to save poor Black women form smoky cooking fires, there are many simpler and cheaper non smoky stove technologies than creating massive power generators and grid infrastructures. And anyway, who has asked the African women what they want, after informing them of all the pros and cons of having electrified stoves? If we want grass roots decision making we need to be careful not to fall into the same trap of thinking we know best for others because we are the educated ones. Sadly it may just be that many people want to have decisions made for them so long as they are thrown enough crumbs to keep them in their comfort zone. It's good to provide information and an alternative perspective, but people are entitled to demand their own enslavement if they want it.

  12. Nice hang out. We don't have to prove that 5G is unsafe though. It's untested. That is enough. Human experimentation is illegal.

  13. You have an Astute Right To Pollute… in your SUV. Live it up! Spread some clouds of pollution around. Cant look special riding around in a Mini or an Elddis Nipper. Good luck on your live shows. Rand Corporation Delphi Technique needs exposing.

  14. well done guys and fuck XR !!!!

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