>Today I go over a FULL tutorial on how to create an Etsy and print on demand store in 2023 from starting on Etsy to integrating with Printify and uploading your first listing on Etsy. This is an Etsy shop beginner free course.

Here are all the tools and software used today:
Etsy & POD Crash Course: https://studio.heatherxstudio.com/etsypodcrashcourse
Printify(my top choice POD provider): https://printify.grsm.io/ou8hgmkzax8e
Everbee: https://www.everbee.io/?via=heather />Canva: https://bit.ly/33DETOo

My other YouTube video mentioned in video for SEO, Titles, Tags & Descriptions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE1gzlEUy5w&t=1211s />
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Heather’s Shop Brandkit[$27]: https://studio.heatherxstudio.com/offers/tjg78Wuc/checkout

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Get the Creative Fabrica free trial here:
Printify: https://printify.grsm.io/ou8hgmkzax8e
Printful: https://bit.ly/3rdL1oP
EverBee: https://www.everbee.io/?via=heather />Canva: https://bit.ly/33DETOo

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If you’re new to Print on Demand, start here with my FREE crash course below: https://studio.heatherxstudio.com/etsypodcrashcourse

Print on Demand Academy 2.0~ my 8 week Etsy & Print on Demand program with 12 month subscription to monthly LIVE group coaching calls: https://studio.heatherxstudio.com/print-on-demand-academy-2-0

My Etsy Content Blueprint & Seasonal Niche Calendar: https://studio.heatherxstudio.com/offers/zXeCHbeT

The Niche Playbook: https://studio.heatherxstudio.com/offers/xgSoucoL/checkout


Instagram: itsheatherstudio
TikTok: itsheatherstudio

00:00 – Introduction
05: 34 – Setting up a Etsy Shop
11:40 – Seting up a Printify Account
18:48 – Creating a Listing / Market Research
23:58 – Creating a Design
32:58 – Creating a Listing with Printify
40:37 – Tips for Creating Tags for Your Listing
42:17 – Creating a Mockup Photo
47:10 – Uploading the Mockup Photo to Your Listing
50:46 – Bloopers

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