>Contents include:
Sample results
Generation using LCM LoRA + Tile+Temporal+Soft edge controlnet
Generation without controlnet using LCM LoRA
Generation with using LCM LoRA + IP Adapter and other control nets
Notes about Davinci resolve in the proces

– In this video, we will be using LCM LoRA in Automatic1111 in order to generate Videos 3 to 5 times Faster using Video to Video method in img2img.
– Img2img video generation is simple, doesn’t require extra extensions to use, and gives us the ultimate control over the generation as I have explained in a previous video. https://youtu.be/PDlmnhtkgMQ
– We will see LCM without Contorlnet, and some nice Control net combinations that may produce some interesting results.
– While LCM Sampler is not yet implemented in Automatic 1111, LCM LoRA still produces good results using Eular a sampler for example as we will see in this video.

see first video in https://youtu.be/PDlmnhtkgMQ
see LCM LoRA explanation in https://youtu.be/icZze060TiE
see controlnet guide in https://youtu.be/13fgBBI-ZXU
A1111 and stable diffusion beginners guide https://youtu.be/RtjDswbSEEY

download LCM LoRAs
SD 1.5 LoRA model

SDXL LoRA model

download Temporal net Controlnet models

download IP Adapter

Now unfortunately, LCM didn’t work well with animatediff on Automatic 1111 in my tests, possibly it requires LCM Sampler and some updates, so I recommend sticking with ComfyUI for Animatediff, it also requires better GPU to be used with Controlnets which is important if you plan on controlling your video output.

So LCM LoRAs allows us to generate videos and images faster in stable diffusion, which is an worth trying and using

all videos used in this work are free from freepik and pexels.com, you can download them from

thanks to all authors who have created these amazing videos and for their hard work.




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