1. All rebranded from first earth day: greenhouse effect, circa 1976. My prof had absolutes … out of oil, 1989 … out of gas, 1995. Taped his 1978 lectures and still have them. He never produced or fixed anything in his life … nobody would ever know he even existed. A waste of life or a good example of what not to become.

  2. It appears that the dumbing down of the population is working a treat, so many people now don't seem to be able to string together an original thought !

  3. Very good show!
    Tell me, how on earth are we that Awake to see this corruption? Its like just hit me last few years but heavily the last 6 months.

  4. Love it when Piers is on the show, he’s always spot on.

  5. What does Corbyn brother think about this ?

  6. In the 60s we: walked to school, recycled cardboard and paper, recycled food waste, used our own bags to hold our shopping from local shops, used public transport (hardly anyone had cars), and on and on and on. In Bristol there was a project to build a ring road and part of that project demolished all the local shops in the Wells Road area – for the project to be cancelled. Who are/were these people that approved all this – they should be named and shamed!

  7. The Green Energy Agenda!
    Whilst we face an Energy crisis where diesel is and will be the backup I ask you why we are not producing Hydrogen? Hydrogen can be stored and so in effect is stored electricity. If they/ we were green then this is where we would be investing. When the wind doesn’t blow or the Sun doesn’t shine Hydrogen fired power stations would kick in. Here in Scotland we don’t have much in the way of a lack of wind and yet the government does not invest in such technology. Equally over night when consumption is low hydro plants could be producing Hydrogen and or when lochs are full from rain water. We have massive resources above and beyond our oil, coal and gas which is evidence of the Depopulation Agenda. Now tell me why the UK would leave Europe?
    Extreme poverty and deprivation coming to a place near you!

  8. Subversion. That is precisely what education is all about. Indoctrination has always been the key where appeals to authority are made and so written as law. Nothing has changed.

  9. It's not Jack Parsons rocket science i(FAKE NASA) t's cultural Marxism the trouble with this country it's only when you step off the hamster wheel that you have time to research the long term agenda ,in my mind it has a lot to do with feminst subveted fucktards and the distruction of the family unit…… people's IQs are dropping because they are constantly scrying ,and in a world of 24 media everything is a distraction people's attention spans have been lost….great show Mark and guests thank you

  10. Local council change agents are like wet flatulence. On the surface they appear to be harmless until after a few seconds you get an uneasy feeling and a nasty smell wafts up!

  11. I listen to your presentations on the green agenda and sustainability and yes, I agree it's sad and frustrating that along with so many others, the environmental movement has bought into the global corporate sustainability story and now brook no dissent. However, I would like to hear more from you guys on your ideas for how we design our living systems so that we don't wreak havoc on nature and ourselves as part of nature. Piers suggests letting people have fuel at cost to help the poor. Whilst this may have some merit, it's not renewable technologies that stop that happening (despite subsidies), fuel prices have been manipulated to be expensive long before the first solar panel went live. Certainly the banking system is the key and needs complete reform. If everyone had had free access to fuels, without other fundamental changes, we would drown in pollution and waste. That's why we do need new, healthy ways to live. Ideas?

  12. Like Q says
    These people are stupid !

  13. Stupid is what stupid does. AOC has no personal agenda and has most likely made herself into one of the top politicians in the world. And you are calling her stupid?

  14. Extinction rebelion in action, unbelievable nonsense https://youtu.be/6U_SE8J4kiQ

  15. oil is renewable. it's not dead dinosaurs.. geologically produced… just needs be used more efficiently..

  16. You're my hero still.. Cortez.. my my my.. she was trying to pose as a "from the soil" hispanic lady.. Then it comes out she is from a long line of jewish Conversos.. read as bloodlines.. and look who she is propagandizing for.. 2 + 2 mate

  17. At the top they don't beleive it. They are forwarding an agenda. At the level of representatives… Yeah, I think they are empty headed boobs… sound and lights.. read the script…

  18. The people of the world don't have to accept the false green agenda, so they need to be prepared to stand up TOGETHER against it.

  19. I will say this one more time, our public servants should have made their indicative votes based only on the percentage of their constituency and not on personal views. Same goes for ALL laws passed. If you are a public server and paid by tax payers it’s ludicrous you have a personal opinion? Or are we too thick to make a choice? If we are, we mad the wrong one with voting.

  20. Thank you Mark, Pires and Sandy; may Yehovah God bless you all, and keep you several steps ahead of the enemy, Amen.

  21. Of all the careerist politicians, the one who has been most blatant about his lack of substance is Beto O'Rourke – the man has scaled the greatest heights of mediocrity – a completely blank canvas; a hollow man.

  22. All the information and factual evidence which proves Extinction Rebellion is a state backed corporate cult run by globalist stooges to advance the globalist agenda through their fake apocalypse here: https://windowsontheworld.net/video_type/globalist-fake-revolution/

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