>In this video we will look at a program that can be used to integrate ChatGPT into Kali Linux, namely Shell GPT. Shell GPT can be used to convert our natural language into shell commands, i.e. ChatGPT interprets our requests and generates suitable commands from them. In addition, Shell GPT can explain error messages and program outputs to us. Since the API of OpenAI is used in the background, you need an API key to use Shell GPT. I’ve already created a video explaining how to create an OpenAI API Key. You can find the video in the video description down below. We will now take care of the setup that is necessary to use Shell GPT in Kali Linux.
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00:00 | What is Shell GPT?
00:25 | OpenAI API Key
00:47 | Install JQ
01:25 | Install Shell GPT
02:17 | Start sgpt from everwhere
03:01 | Persistence
03:30 | How does Shell GPT work?
04:47 | Shell GPT example usage

Commands used in this video
β–Ί sudo apt install jq
β–Ί pip install shell-gpt
β–Ί cd .local/bin
β–Ί python sgpt
β–Ί python sgpt “Hello”
β–Ί export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin:/usr/bin/python3
β–Ί sgpt
β–Ί nano ~/.bashrc
β–Ί source ~/.bashrc
β–Ί sgpt –shell “Scan the target”

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