On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary journalist and film-maker John Pilger about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He discusses the fact that the Conservative government was warned about shortages leaving the NHS vulnerable in pandemics 4 years ago, the damage privatisation has done to the National Health Service, budget cuts which have seen bed capacities fall to record lows, his criticisms of the Boris Johnson administration’s response to Coronavirus, the lack of mass-testing in the U.K. which has been seen in other countries such as Germany, South Korea and China, the government blaming China for the Coronavirus crisis, the threat to Julian Assange’s life as he is denied release from prison as Coronavirus claims its first victim in Belmarsh Prison and more!

STATEMENT FROM ROBERT PESTON: “I take grave exception to the suggestion that I am favourable to any government or politicians. John Pilger is wholly wrong.”


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    Statement from Robert Peston on John Pilger’s allegations:

    "I take grave exception to the suggestion that I am favourable to any government or politicians. John Pilger is wholly wrong."

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    There is no virus or any pandemic, There is however a PLANdemic – fake pandemic to control YOU! Viruses do not spread, they are simply exosomes released from cells.

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    The Corona Virus is a hoax. Do your own research and keep enjoying your life and your freedom. Mass testing is giving 80% false positives. They are testing for exosomes. Again, do your own research.

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    My country was great until it's assets were sold off to every scum bag who walked through the door, they call us everything, blame us for everything, until they need our money, want our votes or they need us to nurse them! When will they learn you can't eat money and scum gets washed away !!

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    The NWO & it's government puppet's as well as the
    Know full well covid 19 /Corona virus was a Chinese biological weapon of mass destruction!!! The government intended on there not being enough resources because they intended a WORLD CULL !!
    This has been planned for a long time as written on the
    "Georgia guide stone's" .
    There is no testing in England, and the real death rates & infection rates have been covered up. Even the full list of symptoms have been lied to the British public!
    It's through the US doctors that I found out the full list of symptoms of covid 19. both the mild virus & deadly virus . It's a CULL pure & simple. By the time this crisis is over we will be under the Marxist jack boot of agenda 21!!!

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    This man John Pilfer, is Absolutely Spot on!
    It's all tied in with the Elitist Agenda for World Control..Who is Robert Peston?

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    Backward Cruel Britannia ..A Very British Cover UP. The NHS GUTTED Medical staff are cannon fodder(no PPE),Just like their ancestors in WW1 and WW2. The British Soldiers were slaughtered at Flanders on the orders of the chinless wonders (Bojo The Clowns ancestors) sitting in the Whitehall Bunker,lead by Churchill the drunk…Lest We Forget!

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    I wonder if Prince Andrew had anything to do with covid-19?

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    I wonder, if this had been a good news story, would RT have presented it? Have they ever published a critical view of anything about the Russian government? From Wiki: "Pilger is a strong critic of American, Australian, and British foreign policy, which he considers to be driven by an imperialist and colonialist agenda."

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    Weren't the hospitals in UK, Germany, etc. just as empty as those in America?

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    I'm really hoping that the Russian government collapses and it will have more important things to spend its money on except this absolute bucketful of shyte!

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    Unfortunately, you can't trust this channel because it' s funded by the Russian government

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    The NHS nurses are killing our old age pensioners by telling them they must sign a DNR do not resuscitate forms its euthanasia by the back door nhs nurses murdering old age pensioners by making them sign a DNR form do not resuscitate proberley stealing their pensions and their homes if these old people haven't got anybody left to leave their houses too so this corrupt conservative government will have their homes .The usa started this covid 19 off and they know it murdering bastards

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    I like your commentary but if you only new that a copper mask would eliminate this pandemic
    Copper is known over 10.000 yrs for Its antibacterial strength no one is trying to make some copper masks and eliminate this pandemic once for all ,,,,,,,,

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    MEDITATE,it increases our ability to recogmize TRUTH.Practice on InfoFrom white house.

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    Driven by clinicians. Exactly. The NHS has been taken over by "managers" who have been riding the gravy train to privatisation.

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    The truth must be kept in prison aka Julian Assange

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    If human beings kill billions and trillions of animals! Millions of babies in and out of the womb! Karma is a b****you broke it you fix it f******!

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    America The bulletfull! America is a cesspool! Washington DC ground zero!

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    Eisenhower saw it coming! He tried to warn us but we wouldn't listen! Now the cia's headed by the SS!!¡

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    This is not the end of the world! The end of this time. Does not happen for 3400000 years from now! This is Kali Yuga! But we have to be purged! Purged of our lust greed insanity!!!

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    John Pilger is a Communist/Marxist. he defends that evil authoritarian Communist Party the CCP.

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    Is there something about the Anglo-Saxon mind that dislikes the ordinary man and values money over his life? I think so. We’re a cold, greedy lot!

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    This man full of shit,,just hate troll,,get someone neutral,,get a true interview,,but I do agree,,too a point,,,NHS has not even used its space up with this virus,,,fact just report true news,,,hard to find on RT tho,,lol

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    John Pilger the ultimate, lazy, traitorous Moet and Chandon Bollinger Champagne Socialist.

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    Industries rise on calling crime part of 1% rich the whole package.

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    I'm 82 and I'd rather die from coronavirus than see my children and grandchildren die from POVERTY and SUICIDES and HOMELESSNESS that all these measures will cause.

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    God bless you John.

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    Please see, https://youtu.be/WRXZjLk_4Hk I would use these lamps to sterilise public places and after sterilisation more workers could return to work and assist the medical, police and army services. UVC lamps can safely be used in offices beside these lamps without any danger or ill effects from these UVC lamps. When is that action going to be taken to mitigate some of the worst effects of coronavirus. I am a member of the Scottish Inventors Network based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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    NHS has got worst not better 'I would really not like to got to hospital ' it's so bad '

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    Absolutely an amazing journalist pilger love listening to him

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    I've grown up watching and listening to John Pilger from a very young age and he has got my greatest respect, he's what a true journalist is all about.
    Nowadays the ones who class themselves as journalists are just puppets compared to this man!

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    So, let me get this right. Iran vows to wipe out Israel and the United States. So we blockade them to prevent them from getting the supplies to wipe us out and then we are the BAD people? This guy has a very slanted view of the world. According to him there is nothing good in the whole world. He forgets that the US feeds most of the world.

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    Pilger shouldn't blame the Tory government for the cuts!!! The damage was done under LABOUR!! Who SOLD OFF parts of the NHS; SOLD THE UK GOLD RESERVES for a pittance & who LEFT THE ECONOMY IN TATTERS before David Cameron & the Tories who took office with "nothing left"!! Tories pull the economy back up in it's feet time after time!! Only an idiot would vote for Labour!! Long live Boris!!

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    The NHS should be broken up!

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    Since the Vietnam war he has been a truth teller…..the only journalist I trust….

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    Unfortunately the whole world has come here to use our health service

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    How about connecyion lockdown wth coming astroid ?

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    I hope everyone is listening to John Pilger.

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    I have been saying for a very long time that this virus has been manufactured by those who have a vested interest in the control of the world's finances and the entire world population. John Pilger you are a great man.

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    Why's an Australian talking about Britain?

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    31.01.20 has to be a global TRUMP DAY. He alone saved millions of us by calling for a world travel ban. Give thanks and praise.

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    The China cuck channel. Must be scheduled for a brain transplant, I hear its the only place in the world that you can schedule a transplant like a hair cut. THE WORLD IS AT WAR WITH CHINA AND ITS FALL WILL BE SWIFT. #CANCELCCP

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    What has happened to humanity

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    "What John Pilger is not telling you about governments" now that would be interesting. . Or perhaps "what my Aunt Ethel is not telling you about John Pilger". . . .phew . .

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    I have degrees in registered nursing and biology attended CSU.
    A preponderance of the evidence suggests to me this is a bioengineered pathogen. I suspect it was released from virology lab in Wuhan. Use mask n gloves when going out of house or cooking for anyone else. Keep yourself healthy. Eat well drink well. Make sure your immune system

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    Bill “computer” Gates was playing tennis in SouthAfrica during Feb 2020. Mmmmmm????????😂😂😂😂😷😷😷

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    John at your age you should be looking for answers and not just have a bunch of questions. Read the Sumerian Tablets you may find some answers there.

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    This is bs controlled opposition. Some truth mostly lies.

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    eat the rich

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    China created this virus and unleashed it on the world on purpose. I 100% believe this

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    It shocks me that considering he made the docu ''The coming War with China'', Pilger fails to postulate that CV19 is a biowar attack by the Zionist/Globalist Deep State upon the World to collapse the world economy using China as the scapegoat and preventing China from becoming the World's leading economic superpower. Prepare for WW3.

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    since this video was done, we have now discovered that ventilators are more unsafe to use when not necessary and that testing is not a true indicator of a virus eg- results can show both positive and negative- but the rest of the content is great anyway

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    that  was worth listening to.

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    The experiement/drill which occurred in Great Britain in 2016 should have been made public. Why was it not? – l mean a report from the UK Government to the people.

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    I have faced book messaged before, the US Military culprit Bradley Manning has received far more 'kindness', and yet and l am assuming this chose, found out and gave Mr Assange the stolen information, in other words Manning was being treasonous. So odd. It is normal, a person in a authority who slipps information to a journalist of course it tantilizes the curiosity of a journalist.

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    I lost him when he said its propaganda blaming china retire Jon

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    so apparently he feels the government sold out the health system. He brings up privatization every third word.

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    This old communist does not know his ass from a hole in the ground. How do you know what's going on in Venezuela? Oh because you believe the state run media reports. How do you know what's going on in the US? Referring to it as an "unholy mess" Screw you. Go buy a clue.

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    My friend said to me, this is the New World Order plan and the coronavirus was just a False Flag to initiate their control of the masses. He strongly believes this view so I will be exploring whether his information has any credence in fact.

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    Who will know what the death toll is in the uk. Don’t count those that die at home or those in retirement villages and only count those hospitals!? There numbers are rubbery as the Chinese numbers.

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    The plan for this event was published in 2010. Link for pdf below. Read Lock Step scenario page 18

    Also watch Dr.Rashid Buttar and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

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    Always willing to blame his own country and govt. China is responsible for this. They let people travel into western countries and Europe without warning anyone. This virus thought to have originated in a
    laboratory in Wuhan. That Laboratory was experimenting with the sars virus ( Coronavirus)and bats.
    The Chinese also, ordered their medical companies in Australia to send all the medical supplies they could find to China, before Australia was told about the virus. They stripped the country of all the medical supplies.

    It’s suspicious, no warning about the virus, cause a world shortage of masks and ventilators, then also where are all the deaths in China? It was our enemies that are responsible for this. Testing John? Ask China about that. Tonnes of medical supplies were sent to China. The Australian government has just put a legal stop on allowing China or anyone else to send medical supplies out of the country.

    The Chinese Communist Party is no friend of the West. They stole everything they could off the internet copied it from America and then sold it all to make themselves rich.

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    Although Mr. Pilger makes several valid points in terms of (realities of) geopolitics, a major piece is missing from the conversation and that is the Chinese Communist Party who controls all information, including withholding information on a serious SARS-type H-2-H transmitted virus with a R(factor) of 3+ (spread rate) breaking out in late November to early December in Hubei province. I believe there is a fine line Journalists must always re-calibrate so they do not become shills for a specific system or nation, while maintaining that trust with the public who relies on the Journalists for timely, truthful and accurate information

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    Peston is an establishment tool, he wouldn't know the truth if it fell on him. A revolting narcissist. What this debacle has shown is that we don't need 'Government' because the grey suits in Whitehall, MI6, BoD, the Old Boy's Club, Freemasons, and Buckingham Palace are the people calling the shots and they remain the same regardless of who they choose as their puppets. But we will never ever see Peston and his cronies exposing this. It is more than their lives are worth, literally!!!!

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    Eventually even the most closed minded will realize that capitalism has failed us and will continue to fail us totally..

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    Darwins curse is crowning!

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    John Pilger, are you involved in the One World Order plan?

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    Julian Assange is a grade one IDIOT

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    The UK won't admit that a Public Health System won't work. Pilger sounds like a Socialist. We in the US have to pay huge sums for drugs because we underwrite the cost of the development of drugs. UK, Canada, and other countries won't pay for the true cost of drugs. Do you know that one of our drug companies has developed a medication that has cured 50% of a particularly tough cancer over the last two years? That drug is not available in the UK because your government won't pay the true cost of the drug which is over a thousand dollars per monthly dosage. Your people are dying as a result. By the way, tell these guys that 95% of the American don't know who Assange is and don't care about him.

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    Yep – the War on China: after trade/tariff war failed to cripple the Chinese economy the US tried something deadlier. We must find out if Covid-19 started after leaking from Fort Detrick between July-October 2019 or in Wuhan – and we all must keep fearlessly investigating the real source and origin as well as continue to forensically focus on the Big Picture and exactly what is going on generally in terms of biowarfare viruses at BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs – especially those operated by the proven sociopaths/psychopaths who really control America's Military-Industrial-Economic war machine.
    NB. just because a novel virus is probably not genetically engineered doesn't mean it hasn't leaked from a lab! "Detrick Debunkers" are slyly implying or stating that: "Covid-19 wasn't genetically.engineered – so it can't have come from Fort Detrick!"
    Nonsense! False logic guys !
    Paul G

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    Pilger bang on the money
    Thanks for exposing thoes who seek to privatise and decimate the NhS

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    Why rt not calling for interview mr david icke…..

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    Swamp law suites coming.

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    Well I found a lot of points and claims for me to consider. Some of this is easy to accept, but I resist taking it all as accurate. For example I am sympathetic to the reasoning around Julian Assange and accept that America and UK do work together for their interests, but I think this goes too far. India is independent and also has problems with China. Also the fact that the CCP runs enforcement political organisations within countries is entirely highly believable. That is not to say they are the only ones doing that – CIA being one candidate. I have no knowledge of the NHS and the political/financial side of things – I rate it plausible. However, I do sense a serious face-off between China and USA/UK – and that is menacing. USA is sailing out of it's territory and China is creating new militarised islands out of its pond.
    I will watch this space for developments. However, I think it better to be under the thumb of Western agencies than under China's. So that is the way I am leaning.

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    Ask why O'Bama/Biden sent millions to WUHAN in 2014/15 to illeg/ study COVE-19 in secrete via Dr.Fauchi????

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    I agree with John Pilger. Julian Assange has been treated so badly and villainized by true villains to society. To me, Assange is the ultimate red-pilled, truth-teller. He's fortunate to be alive. But he should be allowed to walk free. Its heartbreaking to have seen him jailed for speaking truth publically. And yeah, the whole "cee-vye-russ" is a big NOTHING made into something to control and manipulate people. To make them submissive, and eventually reduce the population. Lots of fraud with this one folks. The Clinton Foundation. The W.H.O.
    Anthony Faucl. Debra Birx. And especially Bill Gates/Melinda Gates and The billandmelindagatesfoundation. The Gates are the freakin' DEVIL'S, I tell ya what!
    God bless all that take time to read my comments.🙏☺👍

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    Poor Julian, God almighty it's so terribly disgusting. Those bastards will get theirs one day.

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    Plandemic. fake fake fake look for the evidence , flu bacteria , not what there telling you exosomes where the most say you need to look at …. fake

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    shut up you asset , your pushing the fake narrative coven id

  82. Avatar

    John Pilchard.

  83. Avatar

    Outrage seems misplaced

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    ..F@#k YOU !!…YOU conservative bashing , communist LIBERALS !!!..first time clicking on your channel…and the LAST !

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    In UK there is virtually no testing.

  86. Avatar

    Stop asking this man any thing he is so left he is looking at his own back

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    It's a Crime to sell out the Health Service of a Country

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    We must find out if – as seems most likely – Covid-19 started after leaking from Fort Detrick between July-October 2019 or in Wuhan – and we all must keep fearlessly investigating the real source and origin as well as continue to forensically focus on the Big Picture (War on China) and exactly what is going on in terms of biowarfare viruses at BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs – especially those operated by the proven sociopaths/psychopaths who really control America's Military-Industrial-Economic war machine.
    NB. just because a novel virus is probably not genetically engineered doesn't mean it hasn't leaked from a lab! "Detrick Debunkers" (esp. MSM) are slyly implying or stating that: "Covid-19 wasn't genetically engineered – so it can't have come from Fort Detrick!"
    Nonsense! False logic guys !
    My verdict: novel coronavirus leaked from Detrick in July 2019, was then disguised, misdiagnosed and covered up by the usual suspects/culprits – then those same CIA/Pentagon/Deep State psychopaths decided to misdirect blame to China – the Wuhan Military Games presented a golden gift-horse of an opportunity. The US's trade/tariff war on China had failed to cripple its economy – nuclear and conventional war was/is off-the table – but covertly emtying a few vials of virus in and around a Chinese fish market is a very cheap but highly effective blame-shifting alternative. And as with the anti-China trade war, America's Psychopathic Puppeteers didn't think or care about the potentially disastrous domestic or global impact.
    Remember: the scientist that the FBI accused of carrying out the anthrax attacks in 2001 also worked at…Fort Detrick.(Dr. Bruce Ivins).
    Paul G

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    His comparison of 127000 beds now with 400000 in 1948 is not apt. Since then the technology and the very expensive research and development in the NHS plus the quicker turnover achieved makes this a very different scene. Back then we did not have much more than beds and nurses.

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    john reminds of chris hitchins and david eyke

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