On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary journalist and film-maker John Pilger about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He discusses the fact that the Conservative government was warned about shortages leaving the NHS vulnerable in pandemics 4 years ago, the damage privatisation has done to the National Health Service, budget cuts which have seen bed capacities fall to record lows, his criticisms of the Boris Johnson administration’s response to Coronavirus, the lack of mass-testing in the U.K. which has been seen in other countries such as Germany, South Korea and China, the government blaming China for the Coronavirus crisis, the threat to Julian Assange’s life as he is denied release from prison as Coronavirus claims its first victim in Belmarsh Prison and more!

STATEMENT FROM ROBERT PESTON: “I take grave exception to the suggestion that I am favourable to any government or politicians. John Pilger is wholly wrong.”


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    Statement from Robert Peston on John Pilger’s allegations:

    "I take grave exception to the suggestion that I am favourable to any government or politicians. John Pilger is wholly wrong."

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    John must catch up with China's corruption too.

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    Free Julian Assange you communists! You can’t criticise China !

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    Free Julian you liars. Shame on jones shame on trump

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    I love you mr pilfer !

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    Obviously mr Bill gates is behind the actions of Saudi

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    Julian Assange probably had good intentions, but he put a lot of people's safety in jeopardy.  Nice try!

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    As a UK person, the reason the government devastated the NHS is because we cant actually afford spending at least 10% of our tax revenue on health. The NHS is broken its completely failed and will only cost us more and more until we are broken. The reason it failed to save lives is because it drives all orders centrally which has never responded quick enough to any crisis.

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    Oh John, expect better research than this biased crap. Mass testing does not stop infections, lockdowns do not save lives, no the simple truth js government think they have more power than they really have. A virus is not a riot its like the sea, at some stage you have yo just let nature take its course and pick up the pieces afterward. Most studies have shown majority of government action help little if anything and we should have does what generations have always done. Washed our hands and carried on.

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    John has this very interesting tick that as he's about to make a false statement he takes a 1 second pause.

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    Pilger near the end of this states that Venezuela produces more oil that anyone other Nations. Can anyone verify this claim?

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    The surreality of it ALL merely thrusts into high relief the utterly epic degree of evil and corruption entrenched within the highest levels of power! https://youtu.be/8HOl5zkrTnA 💰☠💰

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    This is what COVID-19, stands for.

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    The CCP Virus pandemic could have been prevented if we were all a little bit xenophobic. Blame should be laid at the feet of those who've always supported a repeal of pre WWII quarantine rules of international travelers. In the US, we should reopen Ellis Island.

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    He's 100% correct.

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    « Are the numbers real?
    Up to date or dated?
    What happens after it kills all the humans having a weak health state; will it bring down the strongest as well?

    There's specific acute symptoms associated with a a critical case gone ´codeBlue'; what are these specific symptoms and causes? Is there a vast array of symptoms; if so, are they closed upon a specific organ or system? (Ex.: Nervous System, Blood, Bone, Muscular, Epidermal, Dermal, Brain, …).

    Doctors should always use gloves, suits, foot covers, masks, glasses, hair covers for sterility and prevention; and always assume the entire security wardrobe as infected (from the bottom up to the least). Therefore, always considering these security & prevention wardrobes as single use to counter cross-contamination between interactions (patient diagnosis, surgery, work environment). Why are they not all wearing the same security wardrobes? Meaning the entire healthcare workers.

    Did politicians benefit from COVID-19? Did our public finances benefit?

    💭Here's one example of a factual benefit, although unethical: The death of the elderly (and those with an underlying health state) in the public healthcare erases a need and therefore there's a direct gain in monetary funds available for that service (that is now available for other uses).

    I believe certain people live by the law of the jungle; not by common law.

    If I'm wrong, then please explain why politicians are surprised of how bad our elderly are treated in our public & private healthcare systems?

    The problem was real, the investment wasn't.

    There's still much to do, and that's the start… Or was the problem too big for current resources. Again unethical, but darn well possible for those not having the same values of life. Eugenics is derived from the fear of lacking resources due to overpopulation. Although that thought has passed the stage of concept in July of last year; when analysts alarmed us that we had reached a critical point in time where the resources don't meet the needs! » #TiTo

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    scare tactics in full tilt. Thank you china for exposing so much

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    Julian is exposing how the western govt's value power, evil & corruption over truth & justice. They will all fall just like the Roman Empire fell. Julian is a hero; he will be victorious over the evil forces.

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    "Media led HYSTERIA . . ."

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    Everybody just keep listening and sharing all these videos I don't want to live in a world of tracking and mandatory vaccines I've never had a flu jab and I've never had the flu !

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    CV19 has been a manufactured as a Gain of Function Virus by the US initially as SARS-COV-2 in a lab in North Carolina & possibly in partnership with tht military Bioweapons lab at Fort Dietrick which has now been closed down due to multiple Bio hazard leaks. Dr Fauci funded the R&D until an outcry from US scientists had the Govt block funding but Faucie didn't close the SARS-COV R&D down he had a chinese scientist from the US project take the project to Wuhan where it remained under US funding as Vaccine research rather than Gain of Function aka Gain of Virulence, the leaking of the virus is a contencious issue but "coincidently the WHO ran a Viral pandemic preparedness scenario think tank called EVENT201 in Oct 2019 when it is speculated that the very first cases may have arisen but remained unidentified until Chinese authorities alerted the WHO. EVENT201 had a cast of Criminal characters as sponsors with the CIA, the Billionaires club/ World Economic Forum the US & Chinese CDDC's, B&M GATES FOUNDATION, Johnson a7 Johnson, & held at the John hopkins university which has close ties to the Pentagon… EVENT201 was a later version of the Rockefeller foundations own Viral pandemic Preparedness planning scenario think tank of 2010 which came up with 4 ways to deal with the pandemic & post pandemic phase; with EVENT201 & the world economic forum seeming to follow and add to the Rockefeller's "Lockstep" approach which appears to be a totalitarian Fascist-police state response to the plandemic. Unfortunately for Dr Tony Fauci & Bill gates CV19 has been a Bio FLOP and not produced gain of function added virulence with death rates at about the same as the seasonal flu or common cold, killing 1 person every 22,079 which is NOTHING compared to cardio vascular disease, Pnuemonia, Strokes, Diarrhoea, car accidents, smoking, alcohol related deaths… yet today all we hear about is the NEED for Vaccines & Digital tracking which ONLY has the potential to do people harm and make Bill gates & his billionaire buddies more Billions. ENough is enough, people need to look into CV19 staistics, compare them to the seasonal flu and other conditions and then tell your politicians and Bill gates to FK OFF.

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    Maggie Thatcher is the root cause,after all what else can a grocers daughter done,a miners daughter would have been different.
    Even the Upper classes knew the value and worth of better all round care,but not grubby Thatcher (faux Regina)

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    This man is defending a small group of elite government "officials" their absolute control of a billion ppl. They are being controlled overtly while our elites control us covertly. The control system is the illuminati just factions. He is defending the chinese faction. Pretending they are altruistic men being patriotic. Really?

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    This proves one and only one thing…you aren't really free…are you?

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    It is a bacteria and not a virus all now it is proven in Italy right now

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    A British citizen working in Greece caught an immediate flight home to the UKwhen he first heard the virus was spreading over borders. Apparently , he collected his family and caught a flight straight back to Greece ! He knew the UK government under Boris Johnson would be so inept it would be more dangerous to be in the UK than Greece, and he seems to have been proven correct as we now have the highest mortality rate in Europe because Johnson treated the virus so casually and acted so slowly. It has even seemed as though the gov' policy was to enable the virus to go its course until " herd immunity " arose. In otherworldly they would be happy to allow widespread deaths .
    The treatment of Julian Assange is criminal and shameful .

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    The UK public is unaware of much of what has happened to Julian Assange. The media here has been silent as to what the state has been doing to him. The media has been complicit in its silence on the criminal , political imprisonment he is suffering.

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    John Pilger what RT isnt telling you is that it salts its "news" with palatable data but also culturally and politically divisive programming as well.

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    I like how he start his show talking about how many Die. Millions have testes positive and is not dead. The Cure Rate for COVID is higher than the death rate but no one is talking about that. Most people that get COVID will be asymptotic or have little to no effects. They claim over 9 million have been tested if It was so deadly we should have way more death. You don't hear the numbers of how many are positive from the main stream media just death, death, death. The initial model by Neil Ferguson was dead wrong. he resign and left his post in disgrace. This is the agenda behind this whole pandemic. (COVID = Certificate Of Vaccination – ID). All our rights to privacy, freedom , and liberty will be taken. PAPERE CAN I SEE YOUR VACCINE PAPERS PLEASE.

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    Why is it 64000 plus alleged deaths in U.K. ? To sell alleged vaccines – profits

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    that is a Crime but the Government is always Famous for Dragging their heels at helping people with Cash or any kind of Aid

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    John Pilger is a breath of fresh air in a world of poison.

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    Not difficult to believe this. The day will come when this and so much more will be unvailed about the powers that be. We are in the new age where this will come to be.

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    Respect and gratitude

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    I’ll save myself and anyone else who reads the comments first, 28 minutes. The answer is… they’re not telling us this is a staged event to collapse all the world’s economic systems, bringing rise to a one world digital currency, followed by one world government and finally (drum roll please) the worst human in history! I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the good news though, Jesus! Get to know him and miss out on the madness… deny him… and be ready to face hell on Earth. :::Spoiler Alert::: Jesus wins in the end!

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    Assange does mr mention 9/11 in his revelations. Could be CIA agent.

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    a virus can only spread on media its b.s i.d wolrry about 5G radiation

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    This is a live EXERCISE here! You should have told us!

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    Deliberately lit release by China and the New world Order globalist reset, new currencies digital war, the force the agenda on the world,if the United Nations Agenda 21 30 China's the new world policeman

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    Russia and India is going to have fun with China

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    "The day the World Health Organization declared a health emergency of international concern, more of the 26 million respirator masks stored for use in England 80% had expired. One pallet was 3,000 days out of date; that's nearly a decade. 53 percent of the surgical masks were also out of date. 100% of the combined needle and syringes had expired. Of all the PPE in the stockpile 45% was out of date the recommended PPE components gown." "NHS staff quickly realized the stock was old some of the 3M respirator masks had expired last year used by labels peeled off revealed layers of expiry dates right back to 2012. " (Revealed: PPE stockpile was out-of-date when coronavirus hit UK, Channel 4 News, 7 May 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Piie71tf_bU)

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    As of 25 Mar 2020, when interviewed by reporter at BBC News Night, after being confronted by the reproter with "… as government minister looking at Wuhan you must have looked at the Chinese building hospitals in six days, you must have looked at the kind of protective clothing that was being used there. How could that not compute into something that you had to be readying here in this country months ago ? " , all that gentleman could say is "we have been planning, planning, planning, …." (Coronavirus: Questions raised over UK medical supplies – BBC Newsnight (Mar 25, 2020), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-N_fYEGexE&t=479s . LOOK AT PARTICULARLY @ 20:48 ~ 21:04 ~ 21:18.). Planning may be fanciful, but getting or not getting the needed medical supplies is crucial and consequential.

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    But people want great public services but they don't want to pay for it. So they vote for the party of lower taxation. They somehow justify it to themselves.

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    CORONA Viruse is Big Scandal,it is CRIME against Humans Life.Many Medical Companies,Bill gates,Dr Facci is also involved in this Crime.

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    "mass testing" has NOT been successful Mr. Pilger. It's a farce. Talk to some experts in immunology, virology, epidemiology. No virus has ever been isolated and seen under e-microscope. The only "test " used – at least in the Empire+ I dont know about Russia – has been the so-called Real Time PCR test, which the scientist who devised it specifically said, in letters 10 ft high, that it was NOT COMPETENT to be used as a diagnostic tool and SHOULD NOT BE SO USED. IN all the DNA and huge amounts of RNA in our own body systems, including that of any corona virus we may have contracted – or made ourselves – during our lifetimes no specific variant can be detected. It's a farce – so please, dont' feed into the pandemic fears over a spook just because you rightly despise these Govs and their lies.

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    Julian Assange needs to be set free he has done his time…Hillary Clinton isn't being given what she is due! Yet others don't suffer the same consequence. All he did was leak the TRUTH ABOUT THE CROOKS THAT GOVERN THE COUNTRIES. THE PEOPLE HAVE THAT RIGHT!!!!

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    It's still not happened

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    Oh puhleeze! This plandemic was a wag the dog movie produced by the globalists to pound the final 2 nails in the coffin of humanity. The few REPEATED videos of really sick people in a hospital setting were mainly of the very elderly mostly. The videos from around the world showed empty hospitals, testing lines, emergency medical staff sitting in their ambulances playing on their phones. Empty hospital parking lots, no funerals, very few videos of family members saying goodbye to their loved ones on social media. Nothing but one expert stating one thing one day and another expert the next day contradicting the previous statements. Confusion, panic, ripping away any independent forms of employment by destroying small businesses and their employees means of livelyhood. Keeping us all home, racking up mortgage and rent payments, utilities and car payments until we are so far behind in them, without jobs to go back to or any coming in to replace them. This way only the GIANTS of industry and multinational clout survived with government blessings and bail outs! This numbers of this virus plandemic came out of nowhere because the patients and the bodies are nowhere to be found! Every death is now due to CV even though they had a heart attack, stroke, murdered, suicide, cancer, accident, regular pneumonia and flu cases ALL were put on the CV death counts and then many more had to have been added to those!

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    I m pretty sure that if there was a totalitarian-meter, not only China would have held a position, but a lot of our beloved western bloody fucking "democracies"!!!

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    Private sector has no place in Healthcare, reducing the funding and cutting bed capacity coerces people into taking health plans by using fear.

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    Sharia law allows child brides male & female from the age 9.
    Allowed gender manipulation without parental consent.
    This is what NWO sick elite want.

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    The UK government has hundreds of trolls on line with several anti social media accounts giving fake praise to the smelly government and NHS.

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    The people need to protest Assange being locked up

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    Way l see it is the " Western world " is using the Carona virus as a tool to achieve their sick GOALS of World Domination.
    Isn't that why Trump is Propagating " China China " all the time ?
    In fact l do believe that China and Russia is the last ' Thorn in the flesh ' stopping UNITED SNAKES OF AMERICA and their evil sick UNITED KINGDOM from getting what they have planned for so many years.

    Is God Almighty our only way out of this ?

    Seeing that ' they " are in control of all ARMED forces how can we defend ourselves against this Tyranny ?

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    Free Assange 🙏😢🙏

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    Learn Gematria the coding of numbers to the alphabet.A ancient esoteric practice used by the cabal daily unbeknownst to the masses.Order out of chaos =222=Wuhan Coronavirus,in Englsh Ordinal.222 months from 9 11 01 to 3 11 20 . 222 months.3 11 20 declared by WHO pandemic.222 weeks from 11 1 15. To 2 2 20 Kansas City Royals win World Series to Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl ,head coach if chiefs got 222 win in the SB.Coronavirus= 56 =mind control= toilet paper=56=Anthony Fauci=56= Washington DC=56= Society of Jesusits. All = 56 in reduction Gematria or Pythagoras math.Learn the code at Gematria Effect .News you tube see thru the plandemic ,scamdemic.Zaxhary K Hubbard crack their code 7 years ago.Empiracal Evidence.

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    I saw a great dark army coming like a cloud upon the West Coast, and in weeks Covid took our land forced us into fear of everyone. We were all deceived . I suggest all of us become aligned with the Lord. This battle has to be called, and those who believe must pick up the sword of God and meet together. Eph 6 says it All

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    Yoders health tonic y'all. Cv19

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    America says the same thing

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    Clickbait horse shit, wag the 🐕. Thanks Captain Obvious

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    This is a Russian Government funded site. Be sure you keep this in mind to filter what you are hearing.

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    I still stand by what I see, I'm seeing old and weak humans dying from the virus, just this year we all heard on the news about, old age homes are under staffed, shortage of housing, no jobs other than working part time, food shortage, the healthcare system is being pushed to its limits, then comes this virus that taking care of these problems, no I say this virus was well none and was created from animals in a lab,and someone let it lose, now all the homeless and the weak and old are dying, plus we all heard about the ozone layer ,said it has s big hole in it, now the virus came industry stopped and the hole is patched up, just seems like to many coincidences, all these problems governments are having with these things, homeless, aging food healthcare, all of these problems are now solved, this is a cleansing of the old and weak, because we cost to much, it's all s scam.

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    This guy is just rambling on, what's his point? There is no point, just his thoughts garbage.

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    NHS is targeting Sikh doctors on the frontline telling them they cannot follow their religion and must shave their beards jeez soon they be importing doctors from China.

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    Thank you John Pilger.

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    Nasty nasty nasty lies

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    Ya,they always withhold information never give the full story

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    The digitization of the actual diagnostics and care along with cyber cash based on physical surveillance are in the hands of JP Morgan and Amazon's Jeff Bezos in HAVEN. Research replaced medicine with engineering and no qualified PhD mixed to validate any finding. By stealth is accurate, hidden in allied university studies.

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    A Cull of Nursing Homes a new description to explain the fact of the loss of life that seemed to have been managed. They are getting old no worries

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    It is all about debt that they want paid back. This is money not needed by the 1 %. Cancel the debt. The year of the Jubilee.

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    Here is the big picture. This man is 1000 % Correct. Same goes for Canada 🇨🇦 privatized in 2004. Appealed by medical professionals and small number of citizens and lost case in 2005. The rest of Canadians had no idea what was happening.

    In Canada still no masks except for useless China made crap masks with zero protection and uninformed people demanding everyone wear them or be criticized, osterized and attacked. This man is the only person I have heard clearing the false propaganda fear mongering in our Canada and many Nations without giving accurate information about mask wearing.

    People you are an experiment and Covid19 is a UN Agenda using communist China to Control world populations through fear and false propaganda running day and night.

    Wearing a China Walmart or any other non N95 mask nose and eyes exposed gives you a false sense of security. It’s ridiculous how gullible the world has become. This virus has procedures that you must follow. Keep your distance, don’t touch face with hands, wash hands often and avoid crowds especially if you’re vulnerable. The UN Agenda 21 is a population control campaign. 193 Nations are signed onto the communist thinking UN. Fear is preventing the investigation of the UN by cowardly political leaders. If presidents refuse to cooperate with the UN they will be deplatformed or assassinated.

    This virus was intentional. Assange is what happens to you if you whistleblow. This Keeps real media from reporting the facts without attack. How can citizens allow this. You want to protest? Protest the United Nations / WHO and demand your leaders defund and dismantle the communist UN and WHO or we are all doomed to contact tracing and martial law eventually. A means to our freedoms end.

    Listen to this courageous man. All Presidents going back to 1992 False Earth Summit in Rio DeJaneiro must be investigated to regain our freedoms and justice for those they have harmed past to the present with this virus. USA stop your criminality and the burning down of your Nation. This will not save you. Wrong protest. Unite left, right and centre and protest the UN that is controlling you. It’s a good start for president Trump to defund the horrible UN WHO but not enough. Support the move or you will lose your freedom and allow UN dominance of your money and life.

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    The Government is used the Virus for Depopulation. This was used to hurt the America people. Shame on them . I trust God not the government. Virus are Man-made . I didn’t fear anything. This whole Virus thing was planned along time ago. It’s all about Money and depopulation & Control over the people. Dr. Fauci works with bill Gates who only cares about viccines to make a lot of money from. Bill Gates is pure Evil. The people where lied to the whole time.

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    The gov don’t care about the nhs Cos it’s for the people !

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    Just seen it’s on RT channel is it trust worthy. Yet I am aware some of it is True

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    They never worried about response. Because they already have a cure. But untill it effects enough people it will not be releast.

    And I agree with this guy. Healthcare has been undermined. And a plan should have already been in place. Showing this has been being set up since the turn of the century. As there was fruntthinking minds saying the only way to reduce co2 was to reduce the population. That and belatedly saying there would be a pandemic coning.

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    Do you know that the CDC SHUT DOWN Fort Detrick's bio-war lab last July after more than a THOUSAND incidents of leakage or THEFT?
    Is the blaming of China another case of psychological projection?
    If this was a sloppy handling release from Fort Detrick ( which had a connection with Wuhan Institute of Virology), that would be a huge story of malfeasance.
    What if it were a DELIBERATE release, perhaps as an escalation of Trade War?!
    Not to say that is the case, but SHOULDN'T THAT POSSIBILITY BE INVESTIGATED?
    Too outrageous? Remember smallpox blankets, napalm, white phosphorus and our use of Atomic weapons?
    Biowarfare is mentioned as a possibly in PNAC, along with Space-and Cyberwarfare.
    Please check out videos by George Webb and Last American Vagabond.

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    So Margaret Thatcher is responsible for gutting the NHS

  81. Avatar

    What a load of rubbish from a hasbeen lefty journo: there's no point in 'testing' – someone either has the symptoms (so they don't NEED the test?), or they haven't (so what's the point of the test?). Ventilators do not save lives because the pressure they put into the lungs traumatizes the alveoli; the only thing ventilators do is prolong the life of someone who is already dying from a pulmonary condition, and what's the point of doing that – except to add to the distress as their loved ones watch them dying for longer?

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    Pilger is a frightful bore. I'm switching over to the Kardashians instead.

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    You ain't seen Nothing yet, wait until they come-out saying that they already got "the antidote" vaccines to help finish off killing more of the World's population that their killer bio-weapon killer virus has killed-off, but only a little more slowly with those "medical poisons"?!
    It'll be called "the bill gates" happy (killer)vaccine?! 😜

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    This US country's currupt prez and his crooked attorney that got busted gets to be released from federal prison because of this Fake hoax corona killer virus just used as an excuse and no need for a prezidential pardon so he doesnt look any worse off for doing it…nicely "plandemic" by the Prez's followers?!

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    Notice how you here nothing about it during the protests and now all of a sudden it’s coming back. Hmm, strange. Oh and even if someone were to die of another cause guess what, hospitals are still marking it down as a covid death. I feel as if we are being lead on

  86. Avatar

    Why is John pilfer not speaking about the coronavirus in context , and why is she not speaking about the whole hypocrisy of this

  87. Avatar

    Does he know what ventilators actually do to people with alleged virus

  88. Avatar

    John pilger you are a voice of reason and sanity in this crazy world.

  89. Avatar

    Mr Pilger is a man with integrity and honor!
    He is one of the few great man that the UK can call their son! Sad that the Criminal Cabal and the rotten elites are as despicable as Mr Pilger is humane!
    👍🏼 ✊🏼
    Oh, and after the ongoing attacks on RT,

  90. Avatar

    I would believe John’s explanation had it not been that this pandemic miraculously went global and all governments more or less responded in a coordinated way. This is a globalist agenda.

  91. Avatar

    China and WHO UN and American Elites are responsible for the virus

  92. Avatar

    John Pilger is an absolute disgrace.

  93. Avatar

    brian christopher

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