Houston Methodist Hospital got the green light to start treating COVID-19 with the plasma of recovered patients. Dr. Eric Salazar, the hospital’s lead investigator, talked to NBC News about the treatment and how it will work.
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Doctors Test Treating COVID-19 With Plasma Of Recovered Patients | NBC Nightly News


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    Plasma sounds like it may help because of the anti bodies that are built up, after getting the Coronavirus and recovering.

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    Maybe the chinese are too looking for this plasma when they eat bats

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    I'll donate!

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    Bro how many people do you think I’m gonna give you their plasma and this dude doesn’t even make sure that he’s actually think it’s gonna work. it hasn’t been substantiated until it’s been substantiated it’s just smoke in the air

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    It's bad when quack science is seen as a viable option.

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    This guy needs to work on his confidence game

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    Hope they're making sure they're not HIV Positive

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    If you had the corona virus and recovered like most will, donate blood. It can be used to treat the ones who are likely to die.

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    China lies tooooooo much and I wouldn't believe anything that they say

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    Normal people – fast food, over working, Cigs, alcohol, prescription pills, other drugs, etc will make me live longer

    Special people – Marijuana can cure anything…

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    Alkaline Water as IV fluids…

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    Not so many Plasma Of Recovered Patients

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    Thank you EMERY SMITH for plasma work and research!

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    Than keep using it fruity‼️👍🏻

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    Doctors: This is just test a test of your immune system. I repeat just just a test.

    Trump: They have cures and treatments that they're using right now that are getting people home like never before never seen like this in history. Beautiful treatments that are better miracles that you can't even produce. In fact They said they would more than likely have a vaccine in 90 days😥🤥

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    This doesnt make alot of sense because people can get re-infected

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    This method of treatment was first introduce by pakistani doctor

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    China needs to pay for what they done to everyone around the world

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    They need more testing, more patients, more trials.
    Again and again and again.
    Can't test something once and suddenly its eureka – that is Trump world. And Trump gets people killed

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    Plasma might contain antibodies that might help in the treatment against COVID-19. Sounds like a crapshoot but at this point any treatment that can save lives is a win win.

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    This is government gaslighting at it's finest! I am 43 years old with hbp & on March 2nd I underwent surgery in an Atlanta area hospital. Last week a mammogram nurse working in that same hospital (42 year old woman living in Newnan, GA) was found dead in her home with her four year old child. She had been working unaware she was positive. Although I was exhibiting some of the symptoms briefly, five days after my surgery, my PCP and their COVID-19 screening nurse determined I did NOT need a test. The criteria in the state of Georgia to receive a test is that you must either have been out of the country, or else had firsthand contact with an individual that has received a positive result test for COVID-19. Yet, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know that has requested testing AND was exhibiting some, or even ALL, of the symptoms, have been denied testing. The local news shows drive through testing sites being put up, but they turn away 99% of the people driving up requesting a test because you must have an assigned number from your Dr. obtained through the GA Dept of Public Health. Basically, if you can breathe and carry on a conversation requesting a test then they deem you NOT MEETING CRITERIA to receive a test. I'm irritated at all the false propaganda being posted and streamed to us in an effort to soothe and pacify the public's fears. It's a ridiculous catch 22 that makes me wonder if the plasma donating individual this doctor is referring to is nothing more than one of Georgia;s deceased residents that just so happened to be an organ donor…smh. GA is NOT testing the sick people requesting to be tested….because they don't have tests. The honest to goodness truth is…whatever numbers you see in the news or stats should be multiplied by TEN t reflect the stark reality/FACTUAL number of infected, this is coming from my own government source…

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    Mother's pass antibodies through their milk.. put antibodies in the milk?

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    This is the first solution which came in my mind but didnt heard much abt.
    As mother passes her antibody to child after first breast feeding same can be done or can be explored this idea…

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    I hope there a cure soon because this is scary and there is no cure

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    During the 1918 Pandemic…they put out the saying..
    “Spit kills wear a mask”

    Protect each other from ASYMPTOMATIC DROPLETS.
    Doctors don’t wear N95 masks to do normal surgeries. They wear lighter surgical masks to protect the patient from accidental sneezes, cough or spittle while talking. Protect each other by wearing a mask to reduce droplets later touched by other people. Does more than sneezing into a tissue or elbow. Holds droplets from talking or sneezing from other surfaces. Let’s protect each other from asymptomatic spread of unnecessary droplets everywhere. Just like sneezing into a tissue as a courtesy, this does more. We have no idea who is asymptomatic.
    This includes handmade, and bandanas! Protect your neighbors from asymptomatic spread. Any mask will curb from sneezing and talking droplets, like sneezing into a tissue . Wash your mask daily if it is cloth and reusable with soap & hot water. If you are ‘desperate’ and have no water put your mask in direct sunlight in the fresh air when not in use. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/31/health/cdc-masks-coronavirus.html

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    Scientists, Doctors, Humanitarians. They need to run the world. Not politicians

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    Good work thank you ❤️

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    I totally appreciate all the hard and difficult times. Please, keep safe as we, the people need heroes like you.

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    Music distracting and inappropriate…very hard to watch, shame.😔

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    The results of these tests are good. No they will not cure severely ill patients in critical care the virus has already spread and replicated itself to far at that point. But for folks getting sick for elderly folks who might get sick or are at high risk of death antibodies from a recovered corona virus patient can make that person not fall severely ill if they catch or are at the beginning stage of infection. Think of anti bodies as a weaker vaccine minus the fact they dont contain the virus itself but genetic information on how the body can deal with the virus and since this is a new virus people who are infected and immune systems dont respond fast enough this is a life line.
    issue is pateints who are sick take 2-4 weeks to recover and the infection rate is sky rocketing leaving very little plasma to be extracted and those who were sick have to volunter most dont so its reserved for the ( severly old and critical) in a perfect world but in reality the highest bidder will get it in most cases.

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    Old school medicine which has not been done in modern days. China said it worked for them. Vaccine will not be ready for 6 to 18 months.

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    There, i made a clothing line to support coronavirus, inspired by conspiracies – please check it out at http://www.polarisis-store.com/covid-19

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    an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

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    CHINA 🇨🇳 had used the same "CONVALESCENT PLASMA" during their crisis times.. At least consider what's working for the patient….

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    Wet Markets in China are KILLING people around the world. Close these markets – close them ALL!

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    Hopefully this technique works. People stay away from each other.

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    Why the stupid music?

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    @watchgoose that's because they never pay anyone for blood, but they have paid pretty good money for plasma to people up until recently.

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    and goverment said china not give them info? hahaha. incompetent president

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    Study study? Wth? Give it to people who need them now!

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    Who approved this stupid music bed??

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    I never heard plasma have the type like blood to stop the coronavirus, i hope it's works🤞🏻, be save people no matter what.🙏🏻✝️

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    Eat raw GARLIC
    The capitalist can't be good doctors unless they making good money.
    Pills for xxx advertised constantly. 🤑🦈
    ASK you doctor if covid-19 is right for you…🤪🤑

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    To sum it up, anti-bodies. They have same the principle as a vaccine would work.

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    This guy acts like he doesnt have a clue what hes saying

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    Watch this how China do things and share it.https://youtu.be/SvEhrDsWyNQ

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    I heard anyone without insurance doesn't get on a ventilator. That's how they will pick who lives and dies. Got insurance?

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    It’s irritating to hear drs talk about doing more research using more complicated ways to treat a virus that your own body can kick out if you just BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! ….. BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND TELL PPL TO DO IT TOO not just with vitamin c. It’s an aggressive virus. You need more than that

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    Pray this works in Jesus’s name amen

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    Thank GOD for trump to help save lives from this liberal virus

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    Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t take this

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    I said this at least a month ago and it has been used for almost every disease !!!

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    The plasma 'may have' antibody's? Who knows what else it 'may have'! :-))

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    Hope it works! 😓😓😓

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    "High dose vitamin C treatment of new coronavirus [COVID-19] pneumonia.

    "On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe new coronaviral pneumonia recovered from the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . . [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with severe neonatal pneumonia and critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as soon as possible after admission. . .[E]arly application of large doses of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial function. . . Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to do with the effect of treatment. . . [H]gh-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS)."

    China is conducting three clinical trials of up to 24,000 mg/day of intravenous vitamin C to treat patients with COVID-19 coronavirus and its severe respiratory complications.

    A coronavirus pandemic can be stopped with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C.
    There has been a lack of media coverage of this effective and successful approach against viruses in general, and coronavirus in particular. Preventing and treating severe respiratory infections with large amounts of vitamin C is well established. (Also, here is the Chinese language edition).

    The nutritional treatment of coronavirus is presented, with dosage specifics , in this protocol endorsed by physicians on the editorial board of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service.

    NEW: The In this video, Dr. Richard Cheng, reporting direct from China, , calls for immediate use of vitamin C for treatment AND PREVENTION of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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    They lied about the efficacy of the masks and they are lying about effective treatments for SARS.
    In 2003 The Lancet published an article about testing of several antivirals against two different strains of CV. Licorice root extract was shown to be most effective.

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    April Fools. Tinfoil Hat time. China CCP conspiracy theory. China CCP, Mainstream Media and WHO tells us tells us that COVID 19 was a tragic natural, spontaneous bat virus, and China saved the world with a rapid containment. China, the Mainstream FAKE NEWS Media and WHO are the biggest liars in the world, so we should probably look at the opposite to what they say to be close to the truth: China manufactured and released COVID 19 as a biological weapon. We may never know if it was deliberate or accidental, but we can be certain that if deliberate, China would claim it was natural or accidental. In 2019 China was declining, and the US was rising, for the first time in 20 years, due to Trump's economic policies. China is in a 30 year war with US and the world, planning to dominate US and allies militarily and economically in 30 years and China was clearly achieving that goal, and winning that war. That calculus changed in 2019, the COVID 19 attack cost US and allies multi trillions of dollars, more than the cost of most wars, and is calculated to cripple the global economy for years to come, representing a lose – lose scenario for the CCP that puts the CCP China only slightly weaker in a much weaker world, rather than the alternative of a declining China in a much stronger world led by the rise of the US and western democracies. For years the pro-China hostile media harassed Trump, and China released COVID 19 in the middle of the impeachment trial farce fiasco, while the US was distracted.

    Covid 19 will rank as one of the most costly and deadliest battles in the history of war. If China built a WMD missile, and it 'accidentally' launched, killed millions, and caused trillions of dollars of economic damage … would this not be a breech of peace and an act of war?

    The main, largest, bio-weapons lab in China is located about 280 meters/300 yards from the live animal meat market in Wuhan where Covid-19 is purported to originate. The main objective of this bio-weapons lab is to weaponize Sars virus into a more deadly and contagious strain. Google "Francis Boyle" for an excellent analysis, and proof Covid 19 is a llab grown bio weapon. He drafted the legislation for the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.

    China collected virus specimens from dank bat caves around the globe, for decades, to create biological weapons. China was aware of the Covid-19 outbreak in early November 2019, and kept this secret from the world, as China sent out huge delegations and travelers across the globe and allowed billions to travel across China for the new year holiday. China kept Covid-19 data secret from WHO and CDC for months, causing delays in creating accurate tests and effective meds. Covid 19 is a SARs virus with Bat, Pangolin, and Human genetic mutations.

    Thousands of Chinese 'spy ships' are deployed across the globe. In 2013 one of these spy ships ran aground in the internal sea of the Philippines after cruising along Philippines coastlines for months. No fish aboard the fishing boat. High tech electronic gear for monitoring radio and mobile phone signals were aboard …. along with hundreds of illegally poached, endangered, Pangolins. Chinese spy ship collecting Pangolins. Imagine for a moment if a US CIA spy ship ran aground with hundreds of Pangolins onboard, then an exotic Pangolin based SARs pandemic ground zero was located next door to the CIA's largest bio-weapons lab, which was focused on weaponizing SARs. The world would show outrage.

    Workers at China's weapons lab buy and also sell exotic animals, such as bats and pangolins, at Chinese live animal markets. If eating bats is not disgusting enough, the fact is that diseased bats, used as lab rats in bio-weapons labs, are sold for meat in these markets. One worker was jailed for selling over $1.5 million dollars in lab animals to meat markets. Google this.

    CNN, and other Fake News Media Oligarchs,are aligned with the CCP, who engineered and released Covid 19. Together they are are the poster boys for the modern day version of the Illuminati, who is behind the Covid 19, hysteria, speculation, and profiteering. The Illuminati is basically a propaganda Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organization (RICO), controlled by a powerful few. This explains why most of the nonsense hear or read about the Illuminati is false, and you need to dig really, really, deep to uncover this version explained here. Most of the confused conspiracy symbolism rubbish about the Illuminati you find on the internet is simply Illuminati generated dis-information. Today, the Illuminati is basically the few fake news global media outlets that fabricate and manipulate the news, create wars for profit, inflate or crash markets, smear or support selected political figures thru dominance over the TV news and internet, very similar to monopoly control of medieval printing presses. The modern fake news media Illuminati is dominated by State controlled media in China, Russia, and a few other smaller dictatorships, along with few major global outlets: Comcast/CNN, ABC, Fox, CBS, etc. that are owned and controlled by a powerful few, who are super wealthy mostly from speculating in stocks, commodities, and money markets that they manipulate using their propaganda outlets. [See Soros reflexivity]. Top names include: Buffet, Warren, Soros, Turner, etc.

    In this version of the Illuminati story, it is simply the seamless continuation of media propaganda control over the centuries by a handful of wealthy media outlet owners, and their countless minions. They create discord, wars, catastrophes, chaos, poverty, instability, and other turmoil to better manipulate the political leaders struggling with these problems, and to get wealthy with the fore-knowledge of the economic disasters, such as war, or market crashes, that they engineer. They created, speculated, and profited from the 2008 US housing crash, devastating the world economy and the life savings of Billions, partially by the populist desire to ensure a democrat – Obama win, which was already a virtual certainty. They created, speculated, and profited from the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic, devastating the world economy and the life savings of Billions, partially by the radical Marxist leftist hysteria, disinformation, and identity politics propaganda culture desire to manufacture a calamity to ensure a democrat – Biden win, which was already virtually impossible.

    The COVID 19 sneak attack by China against the US was more deadly than the WW2 attack on Pearl Harbor. The Covid 19 attack was followed by a wall streek market crash mostly engineered by large speculators, such as Soro's, who own or control vast media outlets for that purpose. The Covid 19 attack was also immediately followed by a Oil market Crash orchestrated by Russia. US and our allies must prepare, or pre-empt, the next strike. Will it be an EMP attack? An attack on the power grid? Another bio-weapon pandemic? A shutdown of the global manufacturing supply line dependent upon China inputs? Or will it be an actual kinetic military action by China or Russia against Taiwan, Philippines, India, Afghanistan, or Elsewhere?

    US and our allies need to use the COVID 19 disaster as the opportunity to de-couple from dependence upon China and Russia for manufacturing and energy, and to take stronger actions to limit the disruption and obstruction by these hostile nations, including use of fake news media propaganda outlets to subvert the US government, economy and interests.

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    How much are you paying for it ? I'm recovered and drug free

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    Global prayer and meditation on April 4th Saturday 2020 to rid the planet of the virus and surface negativity. All souls are asked to participate to usher in the new heaven and new earth. Our collective consciousness will turn the tide of evil and allow abundance for all. Anytime during the day when you can talk with God and ask for help in these difficult times. All souls are asked to participate.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    It was working in China for treating patients! Should have tried this with caution months ago

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    You can have mine! Except I'm not a candidate to get tested OR seen! They just asked me NOT to go to the doctor or hospital.

  64. Avatar

    It's a good news to hear the patients were recovering. Let's just see how it goes. This is just only the beginning.

    Cody Jones: Viral, time to take your medicine!

  65. Avatar

    Please stop spreading hope. I just want to hear negativity, name calling and blaming politicians.

  66. Avatar

    Don't trust any information from China.

  67. Avatar

    This doctor is a flake. Poor corona virus patients.

  68. Avatar

    MAATJA BENASSI…US cyclist in Wuhan Military Games. Viral outbreak with 5 others from FORT DETRICK coronavirus outbreak. 30 patients. Covered up. October 2019.

  69. Avatar

    Wait in 1918 we did this? So in 100+ years we still don’t know for sure if this is a treatment that works in viral infections? It’s still theory?

  70. Avatar

    Well I guess that's all good news for the special people.

  71. Avatar

    My wife has had a blood disease called TTP for 36 years. Tranfusions of donated plasma has kept her alive.. She hasn't relasped in about 20 years.. It works… I pray to God we find a cure quickly.

  72. Avatar

    Hey Yogi does it work or not!? Why put out a video saying ahhh we think. Ahhh it worked before. Ahhh maybe. Just figure it out and THEN POST A VIDEO!!!

  73. Avatar

    All that came for information .,do you realize this is an nbc?

  74. Avatar

    Dont get the vaccine its a game. They want to control you. They worship Satan. Do your reasearch

  75. Avatar

    1.''Pandemics: History & Prevention'''


    It is an amazing video ,truly informative, based on facts and science .This video is more than a decade old,BUT it is very relevant to current Covid-19pandemic Highly recommended


    The researchers recruited seven patients suffering from COVID-19: two with common infections, four with severe infections, and one with a critically severe infection; all of them were aged 45 to 65. There was also a placebo control group of three patients with severe infections. MSCs were intravenously transplanted to the study group patients. Over the course of the experiment (January 23 to February 16), one patient from the placebo control group had remained in severe condition, another one had developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and the third one died. In the study group, all patients with common and severe infections had recovered, while the critically ill patient was out of the ICU with a common infection. Although most COVID-19 patients eventually recover, it usually takes much longer, especially for critically ill patients.


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    This was starting to work during the Spanish Flu.

  77. Avatar

    I don't trust the media at all!!

  78. Avatar

    My dad got real sicjk in Vietnam. Sever High (105+) fever, they thought he wouldn’t last, temp 105. Since that day he has never had the flu and has not taken flu shots. Perhaps that event made him immune to flu? #immune to flu #flu #immunity

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    pay some money to these recovered donors for giving their plasma it will make them happy. to buy medicine everybody pays money. plasma is medicine.

  80. Avatar

    'MAY' have antibodies or 'DOES' have antibodies?

  81. Avatar

    I see that this video is being severely suppressed by youtube. It seems the US Govt is doing everything is its power to prevent this obvious cure – HCQ from US patients dying and critically ill.


  82. Avatar

    Maybe they should investigate why it does not affect kids as it affects older people.

  83. Avatar

    find the one key cure of the plasma and should you find that I have donated plasma last year. I will love to know you have found the connection and offer the plasma i donated for testing of the key cure. I will be keeping updated with your progress so I can contact directly. I have the rare blood type also should this make a difference. I just want to help find the cure asap.

  84. Avatar

    China doctors had no gloves on as they were walking out with that patient. I would hope that you wear gloves for precautions.

  85. Avatar

    I wonder if this therapy or was used on Boris Johnson or Hydroquoriguin to get him out of the ICU? Que cricket sound effect.

  86. Avatar

    The blood plasma transfusion technology has been here since the caronavirus started. Why hasn't the medical staff and politicians promoted blood plasma transfusion since the first person that recovered from the virus and from every person that recovers thereafter, and give blood plasma to every person that contacts that virus. What have they got to loose if the transfusion doesn't take; just a few minutes with no side effects, and then they can try pharmaceuticals. France provided a test trial where 20 patients with caronavirus were given transfusions and 19 recovered. In another test, the recovery rate was 50%. Moral of that story was to start administering transfusions at the onset of contacting the caronavirus instead of waiting until the patient is CRICITICALY ILL; why not give plasma transfusions to EVERYONE who has caronavirus; to see how effective it is. Nothing is lost except for the time to do the transfusion and the patient can try other methods such as pharmaceuticals.. Blood plasma transfers work 50 – 95 percent of patients. Immagine getting to that condition of, "I can be around as many coronavirus infected people and not ever be succumbed by the coronavirus again!

  87. Avatar

    glad that Trump never mention plasma as a potential cure! Otherwise this tds media wont event look into it 🙏

  88. Avatar

    did anyone else have a dream that the infected turned into cannibals?
    freaked me out

  89. Avatar

    It's been almost a month since I last checked this treatment. 80% survived out of 1700 people and all of them were on a ventilator. Now, crickets. Wtf is the update to this treatment?

  90. Avatar

    In Italy, when few doctors decided not to follow suggestions from health minister, and begun to make authopsies, they realize the very cause of Covid pneumonia; when few doctors, disregarding the official guidelines, begun to cure their patients with plasma, the number of death begun to drastically decrease. Despite of these facts, Italian government keeps affirming that plasma Is not a good therapy, that eparine Is dangerous( maybe because they are too cheap?) and that we'll be safe only with a vaccine… Our health authorities are tightly tied to Big Pharma. They are not so happy that a vaccine be not necessary, so they refuse to consider the efficacy of immune plasma. Does It happen also in US ?

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