>🌟 Pranicura cream – hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal itching treatment:

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Stool softening:
Colace stool softener (100ct): https://cutt.ly/PTgUQJy
Colace stool softener (400ct): https://cutt.ly/4TgxpkF
Miralax laxative powder: https://cutt.ly/HTgURTC

Skin care:
Desitin barrier cream: https://cutt.ly/aTgUPQM
Calmoseptine barrier cream: https://cutt.ly/TTgUHlb
Dove hypoallergenic liquid soap: https://cutt.ly/2TgU1G3

Moist wipes:
Honest baby wipes: https://cutt.ly/tTgUNsl

Hemorrhoid care:
PreparationH cream max strength: https://cutt.ly/NTgUZit
Tucks pads: https://cutt.ly/NTgUXH1
PreparationH with lidocaine: https://cutt.ly/bTgUVbX
Recticare 5% cream: https://cutt.ly/yTgIeh1

Wound care supplies:
4×4 gauze pads: https://cutt.ly/tTgU7sx
Paper tape for skin: https://cutt.ly/fTgIqp6
Blue disposable underpad: https://cutt.ly/2TgIVzE

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